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"My Best BJ Ever!"

I had a late start with JR. College . . .

Years ago I met a kid from my neighboring town. I was a senior in HS and he (SAM) only a 13 yr old. I kidded with he and his brother because they had fruits and veggies for sack lunches on a 8 hour bus ride. I thought they were innocent little kids & had played mind games with them, as teenagers usually do . . .

Years later at our local community college I met this guy who was so FUCKING HOT! I instantly wanted him! I tried making friends with him and he seemed to be pretty stuck on himself and thought I had no chance in hell.

Sam and I had a mutual friend, Shelia. Shelia had invited me to a party. I met Shelia at her work and while waiting Tony came walking up. I was so Fucking HAPPY to see him. He said he as also waiting for Shelia. We chitchatted briefly before Shelia came out, and we were on our way.

Shelia's intentions were to get me into bed while Sam was expecting to "scope-out straight guys" at this party. We ended up partying alone. While Shelia was trying to get me intoxicated she passed out. Sam, the HOTTIE was left alone with me. We started talking and told him my (real) name (other than my nick name) and he totally freaked out.

"Mark Giles!" He repeated all night long. I was flattered of course and thought why is he so "intoxicated" with my name, he must want me just a badly as I want him. He asked me if I remembered ever meeting 2 little boys on a bus ride several years ago. At that time I didn't. We started "opening-up" to one another about our sexual preference and all the puzzles fell into place.

Tony said after he met me on the bus he use to fantasy of a "Mark Giles" and call my house and hang up on me. And I remember Mom telling me I had a call and no one would be there, my whole academic senior year. I had passed it off as girls "chickening out" on talking to me. Sam said he read articles of me in the local papers as to how I was doing in sports and academically.

I was totally freaked out! All I wanted to do was KISS this guy with an incredible bod sitting next to me, and possibly FUCK him!

He then told me he had WANTED me all these years and had wondered what had happened to me, and here I was his childhood fantasy sitting in front of him . . . Some nerdy looking guy that was class VP and nothing like HIS "Mark Giles" . . .

WE locked in kisses while Sheila was passed out. Sam gave me the most incredible BLOW JOB ever! That was my first. I had always gave the impression that I was straight and available to girls . . . until Sam came along the second time.

Sam later told me that Shelia had invited him because I had invited myself to go out with her (which was true.) She was afraid that I was "out" to get her into bed or take advantage of her. (HOW FUNNY!)

From that day we would meet anywhere and everywhere for a sexual encounters. I fucked him any where possible, I didn't care at the time if we were caught. GOD! He had the most incredible ASS that I had ever seen! I fucked him at least 3 times a day that whole year in college, I swear I could never get enough of Sam. Sam and I had a brief sexual relationship, one that will be most memorable to me! I was in hiding while he was completely open about his sexuality. (Sad to say but this is what ended our relationship.)

I think of Sam every so often and wonder what became of him. He was an incredible FUCK! A bod to die for! Of course he felt the same of me, but who is ever satisfied with themselves?

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