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"F*cked by My Boss' Son"

My new arrangements continued with my boss for the next couple of weeks. He would slip into my bedroom for a quick blow job 3-4 days a week and fuck me whenever he thought he had more time. But one night he asked me to come to his bedroom; I was surprised and even more so when I realized his wife was with him. My boss had confessed our little secret to his wife, who seemed very understanding of his needs and gave him "permission" to continue but not in secret; she had to be there. (Later she would confess that she didn't find his little dick very fulfilling and she couldn't stand sucking it.)

I felt somewhat awkward about the whole thing, but didn't feel I had much to say about it, so when Stephen slipped out of his robe and told me to suck his cock, I dropped to my knees if front of him, his wife watching, and began to lick and suck his small penis. This happened again the next two nights; the only difference was I was now naked before them. They both seemed to enjoy our sessions; both saying it was reviving their sex life. I was happy to serve.

For the most part Nancy just watched the first few times, but then began to touch me, brushing against me at first but then, fascinated by my cock, she would play with it while I sucked her husband. When Stephen finally gained enough courage to ask her if it would be all right if he fucked me, she was even more fascinated, watching intently as his little Dick penetrated my ass and stroking my cock, but never to the point of exploding. Mostly I jerked off myself after they finished with me. Nancy secretly wondered what it would be like to have a cock my size inside her and one night she and Stephen agreed to let her try if I was willing. I had never had my cock in a pussy before and felt I just had to go along with it. We all agreed she would come on top to control things. As she allowed her insides to be filled with my nine-inch cock, Stephen straddled my face and put his little Dick inside my mouth. Nancy rode me like a dog in heat and soon reached a powerful climax that squeezed my cock so hard, I began to explode inside her. At the same time, Stephen spilled his own load into my mouth and we all collapsed on the bed.

I continued to suck my boss, three or four times a week and once or twice we would end up in a threesome with his wife. She would always ride me or have me eat her pussy while he fucked my ass. It worked out good and kept our office relationship purely professional.

On the American Thanksgiving weekend, their son was coming home for a few days and they told me they were going to "cool it" while he was home. I drove with them to pick him up at the airport and we hit if off right away. Justin was two years younger than me. About 5'7", slim but muscular, of Latino descent. They had adopted him as young boy. When we got back to the house he threw his stuff in 'my' room, which was his old bedroom. We both offered to take the basement, but then agreed would share the room. That night after dinner he spent some time with his parents before joining me in the room. I was playing around on the computer. We sat around talking about school, his parents and eventually about sex. Neither of us had a girl friend so we soon found ourselves talking about watching porn and jerking off. "I'm feeling horny, Jesse, I think I'll go get a quick shower."

His dad must have known he was taking a shower because he called me into the bedroom and requested a quick blow job while Justin was in the shower. I returned to the room just as he was getting out. The bathroom door was wide open and I couldn't help but notice his smooth, muscular body and nicely hung, uncut cock, the head just peaking out from his foreskin, he looked hot! He must have noticed me looking and apologized for not closing the door."My roommate at school and are pretty free and easy, but I can put on some shorts if you like." "No big deal, don't get dressed on my account. I'm kewl with it. I like to sleep in the nude myself."

As Justin moved about the bedroom, his cock swinging freely, I found eyes continually looking toward him. I decided to have a shower to distract my attention away from this Latino stud but every time I touched my cock in the shower it sprung into action. As I stepped out, I was semi-hard. Justin was right there brushing his teeth. As he turned and looked his mouth dropped as you looked down at my cock."Holy fuck! you're hung like a horse!" I was a bit embarrassed but excited that he noticed. His own cock was stirring and I commented that he had a nice package as well. I loved the way his head just peaked out from the foreskin and the thick, black bush all around his cock and balls. Justin was focused on my clean-shaven pubic area that made my cock seem even bigger.

"Damn, you're so hot, Jesse and I'm so fucking horny!" "What's it like to be shaved down there?" I told Justin to go ahead and feel how smooth it was and asked if I could run my fingers through his thick pubic hairs. We moved closer together and allowed our hands to explore each other's cock and balls and I moved one hand back to his smooth, tight, hard ass. As we pressed closer our cocks met and Justin pulled me tight to him. As I looked at him, our lips touched and Justin whispered,."Is this okay, Jesse?" I told him that I had been with men before and was kewl with it, but wanted to know if he felt the same way. Justin confessed he had played around some but nothing serious, but"I really want to do this with you, now."

Our lips met and for the next 15 minutes we softly and gently explored each other's mouth with our lips and tongues, our hands exploring each other's body and our cocks grinding together. As I stepped back, Justin lowered himself to his knees and began to slowly kiss and lick my cock and balls. He worshipped my now fully erect cock for the next thirty minutes kissing it, licking it and slowly taking the head into his mouth. Normally I'm the one on my knees, this was incredible, but I also wanted his beautiful uncut cock in my mouth. I lifted him up and we kissed again as we made our way toward the bed.

As Justin laid back, I crawled between his legs and began to kiss and lick his gorgeous uncut cock, my tongue working it's way into his foreskin. Justin moaned in delight and I continued to lick and suck his cock. Taking him all the way to the base of his pubes. My nose buried in his thick bush. I sucked him until he was closing to exploding, them moved down further. Licking and sucking each of his balls and allowing my tongue to explore the crack of his tight ass. Justin went crazy when my tongue reached his tight hole. I slowly worked his ass and virgin hole with my mouth and tongue and stroked his cock and balls with my hands. Several times he was close to exploding, but I backed off and allowed the pressure to build.

I rolled onto my back and Justin moved on top as we kissed deeply and ground our cocks together. I spread my legs for him and lifted my ass so that his cock was pushing against the crack of my ass. He was getting into it. Humping my ass faster and harder."You can fuck me if you want, Justin." He pulled up some, keeping himself between my legs looking toward me as if to say, 'are you sure?' I reached into the drawer for some lube and handed it to him as I lifted my ass and pulled my knees toward me. Justin squeezed some lube onto his fingers and slowly worked it into my hot, tight hole. First one finger then a second. wiggling them around to loosen up my hole for his cock to penetrate. He was just about to put some on the tip of his penis when I told him to let me suck it to get it lubed up. Justin straddled my face and I slowly covered his head with my saliva and worked on his cock with my mouth and tongue until he we ready.

As he lowered himself between my legs again, I lifted my ass to meet him and spread my legs and ass cheeks apart, inviting him to enter. Justin placed his 7" hard cock against my hole and leaned into me. Gently pushing the head inside. 'Damn, that feels so good!" I wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer and inviting more and more of his manhood inside. Slowly he penetrated me until his entire length was buried inside and I could feel his hot balls and thick, black pubic hairs brushing against my ass. We held each other tight as Justin savored the feeling of being fully buried in a tight man pussy.

Slowly he pulled his cock out and then reentered just a slowly, easing his way to full penetration again. Our tongues danced together as he continued moving in and out of my hole, faster and faster until he was banging my ass harder and harder. "Fuck me, Justin. That's it fuck me, hard!" Sweat poured off his face and chest as he pumped his rock hard cock deeper and deeper inside my hole. Until I felt him tense up and release a hot load of jizz deep into my ass. He pumped a half dozen squirts inside,so much cum it oozed out the size of my hole and ran down my crack. Then a few more squirts before collapsing on top me and just letting his cock go soft inside my hole.

We fell asleep together and I awoke in the night, knowing I had been fucked my boss and now his son! FINIS

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