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"Here's My First Time Guys!"

I didn't think I would ever suck a cock but now... Here's how I got started:

To make a long story shorter, my young 18-year-old girlfriend (I was 27) and I invited us over to my best friend Tony's new apartment one Saturday afternoon and ended up doing a three-way. Since then every time we had she or when she drank too much she would tell me how much she enjoy that afternoon and wanted to do it again.

While watching a porno flick she said that she would love to watch me suck a guy's cock. She asked I would suck Tony but I said no. After a few minutes she picked up the phone and start dialing. After a short conversation she asked if it was okay if her friend came over. It was almost 11pm on a Thursday and I told her I was going to bed. She kissed me goodnight and I went to bed. I heard the doorbell and some conversation just before falling asleep.

I awoke a midnight and someone was sucking on my cock. I just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. Then Virginia mounted me with her back to me. She started to hump my cock for a minute or two then she laid back on me. With my cock still in her pussy, I pushed up a couple of time to get my cock deeper into her and she moaned as I did this. She whispered to me to play with her breast. I put both hands on her breast and found her very erect and stiff nipples. As I squeezed and rubbed her nipple, I slowly pump my cock up into her. Then I felt a cool sensation over my balls. Then I realized her friend was still here. She has many good-looking girlfriends but at this point I didn't care who it was.

I felt this tongue move up over my shaft and to Virginia's pussy. Virginia moaned with delight. And as erect as her nipples were it seemed to get even longer. I stopped pumping my cock into her and just enjoyed the licking that was going on. I felt my balls be engulfed into a warm mouth. Virginia moved her hands down to her pussy then she told her friend to suck on her clit. I felt a hand massaging my balls while a finger was at the opening of my asshole. Occasionally I felt the tongue slid down my cock then right back up to Virginia's pussy.

Virginia started to voice out that she was going to cum. Seconds later I felt Virginia's pussy juice explode over my cock. Virginia then told her friend to suck on my cock. I felt my cock slip out of her pussy and a warm mouth suck down on it. Virginia's pussy was still pouring out cum onto my cock and balls. Her friend pushed a finger up into my ass

I told Virginia what was going on and she asked if I liked it. I admitted that it felt wonderful. She asked me to cum and within a minute I felt my balls getting ready to explode. I said out loud that I was about ready to cum and the mouth below started to move up and down my cock faster. Virginia slid off of me and got close to my cock to watch. When I came, Virginia encouraged her friend to suck down every drop. When her friend let go, Virginia sucked on it for a second then let go.

In the morning I got up late and had to run out of the apartment. Virginia was still asleep when I left. I couldn't wait to get home to find out who was that last night. I thought about all her girlfriends and was getting pretty excited. When it was time to go home and I think I got there in 5 minutes. Virginia was already home.

Her clothes were lying on the floor at the door. I called out to her and told me to get undressed and to hurry. When I got to the bedroom, Virginia was sitting on the edge of the bed naked and a naked guy was standing next to her. I still had my underwear on but my cock was almost fully erect. I was in mild shock when she said "This is Glenn."

Glenn's cock was half-erect and it was bigger than mine. Virginia told me to lie down and lets have some fun. I always secretly fantasized about watch Virginia fuck in front of me. I knew she wasn't totally faithful to me but then again neither was I. To my surprise, Glenn knelt down to his knees and reached for my cock. I didn't resist and let him. Moments later he had my cock in his mouth and I was stiff as a flagpole.

Virginia lay next to me and kissed me passionately while I was given a great blowjob. Virginia whispered in my ear that Glenn was the one that had sucked on us last night. Then she asked if it bothered me and I said no because he was great. She smiled then asked me if I would suck on his cock. I said that I was ready. She then rolled onto her back and asked me if I minded if Glenn fucks her. I told to please do. She smiled then Glenn let go of my cock. I watched as I saw Glenn's now fully erect cock work its way into my girlfriend. After a couple of strokes, Virginia pushed Glenn over to his back and started to hump his huge cock. She told me to stroke my cock and keep hard for her. She then turned around and lay onto of Glenn like she did with me the night before. She then asked me to suck on her nipples. I hovered over her and suck on her long half-inch nipples. Virginia was hot and she started to talk really dirty to us. She told me to suck on her clit. Without hesitation I move down to lick her clit.

When I got close, she pulled my head into her swollen clit. As I licked her clit, couldn't help but get part of Glenn's cock. I heard Glenn moan each time I touched it. Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself licking Glenn's cock like he did mine the night before. Glenn was telling Virginia how great it felt and it seemed to make her even hornier. He started to pump his cock faster into her pussy, which caused his cock to slip out and I let it slide into my mouth. Not too bad I thought. I forced it back into Virginia. By now she was massaging her clit with her finger and I could see her cum flowing out over his cock. I got up and tried to slide my cock into her along side Glenn. I was only able to get the very tip of my cock into her when she told me to stop. She said we'd do that one for next time.

She wanted to watch us suck each other, so we quickly moved into position and we sucked each other. His cock was too large for me to take it all but I tried. I came seconds later and Glenn pulled out. Virginia then pulled up next to me and told Glenn to jackoff on us. Glenn then hovered over our heads and worked his meat until he unloaded an un-Godly amount of cum over our faces. Virginia licked the cum off my face then passed it to me when she kissed me.

Virginia woke me up in the morning and told me to suck on Glenn as he slept. Although he was limp, his cock was still large. I took his large limp cock into my mouth and sucked on it. I must admit it was fun. Virginia masturbated while I worked his cock to full erection. It took awhile but he finally shot his load into my mouth. After the initial spurt and gag, I was able to suck the rest off of his cum and down my throat.

Over the next several months, we would meet 3-4 times a months. Sometimes we would suck each other off without Virginia being there.

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