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"The Neighborhood - A Fantasy"

My wife and I live in and apartment block in a great neighborhood with tree-lined streets and long jogging tracks along the lake shore. I didn't think that the place could ever be any better - that is until the new guys moved into the apartment next door. The rumor in the block was that they were gay but there was never anything to confirm that from my contact with them. They talked about all the normal things that guys do - the weather, the football, or cars - and there were no troops of effeminate guys in marine officer's uniforms back and forth like you're lead to believe. I will admit that you never saw any women around either but I think that the rumor was merely because they were a little too good looking to be true and always dressed immaculately. They kept to themselves as any single guys would in a predominantly married couples with kids area. We had as much contact as people do in those apartment blocks but they were always friendly when we passed in the lobby.

Grant was the older one, around my age - 47 - and he evidently worked in an office or something as he was always in a suit and tie as he headed off to work. He was tall and his suit did nothing to hide his athletic body and he always walked with a lithe almost animal-like stride. His dark hair was greying at the temples but that made him even more attractive and his thick moustace was still black as pitch. He also hard the darkest eyes that I had ever seen where you couldn't see the pupil in the middle of the iris and had the effect of looking deep into his soul as he talked to you with a modulated voice of a radio announcer. Matthew was a lot younger - around 25 - and was as fair as Grant was dark. His hair was white blonde and his eyes the clear blue of a mountain lake. His smile was dazzling with the whitest teeth completing the broadest smile that always se emed to be a thought away. Matthew was a bit of an exhibitionist who never lost the chance to pull off his t-shirt to display a magnificent chest with small pink nipples that were constantly erect. My wife was quite smitten with him and lost no chance to go out and talk with him across the adjacent balconies when he was working there with his plants that were his passion. He was usually in his briefest shorts and bare chested so she got the view of a lifetime and was always horny as hell with me later. It made me feel underdeveloped to stand beside him but he was just too nice a guy to resent.

In any case I wasn't thinking about any of this when I returned from my business trip and dropped my bags in the bedroom. My wife wouldn't be home for hours so I was looking forward to just veging out and taking it easy. The heat was stifling so I threw open the sliding doors and walked out on the balcony while I pulled my tie loose and dropped my jacket across the chair. There was no breeze so I stood there with my eyes closed and just willed myself to relax. A voice broke into my thoughts "You seems a million miles away, Mark!" I looked around to see Matthew there on the next balcony, as always bereft of shirt and smiling with all those damn teeth. I thought - not for the first time - what a fantastic looking male specimen he was and couldn't help but notice the bulge in the front of his lycra shorts that barely served as any sort of modesty - if he had any!. I was acutely conscious of the fact that I had so many clothes on and for some weird reason that made me feel defensive, especially since my shirt was plastered to my chest with sweat and my hair had curled with the humidity.

I hoped that he hadn't noticed my glance at his crotch and answered lamely "The heat has killed any energy that I had." Matthew said "Come over for a cold drink. Grant won't be home until late tonight and I was finished here anyway." I had never been into their apartment but the thought of a cold beer was very appealing as was having some company after a long trip overseas. "You got it." I answered "Just let me change." I didn't bother with a shower and just pulled off my soiled underwear and pulled on some loose jogging shorts and t-shirt. I grabbed a few buds and went next door and knocked. Matthew answered immediately. As I walked past him I was flooded by music from the sound system. It must have been an expensive one as speakers seemed to be in every corner and the deep bass of the music seemed African and almost primeval.

"Grab a seat anywhere. I'm going to get a glass of wine." My eyes were drawn to the perfect orbs of his butt as he walked into the kitchen and I wondered what the hell I was doing sneaking looks at this young guy I hadn't even thought about another guy since I had been in college and decided that it was the heat so anything strange in my head would be settled by a few cold beers. I sat on a day bed near the open balcony door in the hope of a breeze. I glanced at a magazine on the floor beside me and noticed that there was a naked guy on the front. I picked it up somewhere between shock and interest.

Matt walked back in and saw what I was looking at and said "Sorry, I forgot that was there." He took it and put it on the coffee table. "To success" he toasted. "Success in what" I answered surprised at the toast. "Whatever you want" he answered cryptically with a smile in those dazzling blue eyes. I was suddenly uncomfortable and determined to get back home so I finished the first beer in a speed that surprised me but Matthew popped another one and handed it too me before I could mumble and apology and retreat. The second empty can joined the first on the floor and I realized that the discomfort had left so I opened a third.

"Do you like this music" he asked. "Yes" I said "it has an amazing beat". "Come and dance with me". I must have been a little bit drunk because all I could think was how absurd a thing it was for him to say. ME dancing with HIM - it made no sense. Suddenly he was standing in front of me as I sat of the couch. All I could see was the outline of his cock under the black lycra and the ridge of his cock head was clearly visible through the fabric, as were the rounded shapes of amazing large balls. He has his hands strectched out inviting me to stand and I sat for an eternity it seemed. ME dance with HIM - it was absurd, but for some reason I stood up.

He put his hands on my shoulders and my hands instinctively went around his waist as he started moving in time with the music. I moved with him as much on autopilot as anything else. I could feel the lump in the front of his shorts brushing against the loose fabric of my joggers as we moved and I was acutely aware that I had no underwear on. This was all too clear as my cock started to swell and tent the front of my shorts so I stopped abruptly and turned toward to window. The music continued to pulse as I felt Matthew's arms come around my waist and both his hands gripped my cock through the fabric. His hips were still swaying to the music and I felt his own erection slipping back and forth across my ass under the thin cloth. I stood stock still and struggled with the feelings coursing through me even as I felt his hand go up the leg of my shorts and caress my balls. Precum start ed to ooze from my slit as it always does when I am particularly horny. His soft hand moved up to this juice and coated my cock as he continued to move his ever increasing hardon against me but now in a vertical motion as if he were fucking me through our clothes.

He slid my shorts down over my hips to drop on the floor and my rigid cock sprung out as if on a spring. I turned toward him and he instantly gripped me and kissed me deeply. "Go with the feelings Mark and it will be fine". His tongue was deep within my throat while our cocks ground against each other between our stomachs. He now pulled my shirt over my head so that I was naked and pushed me gently back toward the couch I sat down in front of him and he slipped his lycra shorts off and threw them across the room. His thick glistening cock was moving back and forth in front of my face and my own erection throbbed painfully between my spread thighs. I gripped his thick shaft and slid the greasy head back and forth across my cheeck and lips and he moaned loadly. I ran the tip of my tongue up the length and licked the beads of precum on his own cock and the taste thrilled me more than I could believe.

I was stroking my cock with one hand while with the other I slid his thick cock between my lips and he suddenly pushed his hips forward and the length slid down my throat. I quickly adjusted to the fullness in the back of my throat and he set up a rocking motion that fucked my face as surely as any pussy had ever been fucked. He was moaning loadly as one free hand gripped his pendulous balls and the other rapidly stroked my cock. Matt took my hand off his balls and moved it around to his ass and I instinctively knew that he wanted me to play with his ring. I slid first one then two fingers into his loose muscle and that made his hips move all the faster until suddenly a rush of hot thick cum shot into my throat and seemed to fill my belly with heat more surely than a fine whiskey ever did. I pumped him dry and slowly his motion subsided .

I was still hard and he smiled and lifted me to my feet "That was very good but now it's your turn". He kneeled on the couch in front of me with his legs wide apart and I could see his long ball sac and softening cock hanging between his thighs. He put his hands behind him and pulled his buttocks apart and I saw his small wrinkled muscle open slightly with the spreading. "Fuck me Mark - it will be s-o-o-o good!" I rubbed some of his cum and my spit on my fingers and coated the head of my cock without taking my eyes from his butt. I positioned myself behind him and put the head of my cock against him. I slid it in and it was swallowed by his ass until me balls slapped against his own. It was the most amazing thing and a feeling that I had never experienced.

The texture of his ass gripping my cock was incredible and my head was back and my eyes half closed as I continued to pump away. My hands were holding his hips and pulling him hard against me. Matthew was face down on the cushions and I could hear him saying "Fuck you are so thick. It's great!" My movement got faster and with one great thrust I pulled him hard against me and shot my load into him. There was so much cum that some of it oozed out around his muscle and I felt it run onto my balls.

When I finally felt empty I slowed and withdrew and dropped on the couch beside Matt. To my surprise Grant was standing on the other side of the room. He was just watching us silently but the zipper of his suit pants was open and his cock hung thick and half hard against the dark fabric of his suit. Even with the embarrassment of being found like this I still noticed that he was uncut and had the biggest cock that I had ever imagined. "So, Matt, you were right. Mark is a player!" his deep and sexy voice intoned. He placed his briefcase on the floor and moved toward us. He stood in front of me and lifted his thick cock in one hand and said slowly "So let's see what youre up for Mark?"

Matt and I kneeled in front of Grant and greedily licked and sucked his cock and balls even though he had not removed any of his clothing. I marvelled as my mouth slid his loose cock skin back and forth and I tasted Matt's tongue against mine on Grant's cock. Matt's cheek was against mine and his hands explored my body and mine did his. Both of us were hard again and piece by piece we removed Grant's clothes without ever one of us leaving the attention to his cock. Soon Grant was a naked as we were and the black thick curly hair of his body was even more exciting that the smooth whiteness of Matt's.

Grant laid on the couch in the fading light of the hot summer afternoon and I stood beside Matt each of us gripping the other's hard cock. Grant held his hand out toward me and I approached him. I bent forward and kissed him and felt Matt's hands fingering my ass muscle with thick cream of some sort but Grant held me imprisoned with his tongue. Matt's lathered fingers explored deep within my gut and the feeling was incredible after the shock had worn off. Grant's tongue was so deep in my throat that I felt for sure that he would taste Matt's fingers that were so deep in my ass. Matt's fingers left me and Grant drew me toward him. I knew what was expected and now knew that I wanted it.

I stepped across the narrow day bed and my hard cock pushed straight in front of my widely parted thighs. I was lost as I looked into Grant's black eyes and his hands gently stroked my cock. Slowly his hands ordered me to lower myself. I felt the swollen head of his cock against his virgin ass. First that thick head entered me but Grant was gentle and patient. He paused while I adjusted to the feeling of my tight muscle spread around his bulbuous cock. Without any further coaxing I moved down inch by glorious inch until I felt myself seated on his hips. His 10" of rigid cock was buried in me and filled me and pinned me like a moth in a collection. I couldn't move or speak and even my eyes were unfocussed as I concentrated on this feeling of fullness that I had never experienced.

Matt crossed in front of me and straddled Grant from the other direction facing me. I could hear Grant's sucking noises and knew that his tongue was taking the juices from Matt's ass that I had plunged there such a short time ago. Matt was lost to the tongue fucking of his hole that was still open from my recent attention and he leaned forward and we kissed and I started moving up and down the thick cock within me. The slave moth whose life had changed forever. All three of us were lost to the physical sensation that we were experiencing - tongues and cocks and hands and fingers acting of their own accord.

I felt an extra swelling of Grant's cock inside me just before he shot and it was a joining with another man that I never knew was possible. His cum further greased his cock that seemed to continue to pump forever when to my surprise my own cock erupted and thre thick gobs of juice over Grant's hairy belly and Matt jioned me with his own. As I broke away from Matt's tongue, Grant's still hard cock filling my ass, I looked down to see ropes of cum across Grant's stomach and my fingers scooped up a meal full and I sucked it into my mouth to be shared with Matt in a long lingering kiss. I felt as if I had been there for a lifetime when we eventually collapsed into a naked three man mound on the couch together. Hands still moved gently and lips still sought others for gentle kisses but the rage had passed for the moment but I knew that there would be many afternoons like this in the
future because that's what neighbors are for - to give each other a hand!!!! FINIS

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