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"My Bath House Memories"

I just saw the post of the history of the bath house and it brought back some pleasant memories.

San Diego used to have plenty baths but due to the AIDS crisis and downtown renovation several of them are gone. My favorite was called 'Gents' was a downtown casualty. I loved that place. I was there about three days a week and every Saturday evening. It was great for a guy who loved to suck cocks.

On busy nights, horny guys would be everywhere. About half of them gay but the other half were straight, probably married and very horny to get their cocks sucked. I'm talking about the late 70s before the AIDS outbreak and guys were very much into casual sex back then. What could be better.

You had a lounge with television, coffee or sodas. A pool table. Private cubicles with locking doors or lockers. And of course the steam and sauna rooms, with a nice shower bath area.

Being San Diego of course we had our share of military guys. Some would come straight from jobs. They'd take their uniform tops offs thinking no one would recognize them as being in the Navy but it didn't work.

One evening a Navy pilot walked in wearing his uniform. Don't ask me why. If he wanted to make an entrance it worked. Every cock sucker in there wanted him including me.

He at first refused all guys, saying that he was just there to steam, sauna and rest. Yeah, right!

Anyway, I turned my attention to other guys and forgot about the pilot. But as it got close to my bed time I made a quick check of the sauna and steam room to see if there was anything interesting.

There in the steam room sat the Navy pilot, just sitting there naked of course, thick fat cock hanging between his spread legs. I had really forgot about him but I was going to put the make on him just one more time.

I sat on the row in front of him to his left. After a few minutes I turned to my right and reached out and squeezed his cock. I thought he would knock my hand away and leave but instead he just leaned back and spread his legs even wider.

I crawled around on my knees between his thighs and started licking and kissing his cock and balls. His cock slowly got hard and I started sucking on it. I'm not a deep throat artist but I got most of that thick cock in my mouth. What could be better than sucking a handsome military officer with a nice body and big cock? Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Anyway he popped his nuts and thanked me and left. I'd like to service that guy once a week.

During the years that I went to that bath I sucked businessmen from Montana, a guy from L.A who looked like 'Mannix,' truckers, and lots and lots of Navy and Marines.

One good looking sailor let me suck him and then asked if I wanted to follow him home and fuck his wife. I said yes mainly because I knew he'd be there and maybe I could get that cock again. Sure enough, his wife was bigger than me and not too attractive. We all got naked and he started fucking her, rolled off and asked me to fuck her. I couldn't raise a hard on. As he was sitting there, I crawled over to him and sucked his dick again. He came, I got dressed and left. So much for going to a guys house to fuck his wife. Never again. Aaaah those memories.

I've gotten an email alluding to me making up the stories about my sexual encounters in the military. Bullshit! As I've said more than once, my experiences are true. In some cases I still know the guys names. If I wanted to write fiction I know of several sites where I could do it.

All this is true including this last story. That's what makes these things fascinating. I've learned a lot about men by talking to them before and after sex and I love them. As I've said before I hope you guys enjoy reading about my experiences.

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