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"Cumming To Terms"

I've seen a few "my first cock" stories here, and they keep reminding of my own lucky first experience.

I've lived for some time denying that I was interested in men. It wasn't until I was about 29 or so that I finally started to admit it to myself.

I'd always watch straight porn and fast forward to the cum shot endings, the oral ones being by far a favorite. I eventually became aware that the feelings I got by watching those girls suck on those big meaty cocks and getting face-fulls of hot cum was more than just sexual, it was outright sexual jealousy. In my mind I'd be cursing those lucky bitches, licking my lips while I pumped my cock, practically yelling at them to lick that last drip of cum and not let it go to waste...

After finally admitting to myself that I wanted to suck a guy off, the feelings become extremely intense. Even so, I kept denying to myself that I "really" wanted to. I had this horrible fear of being "gay", thanks to my upbringing.

Then I had one of those moments where the stars just align themselves with no outside help needed.

I was seeing this girl occassionally, a total bimbo that was good for absolutely nothing but sex. She had an iq of about 12, was a miserably mean person, total trash, but had this rock hard set of c-cup tits with nipples so hard she could put your eye out with one. A tight tight tight body, absolutely beautiful ass, pretty face, long perfect straigth brown hair, and LOVED to fuck.

She was by far the most sexually open person I knew.

I'll skip the details of how this came about, but let's just jump to the one night her and a male friend of hers that I had never met were at my apartment. A few drinks, and one joint later, things got real hot.

The conversation as usual turned towards sex. She started talking about how men are so one-sided and only think guys should get two girls, never the other way around. She said how it would be really interesting to have two guys at once.

Before I could get my stoned mind to determe if she was hinting at something or just blabbing away as usual, she stretched herself across us as we sat on the couch. She had been sitting between us, but now lying on he belly, she had her legs on my lap, and her head in the lap of her friend.

Just the touch of her smooth legs on my cock got me going, but that was nothing compared to the feeling of anticipation as she unzipped her friends pants. I was going to see a real cock in action! AND I didn't even have to be "gay" about it!

I was not let down but what popped out of his pants! He was half hard, and it was so thick and, well just heavy looking. Jen (my bimbo friend) turned to me as she put it in her mouth.

I was in awe, but didn't want to be too obvious by staring with my jaw hanging. She said to me as she licked it and got it hard "now you see why I like Tony so much".

Did I ever! That lucky bitch (there I went again, getting jealous)

I reached up and pulled Jen's panties off from under her skirt and started lightly licking her ass, working my way deep into her tight little ass hole.

I could only go for a minute or so at a time before I just HAD to come up and watch her sucking the fat peice of meat for a few.

My GOD it looked SO delicious. In my stoned state ALL I wanted to do was move in and help her, but there was still a shred of guilt and fear in my brain. I held back.

To keep this from getting too long - I didn't suck him that night, but here's how we all came: Tony ended up fucking Jen doggy style, while I layed beneath her 69 style, licking her sloppy clit as she licked my balls and head and dragged those big stiff nipples back and forth across my belly. I pumped my cock by hand meanwhile, and stared at those big balls slapping into Jen's ass. It was INSANELY erotic. I lost control and let my tongue "slip" and run along tony's cock every now and then and he'd let out a grunt.

Of course I was so nervous and trying to be sneaky about this, I just didn't know if he liked it or if it was pissing him off. So I kept it appearing as "accidental" as possible.

I was absolutely dying for him to explode with a huge load of cum half in Jen's pussy and half on my face. With the anticipation of this, I could hardly restrain my own cock from exploding. In fact I couldn't. I just lost it as Jen's tongue swirled over the head of my cock.

And unfortunately, Tony came close to cumming and pulled out and flipped Jen over to cum on her tits. It was SO intense watching his cum shoot all over those beatiful breasts that I had sucked on so many times. But I was just too nervous and afraid of looking "gay" I couldn't suck on them now. But GOD how I wanted to! They looked SO delicious, all cummy and slippery!!!!

It was probably the best sex I had ever had to that date, but I was SO let down that I didn't get any of his cum. But far from a total loss. I had actually tongued a nice cock and watched him cum!

Now to the heart of my story (sorry it's so long).

About a year later, long after Jen, I met Tony in a bar. We didn't have much to talk about other than that night. And boy was it fun reminiscing. He enjoyed that night as much as I did. We talked at length about it, then decided to go back to my place to smoke some weed.

Deep down inside me I knew that the stage was set for another mind blowing experience... But I tried not to think about it, this guy wasn't gay I kept telling myself... but if he suggests something, I'll probably go along with it...

My mind was RACING

We got in, turned on the tv, had a beer, and smoked. We were flipping through the channels unable to find anything too interesting, when Tony asked if I had any porn. Too embarrassed to tell him about the 100 or so videos in my closet, I told him I had a few - one of which I popped in.

As luck would have it (not to mention my purposely grabbing one I knew had some mmf sex in it).. a scene came on with two guys and a girl.

This was enough to kick us both off into total horniness. Tony said "man, remember that night! That was so intense, I loved fucking Jen doggy style while you ate her out, that was my favorite part. It got me so hot when your tongue hit my dick every now and then, I kept wishing you'd keep it there! It felt so HOT."

Music to my ears...

I told him how I loved doing it but was afraid he'd get upset.

He was really surprised, "UPSET! I kept moaning hoping you'd get the hint!"

We laughed about the misunderstanding and how silly it was. That it could have been so much better for the both of us if I had been less nervous. He jokingly yelled at me for this, and I returned his scolding with mine "well YOU were the one who decided to shoot your load on her boobs, what was with that?"

Before I knew it, I was trapped. I realized that I had just admitted to him that I really wanted to lick his cock more that night, and that I really enjoyed what little I got. AND to top it all off, that I was bummed out that I didn't get his cum.

I don't know how that all even came out, maybe it was the weed, the beer, or his disarming smoothness, but there it all was, out on the table.

Talk about an akward moment. Two horny guys, watching a porno, arguing about not getting to suck his cock...

There was only one thing left to do. and THANK god he made the first move because even THEN I was too nervous to. He simply unzipped his pants and looked straight at me. I'll never forget his words "hey dude, I'm so fucking horny right now, I've GOT to cum. I'm not suggesting you do anything, I'm not gay, but if you wanted to do something to help me out that's totally cool" All this while he rubbed himself hard through his underwear.

Then he added "if you're not cool with it just tell me to zip up and I'll totally understand."

I didn't say anything, I gave myself two seconds to think about wheter I was really ready for this move, and decided I was. I knelt in front of him, made some nervous and silly comment about how I've never done this before type of thing, and started to pull his underwear down.

He stood up saying "me neither, but I'm willing to try", then helped me with the underwear.

Nobody could possibly forget the first cock they suck - THAT moment.
When his fat cock just flopped right out, all rubbery and just sticking out at me. There's nothing more natural than wanting it in your mouth. I got this sense of "this is what cocks are made for, for getting sucked". His was beautiful. I just stared at it a bit, then wet my lips...

I grasped it in my right hand, half cupping his balls. It felt so warm, all of a sudden the moment became so personal. This was REAL!

I squeezed a bit lifting his half hard shaft up towards my mouth, and I slid my lips around it.

I was in heaven.

I was so nervous I was trembling, but I wouldn't have traded that moment for anything in the world.

I sucked him into my mouth, and slowly bobbed my head up and down on him, trying very hard not to involve any teeth.

He moaned with pleasure and told me "dude, just in case you're wondering this time, I'm totally enjoying it" and we laughed a bit.

Then I ran my tongue all over his shaft and worked down to his balls. He kept getting harder and harder. It seemed to never end. The more I licked it and sucked it, the bigger it got.

I just kept going slow on him, sucking his head, running my tongue up repeatedly from his balls to the front of his head. Stroking him with my hand using my slippery spit as lube.

I started pumping him a bit more with my hand while I flicked my tongue on the front of his cock and that's when he reached his peak hardness.

I couldn't BELIEVE the monster cock I had in my hands! It was absolutely beautiful. His head was the size of a good plum, and the same color! It was so purple and shiny I kept thinking he was ready to explode any second. I couldn't stop running my tongue all over it!

I couldn't stand it, it was TOO perfect. I whipped mine out and started jerking off while I worked his cock.

I was a cum loving cock whore and I was so proud of it! I was going to make that big salami pop harder than he'd ever experienced in his lifetime.

"THIS time don't waste your cum" I told him.

My head was absolutely spinning. I never expected a cock to have so much DELICIOUS pre cum. I figured I'd have to wait till the end to get my reward, but he just kept giving me little shots over and over again.

He got very vocal and told me what to do and how to do it. He was totally into it as much as I was.

He started into "I'm getting close, dude I'm getting close, fuck me with your mouth".

I almost didn't because I didn't want it to end, but then I thought about his cock shooting cum and I fucked his cock for everything it was worth.

I distinctly remember hearing his toes crack as his body tensed up.

He was huffing and puffing. His cock looked like like a little Mr Atlas, : ) that's all I kept thinking, it looked so muscular, it was all shiny and slippery, and all veiny and purple, and just totally pumped up.

I cupped his balls gently in one hand, squeezed his shaft with the other as I mouth fucked the top half of that big fat schlong. My jaw was KILLING me but I LOVED it. I had to keep my mouth so far open to fit him in. I pumped up and down on him, spit and precum pouring out from my lips down his shaft into my waiting hands.

This made his balls all slippery and messy, and I found that my finger sort of had a mind of its own as it worked it's way between his legs.

I fingered his now slippery asshole as I lightly squeezed his nuts with one hand and his shaft with the other. I mouth fucked him relentlessly until I heard him just stop breathing.

You could have played a tune on his body it was so rigid, I thought he was going to pass out.

While I was thinking about this, WHAM the first gush hit me! The force of it was surprising, especially combined with the noise he made. It was like I just sucked out every bit fluid out of his body all at once into my mouth.

Mid cum, he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed my face - it was like a fire hose! then he immediately PLUNGED right back into my mouth.

I almost passed out from pleasure.

This all happened in a split second. It was so hot and salty, and thick and creamy then splash all over my face, I could feel it dripping as my mouth was forced open again as his hard cock slid back into its proper place. It was like someone was choking me with a big kilbasa and I absolutely loved it.

Again he pulled out, and took it into his own hand, this time yelling as he pumped it and shot a smaller load on me. I didnt know till later that most of it was in my hair, but I did get some on my face. I hungrily lapped at his head but he was too sensitive I thought as he pulled back. I followed, leaning forward, then he surprised me by shoving it right back into my mouth and pumping even more letting go of one final surge of semen.

THIS was what I was waiting for. He kept his cock in my mouth, fucking much more slowly and carefully. The cum was dripping out when I decided I had to swallow it or lose it. He moaned as he felt my mouth go through the obvious swallowing motions.

It was so delicious, I sucked to get some more, but he pulled back a bit. I understood how sensitive your cock can get after a hard cum, but I appreciated the fact that he kept it in my mouth for a while, letting me savor every remaining drop.

Finally he flopped back on the couch, totally drained and totally satisfied.

You can use your own imagination about how I felt as I finished myself off, kneeling in front of him, the taste of cum in my mouth and throat, face wet with cold meat sauce, pumping my cock as I stared at his spent dick, flopped over to one side, totally used up by my hot cum whore mouth. He stared at my cock, and I loved putting on a show until I finally exploded.

Even after that day of pure bliss, I don't suck cock that often. I consider myself 98% heterosexual, with the random craving for hot fat man meat. But when the craving hits, look out!

I've been practicing fucking my ass with a dildo, and might like to give the real thing a try someday too now that I'm enjoying it so much.

We'll see. If it happens, I'll write all about it. FINIS

Author is From Massachussets . You can view his profile here.

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