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"Downstairs Straight Neighbor"

I’m going to tell you a true story – happened last night, but first I need you to meet the others that took part together with me.

The first guy is the guy that lives in the flat under mine. Good looker, late 20’s, dark hair, dark skin, hairy chest, great body and a great guy all together. He is very popular with the girls. I stopped counting the girls that spent the night with him. Late at nights I can hear him fucking and the girls screaming as he fucks them and as they cum – which gets me hard each time. We are good friends and he knows I’m gay.

The other one is a fuck friend of mine. Married, late 30’s, really hairy, bottom which I fuck nicely, and he too is loud when we fuck. Usually he comes over on his way back home from work – late evening and never spends the night.

Yesterday evening he called and said his wife and kid where out of town and he wanted to come over to fuck and spend the night. Great – I thought!!

Around 23.00 hours we went to bed and started having sex. As usual, as things were getting wormer, he started getting loud. I tried to put my hand over his mouth but that didn’t help as I had to use both hands to hold myself up as I fucked him.

And then the door bell rings. I tried to ignore but it kept ringing. I had to get up and see who it was – it was my down stairs neighbor. I opened the door with a towel wrapped around me, and he was standing there in boxers only, smiled at me and just said – I want to join in! I swear that its true- I want to join in is all he said!

I smiled, and showed him in to the bedroom. He pulled his boxers off and climbed on the bed next to my friend, but didn’t really know what to do. I looked at him and asked – ‘re you sure’? And he just nodded and smiled. My friend turned to him and started kissing his chest and neck, and I went between his legs kissing my way up his legs to his amazing hard cock. He had a big piece of meat between his legs, hard and pointing straight to the sky – no wonder the girls were screaming as he fucked them.

There he was, on his back, my freeing licking his nipples and neck, running his hands over his great body, and me sucking that dick that was in so many cunts before, but never been touched by a guy! His eyes were shut and he was moaning and we pleasured him.

I lifted both his legs in the air and started eating his ass – and that’s when he become real loud, and started moving his hands all over my friends body, on his hairy chest and back and even run them between his legs to grab his dick – for the first time.

My friend stopped licking him and pulled his head towards his dick and the guy started to suck – not very experienced but still took it in his mouth and went up and down on it. After a while, my friend who is a real bitch bottom had to have our new friend’s dick up his ass and he just climbed over him and sat on his dick – all in one go. Our new friend was going mad as my friend fucked himself on his dick. After a few minutes, he pushed him of his dick, pushed him to his back and climbed on top of him, putting his legs over his shoulders and started fucking him – just like he fucked the girls I guess, the position I had imagined him in for so many times.

The downstairs guy knew what he was doing, he fucked like a pro and my fuck buddy was in heaven – screaming his lunges away. I just sat there, behind them and watched this going on for a few moments, and then I decided to join the festivities. I knew the guys ass wet and lubed from me eating his before so I just climbed on top of him as he was still fucking, and started to push my rock hard self into his ass. He stopped fucking and let me in, slowly and gently – but he took it all – with some screaming of pain, but it all went in finally.

Now we were both fucking, and the guy on the bed was screaming in ecstasy as both out weights were on him. After a while, my neighbor pushed me off him, pulled out of the other guy and just stood on all 4’s in the middle of the bed with his ass up in the air, looked at us and said that he wanted both of us to fuck him in turns – hard and deep. I looked at him and asked – why are you doing this? And he said he always wanted to try this, he even had some of the girls dildo fuck him some times.

Anyway, we took our turns in climbing on him and fucking him hard. He was moaning and enjoying every moment of it. My friend was getting close, and he asked if he could shoot inside his ass - which he just granted and answered YES!! 2 minutes later my friend was fucking hard and popped his nut inside that virgin ass. As he pulled out, I pushed my neighbor on his back, raised his legs up and started cleaning him from the cum, sucking it all out of him, and once he was clean, and ready for a new deposit, I shoved myself into his ass and in 2 minutes as well-shoot my load into him, then we both went down on his dick and sucked him together until we were granted with a huge load which we shared.

We all had to get our breath back and lay there for a few moments. I went and brought some cold drinks and a smoke to us all and we chatted for a while then fell asleep – all in my bed.

We woke this morning, as my and my friends dicks were sucked by the downstairs guy. When he saw we were awake, he said –‘This will not happen again and I want to make the best of it so please fuck me again – both of you’. I looked at my friend, and he got up and went to the back side of the guy and started fucking him while he was still sucking me – then we swapped.

We all came again, and the guy got up, kissed us and went downstairs to his flat. When I came back to the bedroom after showing the downstairs guy to the door, my friend was on his back-legs up and he said to me – fuck me now – like you always do because what just happened made me so horny that I need a dick up my ass here now and hard. Needless to say, he got what he wanted.
We were both late for work this morning, But who cares…..FINIS

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