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"The ISPE Conference in San Antonio"

San Antonio is a very special city for many reasons and attracts a lot of large conventions - never was I to enjoy one so much as last year's event. They take place in Vegas, New Orleans, San Diego - never ugly places but SA has that incredible Riverwalk stretch that has great bars and restaurants along its entire length and is just a fantastic place to stay. The Hotels are in the same stretch so it is possible to hoof along and experience the whole lot without crossing a road. You will mix with all sorts of people - long tall Texans taking in the balmy night air; horny conventioneers out for fun; guys with latin blood where their skin and hair and black eyes make for some great eye candy. We left the convention for dinner and our whole group had some fantastic steak - always been a BEEF lover!! We went on to the Coyote Ugly Bar for late night drinks and some very beautiful girls were accessible to some very beautiful guys so it was a bisexual perving paradise. The crowd was really rocking and my bunch of guys were hitting the corporate cards really heavy and doing Tequila shots with beer chasers.

I had to be moderate as I was delivering a paper to the delegates the next morning and couldn't afford to be off my game so I retreated to cokes after a while but the guys kept swimming upstream. It was getting really late and lack of sleep was going to affect me as much as the booze so I told the guys that I was going to head back. They told me that I needed to take Jeff back cause he was completely out of it and none of them were going to take responsibility for him. Jeff was one of the youngest guys on the team - around 28 - but had a baby face and could just as easily have been 19. I use to rag him and tell him that he had to grow a goatee or get some dueling scars if he was ever going to have credibility in the Construction Industry. For all of that I lusted after him something vicious and acted as his mentor to try and mould his career path in the company. It was little more than an excuse to spend more time with him and to have some private one-on-one time. In any case he was as straight as an arrow and I never messed around at work anyway. He was slumped on a stool in the corner leaning against a bar with his eyes completely unfocussed and one of the girls with her hand in the front of his open shirt and several of his fly buttons undone. He was completely unaware of what was going on and I couldn't leave him stranded as she might end up rolling him our something. I gave her a tip and told her that I would look after him.

I paid the bar bill and told the guys that they would have to look after themselves after this. I did up Jeff's shirt buttons while admiring the view of his hairy chest and then I put one of Jeff's arms across my shoulders to lift him up - enjoying the contact with his body at the same time. As I got him off the stool his jeans slipped down around his knees and brought howls of laughter from the guys. His belt was gone somewhere and the girl had obviously got more buttons undone than I realized. I leaned him back against the wall and hiked his jeans up and rebuttoned them - he was zero help and kept sagging down against the wall. Now those button flies are tough enough to do up for yourself but believe me they are even tough on another guys jeans when he is drunk. I couldn't help but be aware of the lump of his cock in the front of his jeans while I did it but there was no way I was helping a drunk back to our hotel with his jeans slipping down the whole way. We finally got to leave amidst much joking form the guys about being careful that he didn't vomit on me.

As soon as the fresh night air outside the bar hit him he seemed to wake up a little bit and started mumbling but I ignored him - I was too sober for the drunken wisdom of one of my junior team members. The riverside was pretty well empty by this time of the night during the week so his staggering sideways movements didn't worry anyone - or his incessant mumbling. Finally with what seemed to be a huge effort he blurted out "I gotta piss - NOW!!" So that was what he had been rambling about. I moved him into a side alley and said "OK piss" and he fumbled with his jeans and finally got the buttons undone whereupon they dropped around his knees again. He fished out a sizeable flaccid cock and jetted a stream of piss against the wall that would have made a horse proud. His weaving on the spot caused the stream to move in arcs back and forward across the alley and I jumped back so as to avoid getting drenched. Suddenly he lurched to one side and I grabbed him before he fell over but his cock continued to weave about jetting strong yellow piss that smelt heavily of beer.

I held him while he finished but couldn't help looking down at the thick curve of his cock and wondered how large it was hard. It was a good 5" soft and as thick as mine when it is hard. I said "OK Jeff, put it away" but got no response, so I repeated it a couple of times.

Now I had no intention of being caught holding a young guy with his cock out in an alley (not that I will deny that it had been a risk on many previous occasions) so I grabbed it and pushed it back in his shorts and then back in his jeans - it was warm and wet with piss but felt heavy and thick in my hand. I got those fucking buttons done back up again and was determined to tell him to get a zipper next time. We continued the last couple of blocks to the Hotel and I took him up to his room. I fished out his key and took him into his room and dropped him across the bed.

I took off his boots and undid his shirt so that he could get comfortable. As I peeled back his shirt I was given a prefect view of his hairy chest and small brown nipples that were as hard as little buds amongst all the curly brown hair. I ran the palm of my hand across the pointed tip and felt my cock twitch at the feeling, but pushed it out of my mind. I undid those bloody buttons one more fucking time and pulled his jeans down over his hips and off his feet. Finally, still in his shorts, I turned him straight on the bed but couldn't help but admire the shape of his thick cock across his thigh. I ran the tip of my finger along its length and saw it jump and stir and thicken a little. I did it again and Jeff jerked at the sensation so I jumped back as his eyes fluttered open. "I need to piss" he said yet again "can you help me get up?" I got him to his feet and took him into the bathroom where he pulled his shorts off and threw them aside while leaning against the wall behind the toilet - shooting a stream of piss into the bowl and onto the floor. His cock was half hard from my touches so it made his aim even worse and he didn't hold it so his cock had a mind of its own.

He finished again and I helped him back into the bed where he fell backward and lay with his legs spread wide and his heavy balls hanging between his hairy thighs. His cock was curved in a thick banana shape across his belly and he fell instantly asleep. My own cock was now fully at attention and I was beyond my usual caution as my eyes took in this beautiful young body on the bed before me. I leaned forward and ran my hand up the inside of his hairy thigh and he moaned lightly in his sleep and a could see a bead of precum ooze from his piss slit and glisten in the light of the bedside lamp. I reached higher and lifted his balls and rolled then in my hand and squeezed them gently. This caused his now rigid cock to jerk upward in the air as if on a spring. I leaned over and ran the tip of my tongue along the length of his sh aft until I could lick up the bead of juice at the top. His legs parted even wider until I could see his tight puckered hole in its bed of hair - he was clearly in Wet Dream Heaven by this time. I lifted his cock carefully to see how he would react and then buried the length of his shaft deep in my throat. I gently moved my mouth back and forth and held his balls while I was doing it.

My cock was aching it was so hard and I knew that my own copious precum was coating my shorts. I stood back and unzipped my chinos to pull out my swollen cock. I knelt beside the bed and leaned forward again and sucked his cock gently while jerking my own hot meat. Jeff's hips moved unconsciously with my sucking motion and lifted to my mouth and I drew his cock deeper and deeper. His movements quickened and he was making soft moaning noises with his eyes closed. Suddenly with a hot rush of thick cum he blew in my mouth and I drank every drop that he shared with me. When he was empty I stood up and spat some of his thick juice on my hand and stroked my own eager cock which quickly blew a strong spurt of thick white juice across Jeff's thick pubic hair and belly. I shot three more jets of cum across him until I was spent and then wiped my cock on his smooth hard belly.

I pulled a sheet over him and left him sleeping soundly. The next morning at breakfast he joined our group late and looking exceptionally haggard. The guys asked him how he felt and he said "Like shit but I slept really well" and he looked at me and smiled this wierd sort of secret smile that has kept me wondering ever since if he had really been asleep.

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