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"Breeding at The Adult Bookstore"

I had finished meeting with a client earlier than planned one night last week so feeling a little horny I went to my local ABS (Adults Etc. in Abilene, Texas). I had not been out there for several months and was starting to get that itch, if you know what I mean.

This ABS has the usual storefront with all the novelty items and movies up front, and private movie viewing rooms and theatre in the back. However, I like to go into the peep shows and have my fun. There are no gloryholes in this store but that does not stop anyone. The booths are big enough for at least six people to sit and watch.

Anyway enough about the store. I like to go in, buy ten dollars worth of tokens before I enter the booths that way I can strip down naked, and not worry about having to get dressed to go buy more. This night I did just that and stripped down to watch a movie while flipping through the channels several men tried my door only to find it locked. Some of them went into the booth next door and peeped under the partition to check me out. I like to get good and hard and my heart rate up before I unlock the door. After about five minutes I unlocked the door and returned to my seat to watch and wait.

The first guy that came in was an old lover both from the ABS and I had been to his home. He loves to use my body for his twisted pleasures. He sat down and told me I was looking good before reaching over and grabbing my dick and balls. He rubbed them and stroked my dick as he slid off his seat to squat down in front of me. As he did so he raised my left leg up so that is was over his shoulder and told me to hold up my other leg giving him complete access to me. He (Rick) rubbed and messaged me from my cock to my asshole and back again several times. Rick then told me there was a couple of guys in the store that like to breed young tight guys like me. Then he asked if I would like him to go get one of them, saying he would love to see me breed. I told him sure go see if he could find one of them.

He returned with a guy a little older than Rick and I, but I could tell he worked out often by the muscles showing through his jersey. He came in without bothering to lock the door – saw me sitting there completely naked and said, shit, while taking off his jersey.

He moved toward me and said, strip me slut.

I reached up and opened his shorts to find nothing but bare skin underneath. After opening them I pulled his shorts down his legs and held them so he could step out of them. Which he did while holding on to my shoulder for support. Looking up as I put his shorts on the bench beside me, his cock hit me in the face. What a magnificent cock he has bouncing in my face was at least eight inches of prime hard veined beef. All he said was suck, thinking no problem. I opened my mouth and began to orally worship him. I love big cocks and this one was in the running for the biggest white cock I had ever had the pleasure of loving. I took his cock out of my stuffed mouth and told him I loved his cock. I licked his balls, and up his shaft to the tip, around the crown before stuffing my mouth again. I took him in until he hit the back of my throat.

I was worried I would not please him if I could not swallow him whole. I needed not to worry about that as he reached over and pulled one of the seat cushions off and through it on the floor. He told me to kneel on it, then stepped over my head with one foot up on a bench his cock and balls were above me so I had to look up while leaning my head back to see them. He pushed his cock back into my mouth then grabbing the back of my head, proceeded to shove that thick cock of his back and forth in my mouth going deeper each stroke. I felt him hit the back of my throat and knew what would happen on the next stroke. So I took a deep breath through my nose and expanded my throat. When he started his in stroke, I moved forward against him to take all I could. I took me four strokes, but he got all that cock meat in my throat until his balls were resting on my chin. He held it balls deep in me feeling the walls of my throat on his head and shaft. I swallowed a couple of times to message him with my throat. He took that to mean I was okay and went to skull fucking me repeatedly. I thought maybe he was planning to just use my mouth when he pulled out.

He told me to stand up and grabbing my shoulders turned me away from him. It was then that I found out how many guys had entered the booth. I would find out later Rick had gone and gotten the other breeder and two other guys. Standing in the center of the booth and facing the opposite direction, I felt him slide his hand down my back while pushing me to bend over. He kicked my feet apart and then slid his hands up the backs of my thighs toward my ass.

The other men proceeded to strip off and move about us in the booth. One of them positioned himself in front of me on the bench and presented me with his cock to suck. I wasted little time as my breeder behind me pushed me up on my toes forward so I could reach the cock in front of me to suck. I started to roll back so I was standing flat footed but his just pushed me back up on my toes and bent my knees slightly so that my pussy was completely open to him.

The breeder (I never learned his name) told Rick to get me ready for him. Rick knelt down on the pad where I had been and proceeded to rim me. I love to be rimmed and squirmed my hole around on Rick’s tongue, while I sucked my oral friend in deep. Rick started sliding a finger into my pussy, which made me start to drool on the cock in my mouth. The cock I was sucking was about normal seven inches long and had a slight curve upward.

I was really getting worked up now and started bobbing my head up and down on this guys cock. I sucked as hard as I could and was soon rewarded with a mouth full of hot cum as Rick was fucking me with three fingers now. I never felt him go to two let alone three.

I was made to turn toward the next guy on the bench to suck as Rick announced I was open and ready for breeding. I began sucking the second guys cock as my hips were grabbed by my breeder. He slid his cock up and down my pussy crack a couple of times before centering the head at the entrance to my hole. I love the stretching feeling as a cock enters me for the first time. This guy’s big cock head stretched me nearly to orgasm before sliding past the rim and into my hole. I moaned as he pulled on my hips to make me fuck myself further onto his cock. Inch by inch filled and stretched me until I felt his thighs against mine.

I had stopped sucking the guy on the bench and he slapped me on top of the head and told me to, start sucking slut. Which I did, making his cock drip with my spit before sucking it all up again.

I pushed back against the fucking I was getting from the breeder which changed the angle of my sucking of the cock in my mouth.

The breeder was really going to town with full-length strokes when Rick decided to suck up some of the precum leaking from my cock. He again got down under me and took my cock into his mouth so that nothing would go to waste. He would rub my breeder’s balls and tell him to fill me up with his hot cum. Go on and breed this bitch, slut. I liked that idea so I again clamped down on the breeder’s cock. This made him moan and slam fuck me while pulling back on my hips.

I had never been fucked like this before and moaned repeatedly. The guy in my mouth started to swell and shove deep into my mouth. I could tell he was enjoying the show. I was not long before he too shot off in my mouth for me to swallow down his curd. I just love hot cum in my mouth; it is almost as good as having a bunch of men shoot cum all over your body. Brrrrrrrr, back to the story.

My breeder starting cumming just as I swallowed the mouth full I had. His cum was so hot I could feel each jet as he held himself balls deep and bred me with his baby batter. I felt his cock pulse at least eight times in my pussy before he started to pull out. My pussy felt so empty without him inside me. He stepped around front of me and told me to clean him up. Oral after anal is not one of my things I do, but after a moment hesitation on my part he grabbed my head and literally shoved his cock into my mouth.

I felt a breeze blow across my freshly filled pussy only to be followed by another set of hands on my hips as the other breeder shoved his huge cock home. Good thing the first one had left his batter for lube, and now had his cock balls deep in my mouth. I screamed out on first penetration of the second breeder. Rick was still under me teasing my cock with little licks to get the pre cum as it came out. This new breeder was quite skilled at fucking as he reamed my pussy and opened me up further with his side to side thrusts. I sucked the first breeder’s cock clean surprised that it was still hard after getting the treatment from my ass.

He pulled out for a minute and sat back to relax. It was at this time I noted the first to guys I had sucked had left but that a line hard formed and the first cock was ready for me to suck. I sucked and slurped the first cock and he blew on about the third down stroke of my lips. Pulling up his pants, he left only to be replaced by another hard cock.

That is all these men were by this time hard cocks full of hot cum for me to take in one of my holes and pleasure till the came on me or in me.

Here I was being fucked and gloriously stretched by another big cocked breeder while sucking yet another cock coaxing it to cum for me. I was in heaven as I felt hot cum fly on my back and keep hitting me. The breeder rubbed it all over my back making it cool and start to dry. Soon after he did this breeder number two held his cock in me all the way and started to fill my pussy hole with his hot cum.

Breeder number two was still cumming up my pussy when the first breeder took his position to fill me again. I was starting to get sore when the breeders quickly swapped so no cum to leak out of me. Hardly any cum could leak out of me as another hard cock was shoved up my twat shoving the previous loads further inside me. Only enough for lube could leak out.

I continued to suck cock after cock loosing count as the evening wore on. The breeder fucked my hole for the second time much as he did the time before, very energetically. Hard cock, some of which could not wait to get to me, surrounded me. Excited by the scene before them, they would just jack off on me somewhere.
The breeder announced he was going to cum again and that he did. I think he came at least the same amount as the first time. I felt it run down my thighs as he finished convulsing and shoving that magnificent cock in me.

He pulled out and I started to say something as I felt something being shoved up me again. However, it was just the breeder putting a plug in me, to keep you bred, he said. I still had a cock in my mouth, but I think seeing the plug go in me did him in as he in my mouth then pulled out and shot off on my face and hair. This guy just kept cumming, covering me with his cum. I collapsed on the cushion on the floor and the rest of the guys standing around walked up and jacked off on me.
I had cum dripping off my face and chin down my chest and even off my hard nipples. My cock shot off without me even toughing it only to add to the amount of cum on me.

I would love to end this by saying that everyone left with me laying on the floor covered in cum, but that isn’t what happened.

Rick and the first breeder ushered everyone out and Rick went to get some towels. He soon came back with a wad of wet paper towels in one hand and a wad of dry ones in the other. He and I proceeded to clean me up.

When I had my face clean and was starting down my body the breeder stepped up and told me good job just before he took several pictures of my still cum covered body. He told me to keep the plug and anytime I wanted to be bred again to give him a call. He handed me a card and told me he knew others that liked to breed young men and would be glad to set something up.

I know I will be calling him soon. FINIS

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