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"Shake Down Cruise"

I leaned on the rail watching the replacements (actually recruits fresh out of boot camp) come on board. Watching each young sailor wondering which one's would be assigned to my division and ultimately which one would end up in my section.

I am Kurt a second class boatsman heading up one of the sections of the deck division on my ship a armored Cruiser which had just finished a three month dry-dock assignment to have her electronics brought up to date along with some routine maintenance to the hull. Very shortly we would be out at sea on a shake down cruise, which hopefully will be my last.

As I watched the string of young men come aboard eye balled each carefully. Hoping that the one assigned to my section would have a nice bubble butt, which could become my plaything. It has been a couple months since my last was transferred off the ship. With six weeks at sea coming up knew had to find some one who was accommodating.

Then I saw him a young, probably 18 or 19 maximum, slim walking timidly up the gangplank. Probably his first time away from home and now headed out to sea. He was wearing regulation dungarees, which looked maybe a size to small for him. He sported a nice bulge, which was accented by the to tight dungarees. But the most striking part of him was his lovely bubble butt that just curved out away from his back then curved gently in as it tapered to his legs. Just knew I had to get him in my section and hopefully would ultimately make him my sea going pussy.

I hurried down to the main deck and sidled up to the chief who would be doing the assigning. As we looked over those assigned to the division I pointed out the young stud I had spotted and reminded the chief that my section was one short how about that seaman. The chief asked why him? I replied he looked like it was his first time away from the farm and looked like a scared rabbit. Figured I could mold him into being a good deckhand. The chief said O.K. will assign him to your section.

As the men stood waiting for their assignments saw him (later found out his name was Rodgers) look around and just for a moment out eyes locked, I wicked ass he quickly looked away. A few minutes later saw him again looking at me I smiled and winked, saw him blush and again quickly look away. I left spotted one of the men in my section and told him take Rodgers in tow. I then went up to the sections paint locker to wait his arrival.

About thirty minutes later seaman Rodgers reported to me. As was the usual practice the guys from the section had show him his bunk and helped him stow his gear in the compartment. Then directed him up to the sections paint locker, which sort of served as the sections on deck headquarters. The paint locker was a small compartment where we stored the gear used by the section while working on deck. It also housed our coffee pot and a small area I used to keep records on the section, etc.

Rodgers came up and reported to me, brought him into the locker had him sit down then for the next half hour or so explained the workings of the ship, the role of the division and our sections role in particular. Then we turned to more personal things like his schooling, family, girl friends etc. By the time I wrapped up the session he knew I was going to be his Father Confessor and Dutch uncle all rolled into one. Always ready help guide and teach him. If he only knew what I had in mind to teach him not sure would he left smiling like he was. As he left to return to his compartment I placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed then patted him on the ass and said get out of here Rodgers.

Over the course of the next week or so made sure that I made contact him is a personal way at least once a day be it just a simple greeting or placing my hand on his arm or shoulder and squeezing it and occasionally a quick pat on his ass.

The second week he was on board we headed out to sea on our shake down cruise. As to be expected he became sea sick shortly after we left he harbor. By the third day he was on the mend and again took part in the activities of the section. By the third week was getting horny as hell. Every time I saw Rodgers my cock immediately stiffened up. A couple times with my semi-hard cock straining my dungarees caught Rodgers checking it out. When he looked up and our eyes met he would blush all over, I would just wink or give him a smile and move on. That week my section had the duty which entailed manning a couple of posts up on deck, 24 hours on 24 hours off. Made up the duty roster and gave Rodgers the 8 to 12 watch up on the forecastle. The weather was pleasant with a mild breeze blowing toward the ship. The forecast was for mist and strong wind maybe so but sure had not materialized when I posted Rodgers.

At about 2300 (11:00PM) the weather changed, fog settled over the ship creating almost a slight mist. I put on my foul weather jacket and went up on deck to check out the guys who were on duty. Most had read the weather forecast and wore or brought the appropriate clothing. However Rodgers had not worn any outer garments wearing only his skivy shirt (undershirt) and regulation shirt. As I approached him asked him if he was Ok, chatted a minute then asked are you not cold, he replied sure am. Told him move on back near the superstructure, which would give him some protection from the weather, as he moved, noticed he was almost shivering. Told him next time you will be sure to wear the correct clothing for the weather.

I walked up behind him opened my jacket and wrapped my arms around him pulling him close to me. Told him this will warm you up quickly. As I pulled him close felt my cock start to stiffen then felt his ass next to my crotch. Held him tight letting my body warm him. Asked him if he was OK he replied in a whisper yes, feels good. As I held him was sure I felt him push his ass back toward me I moved slightly so my cock could rub against his ass. I held him for several minuets was sure that he repeatedly, if somewhat timidly, pushed his ass back into me; I in turn would ease my hips forward and wiggle a bit.

I let my hands wander over his chest as if rubbing him to warm him up making sure my hands rubbed his nipples, which were now quite hard. I leaned forward and whispered do you like this he whispered yes. Held him for a couple more minutes then eased back and said your watch is almost over, once it is done go on down to your rack (bunk) and when things quiet down if your still chilly come on up to the paint locker and I will make a pot of coffee and warm you up.

The paint locker was bathed in the dim red glow of battles lights. Did not turn on the regular lights preferring to keep the locker in this subdued light. Readied the pot but was pretty sure would never actually make coffee at least not tonight. Regardless it provided a bit of cover for me.

About 20 minutes later Rodgers opened the hatch and stepped in, I moved over and dogged down the hatch sure did not want any one to just pop in. I turned and asked him if he was still cold he replied yes am still a bit chilly guess I was colder than I thought I was. Turned and again placed my arms around him and pulled him back into my crotch saying let me warm you up. My hands wandered over his chest and belly gently rubbing and massaging as my now stiffening cock pressed against his ass, felt him move and rub his ass against my crotch. I leaned forward sort of nuzzling his neck and whispered is this better he murmured yes feels nice. Then let my hands move up to his nipples, which were again standing right up there, I pinched each of then gently then a little harder, as he started to moan, knew I had found a hot spot. My tongue licked the inside of his ear then nibbled on his ear lope. By now he was pushing real hard against me.

Reached down and pulled his shirt and skive shirt out of his trousers which allowed my hands to move across his belly and chest rubbing his bare skin which was almost like velvet so soft and smooth. I again pinched his nipples as I ground my crotch into his ass, which caused him to again moan. I whispered unbutton your shirt as he did so my hands continued to roam over his chest and belly. Once he had unbuttoned his shirt, I took it off him then pulled his skive shirt off over his head. I then reached down and unbuckled his belt then unbuttoned his buttons and let his dungarees drop to the floor, unsnapped the snaps on his boxers and let them drop top the floor.

My hands now dropped down to his cock, which was sticking straight out, I gently stroked his cock and then cupped his balls. I whispered do you like that, he replied yes don't stop, I continued to gently move may hands over his cock and balls then moved up once again to his belly and nipples all the while sucking and licking on his ear and ear lobe. I moved back a bit as one of my hands moved back across the smooth cheek of his ass gently rubbing it. With my other hand opened my buckle and unbuttoned the buttons on my dungarees, which then dropped to the floor. I stepped out of then kicking them aside. My cock, which was rock hard was really forming a tent in my boxers unsnapped then and let them drop also.

Once again I pulled him back into me, my cock was now rubbing the crack of his ass knew in just a few minutes would have that virgin ass but did not want to rush it. I continued to hold him tight against me as my hands continued to roam over his chest, belly, cock and balls. I then took hold of his cock and cupped his balls. His cock was rigid with his balls pulled up tight. Milked his cock for a few minutes as my cock pressed against his crack, whispered are you OK, he whispered back yes.

I turned him around so he was facing me; he immediately took hold of my thick 6.5 inch uncut cock and slowly pulled the foreskin back. He started to work on my cock rubbing the exposed head and slowly started to jack me off. My hands moved to the cheeks of his ass I gently stroked and massaged them. As he continued to work on my cock moved my hands up to his shoulders and whispered go ahead, take it as I gently applied downwards pressure.

He hesitated a moment then dropped down to his knees looked closely at my cock and balls which were only a few inches from his face. Placed my hands on the back of his head and gently moved his head toward my cock, ran my cock across his lips leaving a trail of glistening pre-cum. He stuck out his tongue and licked my pre-cum off his lips. Then positioned my cock on his lips and gently eased forward, he opened his mouth and took it working just a couple inches in then slowly taking most of it; he started to work his tongue around the head and on my glands. He sucked slowly and deliberately as if savoring each moment as his head moved back and forth.

My balls were tight against my body knew in just a few minutes would fill his mouth with a huge load but was not sure if he was ready to swallow yet plus I had other plans. Slowly backed off removing my cock from his mouth, he turned his head up looking at me with a questioning look on his face. Said man that was great then slowly lifted him up, hugged him then told him to turn around and bend over. As he bent over grasping the edge of the workbench I reached up into the locker and removed a jar of Vaseline, scooped up a good amount and slowly parted his crack and rubbed it in and around his rose bud.
Allowed a finger to slide in which elicited a quiet ouch. He turned and said I have never done this before will it hurt? I replied it may a bit at the beginning then will start feeling great. I will take it easy just relax and push back as if taking a crap. Continued to slowly worked my finger in deeper and around stretching his hole making sure that I also rubbed his prostate. After a bit removed my finger and greased up my cock. Then lined up my cock with his hole and started to push very gently. Told him to let me know if it hurts and will stop and wait till he gets used to it. Pushed very slow and gently gradually felt my cock start o stretch his hole and enter him. He turned and said it hurts, so stopped and let it sit there a few moments then gently pushed forward again as I felt the head slip in. He turned and said it hurts, told him the head was in will wait until he was ready again told him to just move back when he was ready. A bit later felt him ease back a little as I eased forward and pushed another inch or so in. I stopped to let him adjust then pushed a bit further in and again stopped. Reached around and grasped his cock, which was rock hard and started to slowly massage it back and forth. Then eased forward again and felt my pubic hair come in contact with his ass. Told him it is in all the way will stop and let you adjust to it as I continued to work on his cock.

A couple minutes later felt him move his ass back so slowly pulled my cock back then moved it slowly back in. Kept up this slow back and forth movement until I was pretty sure he was pretty well relaxed then picked up the pace moving my cock almost all the way out then back in to the hilt. Continued to work on his cock but was concerned he might pop his load before I was ready, asked him to let me know when he was ready to come.

Felt my balls start to tighten up as I continued to fuck his nice smooth ass, then felt his cock start to thicken as he said am going to cum, took my hand off and gave him several quick thrusts then took hold of his cock and worked on it rapidly. He said am going to come now, I felt his ass tighten up around my cock as he shot a huge load all over the door of the locker. That put me over the edge as I thrust one last time and held it there and shot my load deep inside him. Felt his cock start to soften as did mine slowly eased it out and turned his toward me, said man that was great as I hugged him.

Asked him if he would like to do that again, he said yes it felt good. Told him tomorrow you get off watch at 4:00 so after things had settled down come on back here. Thus started a delightful Break Down Cruise.

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