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"Business Travel Fantasy"

I was at the end of a two week business trip and was looking forward to being home with my family. As I stood at the large mirror shaving I mused over how the trip had turned out but focused on the sharp blade so that I didn't arrive at this morning's meeting sporting a large cut on my chin. It was therefore disconcerting to feel a large warm hand go up under the towel and wrap itself around my cock at the same time as a pair of moist lips pressed themselves against my bare skin between my shoulder blades. His unshaven cheeks behind me caused my skin to tingle as he kissed me as much as his hard cock that I could feel pushing at the towel stretched over my ass. I put the razor aside and turned round in the strong embrace that circled my waist to look deep into the dark brown eyes of this guy kissing my back.

"What the fuck exactly is your name anyway?" I asked.

The dark beard stubble of his unshaven face broke into a smile of gleaming white teeth as he loosened my towel that dropped to the tiled floor and he answered "Manny, Mr. Hogan, my name is Manny."

I felt him rubbing his hard cock against my own now stiffening one and offered "Well, Manny, considering what we have been doing all night I think that it would be OK to call me Mark wouldn't you?" I leaned forward and kissed his powerful hungry mouth and thought with surprise that this was a helluva way to finish off this trip.

Last night I had flown into New York fairly late but pleased that it was my last stop before getting home. I checked into the Hotel and didn't have the energy to go out to a restaurant so I ordered a decent dinner and bottle of wine from room service and decided to have a shower to make me feel human. I was staying at the W Hotel on East 39th Street "The Tuscany" a great Hotel but room service wasn't fast so I was surprised to be drying myself when there was a knock at the door and a muffled "Room Service" announcement through the door.

I quickly pulled on a big thick white toweling robe and opened the door to allow the waiter in with his wheeled cart nicely set up with my meal. I wandered round the room toweling my hair dry as the waiter, who I barely noticed, set up the tabled and covered plates before the la rge overstuffed arm chair. He asked with a slight Puerto Rican accent "Would you like me to pour the wine Mr Hogan?"

I dropped down into the large armchair and said "Sure" willing to be a little pampered since I was a frequent visitor to the hotel.

He stood to my right pouring the wine and his accent caused me to look at him closely for the first time. He was in his late 20s to early 30s and had that dark wavy hair of so many latinos. His skin was the color of honey and his eyes were chestnut and circled by the thickest longest lashes I ha ever seen on a man. A smile crept over his face while I scrutinized him as he poured and the whiteness of his teeth and the kissability of his lips took my breath away.

"This is an excellent wine. Mr Hogan. I am sure that you will enjoy it."

I tasted it and said "It really is very good; can I offer you a small taste before you go back to work?"

His smile grew even wider at the subtle suggestion in my comment and he said "I am finished work for tonight so I am free to taste as much as you are willing to share."

My meal was now forgotten as he took another glass and poured a little wine for himself. He leaned against the credenza and we reached forward to clink our glasses in a silent toast and I felt his eyes move down the gaping front of my robe. I knew that the dark hair on my chest was well exposed and the hem of the robe slipped easily apart to show my hairy upper thighs beneath the snowy white toweling.

As he leaned back with his glass he said "You should eat. You must be starving!"

I answered "I am but not for pasta" so I reached forward and took his hand and drew him toward me as the wheeled cart was pushed aside. I ran the palm of my hand across the sizeable bulge in the front of his black pants and leaned forward to put my cheek against his heated cock straining at the fabric.

I parted my legs so that he stood between my thighs and this caused the full front of my robe to come lose and fall open. He stood quietly with his hands touching my still damp hair while I opened the front of his pants and I was amazed to find that he had no underwear on. I took out his thick uncut cock and could feel it pulsing in my hand. I slid his pants over his hips and they dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. I ran my hand up the inside of his shirt until my fingers found his hard pointed nipple nested in a thick pelt of curly chest hair. With my other hand I brought his cock to my lips and rolled the foreskin back with my lips as the thick shaft slid into my mouth. His cock must have been 8" long and dead straight but the girth amazed me as my fingers could not meet around the thickness. My jaw ached with trying to get the full length and thick trunk into my throat but as I relaxed it moved more smoothly until his pumping hips soon had him face fucking my full depth. The mat of chest hair that I could feel was not present in his crotch and I realized that his balls were clean shaven, and this made his jutting cock and heavy ball sac all the more prominent and delicious in my mouth. He drew me to my feet and as I threw off my robe he took off his shirt and dropped it with his pants. His chest was magnificently sculpted and hard muscled beneath its thick coating of curly black hair. As I rose in front of him I took time to take each of his nipples between my teeth and he gasped and pushed his hard cock against me as I sucked on his teats.

Finally we kissed and the hot wetness of his tongue pushing aggressively into my mouth was the sexiest thing that I could think of. I held him tightly as we kissed and his hands squeezed and stroked my cock and balls as he explored my now rock hard cock. I parted my legs widely so that his groping hands had free rein and he cupped and gently squeezed my balls as his incredible hands pumped my heated shaft. We fell on the bed and turned into a 69er and we thrashed like two fighting animals as we sucked and licked each other nuts and cock. My tongue found his puckered ass muscle between his buns and the flick of my tongue across its salty surface caused him to moan so loudly that I was sure that it could be heard in the next room. He released my cock from his mouth and moved to grip the bedhead above me so that his parted leg s held his man cunt directly above my face. I gripped each buttock and pulled them wide apart so that I had free access to his twitching muscle and I force my thick tongue deep within his hole. This caused him to push his butt hard against my face so that my tongue entered him even deeper. He moved on his haunches and I could see his cock and balls bouncing between his legs. I tongue fucked him and he squealed like a pig swearing in Spanish and moving his buns even harder against my tongue. Suddenly he seemed to relax his sphincter and my tongue licked him and fucked him as I felt his orgasm shoot hot streams of cum over my chest and stomach.

My own cock was so rigid that it was painful and my liberal precum was coating my swollen knob. As he finished shooting he fell back against the bed and I moved on top of him.

"You fuck better with your tongue than most men with their cocks. How are you with your cock?" he asked as he grabbed his legs behind the knees and pulled his hips back against his stomach.

I put a pillow underneath his hips and positioned my precum slick cock against his relaxed and gaping hole. I pushed and in one smooth movement my full 7" was buried deep within in him. He was a fuck slut of the first order and his moaning and humping motion started up again immediately and I slid my cock back and forth within him. I would pull back until just the ridge of my mushroom head was at his opening and the push forward until my balls slammed against him. He was pushing back at me with the same vigor that I rammed my cock into him and his hands held my shoulders as I pressed against the back of his thighs each time I entered him. His eyes were half closed and glazed and I knew that the feel of my thick cock slipping along his tight passage was driving his crazy.

It was at that point that I felt a hot rush against my stomach and realized that he had cum again and as I looked down I saw thick ropes of his man juice splattered across my pubic hair. The sight and smell of his fragrant cum was too much for me and with a yell I exploded in his guts and the slickness of my load caused my cock to slip even more freely as I milked myself dry.

So now here I was with my back to the bench in the bathroom and this horny young room service waiter rubbing against me even though, at different times, we must have both dropped our loads at least four times each during the night. His magnificent cock was swollen and blue and he rubbed it in the hair on my stomach. His smile and kisses we more intoxicating than the wine that we had drunk together and his tongue tasted better than the cold meal that we had shared, naked, around midnight. I grabbed the small bottle of lotion on the vanity behind me and dumped its contents on the knob of his cock and massed it along his thick shaft. Then lifting myself on my hands braced each side of me I lifted myself and wrapped my legs around his waist. His greasy cock pole was positioned against my virgin asshole but I knew that I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by this beautiful man. I leaned back against the mirror as slowly he started gently working his cock length inside me. The marble of the countertop was cold under my butt but the heat of his cock and the pain of his entry stopped me from noticing.

My hands were holding my butt cheeks apart to allow him better entry and with one last push he was in and I felt as if that thick fucking trunk was impaled the full length of my body. As he started moving his hips the feeling changed and I needed him to fuck me hard and to feel his load of hot cum explode inside me. His fingers were pinching my nipples as my head banged into the mirror and my butt slipped on the cold marble with every deep thrust of his cock. My mouth was open in one long silent moan as I discovered what it meant to be fucked for the first time and my legs sagged wider than the cheapest hooker ever to turn a $20 trick. I was pumping my own cock in timing with his rhythm so that it felt as if each deep thrust of his cock went into my own cock. Suddenly with one deep thrust his cock spewed hot thick cum insid e me and I felt excess ooze out and down my crack and onto the bench top. As Manny slowed but while I could still feel his thick tube filling my cock threw a load up and across my chest even hitting my chin with the force of the shoot. Manny leaned forward and licked the pearl of cum off my chin and I reluctantly lowered my legs so that we could shower together and get ready to resume the day. FINIS

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