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"My First Real Ass Plowing"

My friend and I met at his place and chatted a while about what was going on with each others lives.

We had connected on a personal level the last time and still stayed in touch. I smoked a pipe full of some good weed and we got up and went into the bedroom. We got undressed and layed on the bed and began sucking each others cock. We both like to be very clean and the fresh smell of his pubic area made me very hot and I loved taking his cock in my mouth and sucking first his head then working my mouth all the way down his cock.

I pulled him on top of me so I could take his whole cock in my mouth and down my throat and I pulled my legs all the way back so he could have full access to my cock and ass. He sucked my cock and started playing with my ass, lubbing it up and working his fingers in, getting it hot and loose.

I was so hot, I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him into my face, devouring his hard cock. I could feel and taste his cock releasing the sweet juices of precum and I hungrily swallowed every drop thinking he might shoot a hot load of cum down my throat, but he wanted my ass instead, which was fine with me as I wanted his cock deep inside me as well.

He turned me over and I got on my hands and knees as he worked his hard cock into my tight ass, gently until I could feel his head slipping inside, then felt his whole cock slide all the way in my ass. I moaned with pleasure as he began working it in and out, getting my juices flowing until he was driving it in deep and hard with long thrusts. My cock was dripping cum as the feeling of a cock deep in my ass drove me wild. I pushed my ass back into him and could feel and hear his ba lls slapping against my ass and I could hear myself moaning with pleasure at his every thrust.

I wanted more of his cock as deep as it would go. I extended my legs and stood up with my ass up high while I rested my elbows on the bed and he straddled my ass and started driving his cock in hard and deep which drove me crazy with pleasure. He reached down under me and took my cock in his hand and told me he wanted to make me cum too and jacked me off as he fucked my ass hard and deep until we both came. I shot the biggest load of cum I could remember as he filled my hot ass with big bursts of hot cum. I could feel cum oozing from my ass as he came and came. When he couldn't come anymore I could feel his cock become limp and my ass was holding it tight inside until he pulled it out.

We both relaxed a little before taking a shower and talked as we got dressed. I could still feel his cum in my ass and loved that warm moist feeling it gave me. We agreed to get together again as soon as our schedules permitted.

To date we haven't had an opportunity to get back together, but hopefully we will soon. My mouth and ass are hungry for some cock and hopefully I will find someone or be able to get together with my friend again soon. But, it would be nice to find another guy like my friend, nice cut cock, clean, bi married, so I have someone available on a regular basis. I think about sucking and fucking every day and would love to be able to satisfy those needs.

Well, got to get to work, but will be thinking all day about how good a cock would feel. Hope you enjoyed my true story, hopefully I'll be able to write another chapter soon, looking forward to it. Ciao, Tony

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