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Robbin's a 24-year old bombshell who grew up in California. She's 5'11 with the longest legs you've ever seen and the juiciest ass ever! Her tits aren't huge, but they're so beautiful but what really catches your eyes is the contrast between her gorgeous long blonde hair and her darkly tanned skin (no tan lines of course).

As for me, I was the starting quarterback in high school and continued playing football in college starting four years on scholarship at State. I'm 6'1, 185 pounds of pure muscle. I've got sandy blonde hair and green eyes that pierce your soul. My best feature is my abs...rock solid and lead right down to my 7.5" cut cock.

Robbin and I had been dating for seven wonderful years. We fell in love when she transferred into my Michigan high school in grade 12 and we've been together ever since. Recently, however, Robbin and I have fallen on hard times, we both just finished college and Robbin got a job teaching across the border in Canada. Our sex life was fantastic until she moved away but lately I've had to resort to my left hand for comfort (apart from the occasional trip to the local glory hole).

I had been chatting with this guy Jason on the internet for a couple weeks now, I met him on the local gay chat room and the subject finally came up about our sexual past. I told Jason that I had never been with a guy before and I loved pussy way too much to give it up but I was extremely interested in trying out a cock or two. The closest I had ever gotten to gay sex was a couple of blow jobs at the glory hole.

Jason was intrigued...he asked me about Robbin and that seemed to really turn him on. He suggested I come over to his place and he'd cook me dinner. I agreed and told him I'd stop by Wednesday night after work. When I knocked on the door around 6:00, Jason hollered to me from around the side of the house, "James, I'm around back, the gate's open!"

I made my way around the side of the house and pushed open the big wooden gate that was just a little taller than me. When I got through the gate to the back door, I laid eyes on the hottest man I had ever seen for the first time and was immediately taken aback. He was an Adonis…and he was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever met. 6'3, 190 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes...typical American boy-next-door. He had no shirt on and that was fantastic because it showed off his great six-pack and even better back muscles.

“Grab a beer and come on over, the cooler’s right there,” Jason told me to motioning to the cooler that was sitting on the table next to the gate. “Jason, can I use your bathroom to freshen up a bit?” I asked. “Sure,” Jason replied “the towels are in the closet next to the bathroom door, make yourself at home, the steaks will be ready in about 10 minutes.”

I quickly ran inside and grabbed a towel out of the hall closet and found my way into the bathroom. I always leave a toothbrush in my briefcase in case I have an after lunch meeting so I started to brush my teeth and then I turned the water on in the shower. As the water warmed up the room, I felt myself anticipating what could be the greatest night of my life…and it was with a GUY!

I jumped in the shower and was in maybe three or four minutes when suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back and Jason stood there completely naked revealing his 8” monster – fully erect!

“The steaks are done but the potatoes are gonna be awhile still, mind if I join you?” Jason asked politely and then stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain behind him. “You look tense, let me help you relieve some stress”

Jason began to rub my back up and down slowly but firmly with his strong, manly hands…it felt so good! He moved his way down to my ass and started rubbing my cheeks firmly as he kissed my neck and nibbled on my shoulder blade, the water from the shower cascading down my firm body. My cock throbbed with every kiss, nibble and touch. I felt Jason’s tongue run down my back and instinctively I bent forward, allowing him full access to my virgin hole.

“Have you ever been rimmed before, James?” Jason asked sincerely.

All I could manage was a deep moan in reply as Jason buried his tongue deep into my ass. Jason was an expert at this…his tongue flicked up and down around my tight ring and he nibbled around my hole a couple times which made me dizzy. If felt Jason turn around as he moved his head directly between my legs and started sucking my balls, each one in his mouth one at a time, then both at the same time, It felt exquisite.

“Suck my cock baby,” I begged

Jason gladly obliged, taking my entire 7.5” down his throat. I had never been deepthroated before…this was fucking amazing! Robbin was good at giving head, but this was incredible. Jason sucked up and down my meat, flicking his tongue over the head as he pulled away and then dived right back down onto my throbbing pole. I was close to cumming when Jason pulled off my cock and demanded “I want your cum down my throat now!”

He swallowed my meat again and shoved his finger up my ass sending electricity up and down my spine as I came…hard! I sent five shots into the back of his throat and cum was starting to dribble out the sides of his mouth. Jason grunted and shot his load all over my leg as he continued to suck my cock until it was soft again.

Jason washed the cum off his face and my leg and then shut the shower off and started to towel me off. I got out of the shower and began to get dressed.

“Keep your clothes off, after dinner, I want dessert!” Jason said in the sexiest voice he could manage. “Common, dinner’s almost ready.”

We ate dinner and went into the living room to watch a movie. Jason popped in a DVD he just picked up on his way home from work. To my surprise, it was a porno. It started with a guy getting a blow job from this hot little brunette chick with huge tits. The guy was just about to blow his load when the girl’s boyfriend walked in the front door and saw his girlfriend kneeling in front of another guy. The boyfriend didn’t freak out though, he just pulled out his cock and walked over to the other guy who started sucking him off and the three of them got into a huge threesome!

I made a smart-ass comment like “Fuck I wish my girlfriend was that cool, she’d probably flip out if I started suckin' a guy off.”

Jason saw that I was obviously aroused and asked “Why don’t you ask her?”

“Nah, the only way she’d go for it is if it was a complete surprise,” I retorted and looked over at Jason who had a very sly grin on his face.

“We’ll see Jason, but first let me suck that cock of yours!” I said and began to bob up and down on my first cock. It tasted awesome!

Jason moved around to get into a 69 position and we sucked eachother off for about 20 minutes until Jason suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed a condom out of the table drawer that was just beside the couch. He put it on my cock and started to sit on my cock, slowly, he slid his way down my rock-hard dick until it was buried balls-deep in Jason’s ass. He pistoned up and down until I was sure I’d blow my load any minute. Jason began to scream loud and shot a huge stream of juice straight up in the air that landed on my face which I quickly and gratefully lapped up. His orgasm made his ass ring clamp down onto my cock which sent me into full-orgasm mode and I fired another huge load into Jason’s ass.

We took turns fucking and sucking eachother until early the next morning when I had to shower and get ready for work. I left Jason’s place around 7:30am and told him I’d call him.

Friday afternoon, Robbin called and asked if I’d come over for a bootie call this weekend. I told her I’d let her know if I could make it and I’d call her back. I immediately picked the phone back up and called Jason to tell him my plan, which of course, he was all for!

Saturday morning, I picked Jason up in my 2004 Mustang and we made our way across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. It was a long trip from Ann Arbor to London so we took our time as we headed up the highway. About an hour and a half into our trip, Jason leaned over and pulled my fly open and devoured my cock. He sucked my dick for a good twenty minutes while we were on the highway until I shot my load deep down his throat. That was my first experience with road head…I’m hooked!

We got into London about half an hour later and decided that I’d drop Jason off at the McDonald’s about two blocks from Robbin’s apartment and he’d walk over. I went up to the apartment building making sure I left the doors ajar slightly so Jason could get into the building without buzzing anyone.

When I got into Robbins apartment, she was laying on the bed, completely naked with her legs spread begging me to fuck her. I walked over to the head of the bed and kissed her softly. I then started sucking each of her perky nipples while she played with my already rock hard cock through my jeans. She had no idea what was about to happen. Robbin pulled my meat out of my pants and shoved it into her mouth. I laid down on top of her and fucked her mouth while I started to eat her pussy. I shoved two fingers into her hot snatch and she screamed loudly. She was ready for my cock!

I slid my pants down and pulled off my shirt. I rolled her over and pulled her ass up so I could fuck her from behind. When I penetrated her hot hole she screamed again. It was so tight and wet I thought I’d blow my load right then and there. I fucked her hard and good. Just as she was about to cum, she heard the door creak open and saw my Adonis standing at her bedroom door, completely naked and totally hard.

To my astonishment, Robbin asked him, “Are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna let me suck your cock?”

“Only if I can fuck your boyfriend’s hot ass afterwards,” Jason replied.

Without letting Robbin answer, Jason shoved his cock into her eager mouth as I began to pump her cunt again harder and deeper than before. Robbin squealed as Jason’s cock penetrated her throat.

Robbin came hard and I followed suit, dumping my load deep into her deserving pussy. Jason pulled his cock out of Robbin’s mouth and stood on the bed to make me suck his cock too. It wasn’t long before Jason drained his balls down my throat as I eagerly swallowed every drop of semen Jason could give me.

I looked over at Robbin and she looked astonished, “What the fuck was that all about?” she asked.

“Robbin, this is Jason, my male fuck buddy. I hope you’re not too upset,” it was all I could say, I couldn’t lie to her.

“UPSET!?!” Robbin retorted. “I’m so fuckin turned on by you right now…Jason, I want you to fuck James senseless!”

“Happy to oblige!” said Jason, he’s such a smart-ass. “But I forgot my lube at home, can I use your hole to lube up first?”

Jason slammed his hard cock deep into my girlfriend’s stretched pussy and fucked her hard and he motioned for me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. Robbin grabbed my cock and shoved it down her throat while Jason ate my asshole like only he could. Robbin sucked my cock so hard I dropped another load into her hot mouth within seconds. Jason continued to fuck her cunt until she squealed, “I’M CUMMING!!!!”

When Robbin stopped spasming, Jason pulled his still rigid tool out of Robbin’s sweet pussy and shoved it right up my man-pussy. Robbin slid out from underneath me and started fingering her sopping pussy while she watched Jason fuck my asshole. Jason pulled out of my ass and rolled me over, lifted my legs up and started fucking me again. Robbin moved closer and sat on my face. I ate her pussy as she eagerly sucked my dick so she could get a bird’s eye view of her hot boyfriend getting his ass fucked. I was getting close to dropping my third load of this encounter when Jason slammed his cock deep into my ass one last time and dumped his sweet jizz up my eager hole. At the same time, Robbin’s legs started to quiver and I knew she was cumming too while I sucked on her clit hard and she squeezed my balls gently, but just enough to make me shoot my load all over her face.

After we had all finished, we laid down with me in the middle, Robbin’s head on my chest and Jason’s in my lap. Robbin leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss.

“That was a great surprise James, let’s do it again soon,” Robbin said.

“How about next weekend?” Jason replied sleepily.

“Sounds good to me…but maybe next time you can invite one of your girl friends along for the ride eh Robbin?” I said half-jokingly.

“I know just the chick!” Robbin said with an evil grin on her face as she started to play with my soft cock again and kissed me deeply.

Meet the Author. He is from Windsor Ontario

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