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"The Fraternity Glory Hole!"

I was a sophomore in college when I was offered to live in our off campus fraternity house. I had never had problems keeping my grades up during my freshman year, so I figured, if I applied myself at all, I would be able to handle the party aspect of it. And it was a party atmosphere. One of the reason I pledged to this fraternity was it's reputation when it came to women. I had always had pretty good luck with women throughout school, but never to the degree that I witnessed during my first month living there. There was always the making of an orgy developing, so inhibitions were virtually non-existent. During rush week, our sister sorority house would send over one of their pledges to service the entire frat house. The girl would arrive with a mask so that no one would know her identity. There was a small room in the basement that was used for such an event. It's two windows each had black out drapes on them. One of the interior walls had been replaced with thick plywood and a 3" in diameter hole was placed approximately three feet off of the ground. Inside the room, placed under the hole, was a thick mat that looked like it had years of stains covering it. There were also two chairs, a lamp, and an end table with an ash tray. Other than those sparse offerings, there was nothing else, not even a picture. There was a bathroom connected to the room with a slop sink and toilet.

The sorority pledge would take her place with her knees on the mat. This left the hole at head level. My frat brothers would then place their cocks through the hole for the girl to suck. The first time I participated in the festivities, I was so excited, that I came almost immediately upon her lips closing around the head of my cock. The experience left my mind spinning and my dick constantly hard the next day. All I could think about was getting my cock in the mouth of which ever girl they sent over that night.

No one was supposed to use the bathroom in the basement so that it wouldn't need to be cleaned for the girls. I had to shit so badly that day that I couldn't wait for the two upstairs bathrooms to vacate. So I snuck down with a newspaper and locked myself in to relieve myself. I figured I would have enough time to let any smell dissipate before the girls arrival. Just as I was finishing doing my thing, I heard voices and footsteps coming down the basement stairs. It had to be the girl being led down by my brethren. If I was caught taking a dump in this bathroom the punishment would be severe. I turned off the light and kept as quiet as I could. I heard the guys bring her into the room and show her around. You could tell by her remarks, that she wasn't impressed with the decor. She mentioned how disgusting the mat looked and asked for a sheet to cover it with. I heard one of the guys bound up the stairs in search of a sheet, and I was thinking it probably wouldn't be much cleaner than the mat. When they had finally listened to her last complaint, I heard the guys leave the room and her lock the door behind them. I placed the side of my face to the cold bathroom so that I could look underneath the door, in hopes of getting a look at the show, but all I could see was from the waist down, her taking her place on the mat.

I heard a guys voice on the other side of the wall, that I recognized to belong to the fraternity president, asking the girl to suck on his cock. You could then distinctly hear her sucking sounds, as well as a few that sounded like her choking. I was starting to think how I was going to miss the event and how I wasn't even able to see what was happening, although I might see cum drip down to the mat, when I heard Jake (the president) start to moan "Oh yeah, that's it. Don't stop." I then heard her start to gag when I saw her stand up and move away from the wall. I could then see sperm dropping to the mat and I heard her spit and retch as Jake was saying "Aw, come on. Don't stop now, you fucking bitch." She stood there for a minute and then I saw her feet moving as she took one of the chairs over to of the window where I heard her open it and climb out.

I got up off the floor and quietly opened the bathroom door. Peering out, I saw Jake remove his dick from the hole, still bitching about his treatment. I tiptoed out of the bathroom and decided that I would use the same window that was still half open. As I was climbing onto the chair, another cock was placed through the hole. It was fatter than mine, but not as long, 5-6 inches I'm guessing. The guy wielding it said "Come on, baby. You aren't going to treat me that way are you." I stood there kind of mesmerized by it. Then I saw it withdraw and heard him say "What's going on in there." I panicked as I realized he was going to look through the hole into the room. I scrambled up against the wall so I wouldn't be seen. He must have seen the chair and open window and said "Hey sweet thing, you aren't planning on leaving with me in this condition, are you." He then stood back up and re-inserted his dick through the hole. In my best girl voice I replied "No" and touched the shaft of his dick. It was like lightening passing through me as my hand touched his flesh. I had never touched another man's cock before, but found it extremely exciting. I started to jack his cock up and down, enthralled with the way it hardened in my hand.

I was hoping he would cum quickly so that I could beat it out of there. I heard him start to complain, saying "You aren't just gonna jerk me off, are you? Hell, I can do that myself." I started jacking with fervor when I heard him say "Someone go in there and show this girl how to suck a dick." I then heard the door knob and someone say "She locked it." The guy who 's dick I was manually stimulating replied "Well go upstairs and get a key." I started to freak and bent down and licked the head of his dick. I heard him say "Oh wait, I just felt her tongue. Go on baby, I know you want a taste." His cock twitched as I used my tongue to lick at the underside of the head. I could taste his pre-cum as it oozed onto my tongue. I figured I would keep licking him until he was cumming and then finish him off by hand, but this was all scrapped when I heard him say "You better start sucking it, or we'll come in there and make you." I opened my mouth and took the flaring head into my mouth. I started sucking on his cock while still running my tongue along the underside of it. He began to move his hips, pulling his cock in and out of my mouth. I started to move my head to meet his thrusts, when I realized my hand had slipped down, and was now pulling on my own hard cock. I increased the pace to match his own urgency and I started to think maybe I'd let him cum in my mouth. But when I felt that familiar throb signaling he was about to erupt, I lost my nerve and removed his cock from my mouth. As soon as I took it out, he started swearing at me, calling me a "cunt", and requesting that "someone go in there and show that bitch how to suck dick." I figured I was a dead man if anyone found out who it was doing the sucking, so just as his cock started to spurt blasts of watery semen, with such force that it went completely off the mat and onto the cement floor, I summoned up my courage and placed my lips around the pulsating head. Jet after jet shot right into my throat as I heard him say "Oh yeah baby, that's it. Now move your tongue on it." I complied with my tongue as I heard someone else ask if "she" was suckin' it now, to which my violator responded with "Oh yeah, she's suckin' it all right. She wanted to taste my cum. She just needed some convincing."

I was trying not to swallow, and just collect his semen in my mouth, but the force with which he was shooting it, all in rapid succession, was causing it to seep down my throat. It was very acidic and burnt the back of my throat. I felt his penis deflate somewhat, as the deluge finally started to subside. I removed his shrinking penis from my mouth and expelled the semen I was retaining in my mouth right onto the sheet covering the mat. As he was removing his equipment from the hole, I heard him say, "Don't spit it out, baby. That's good stuff." I could hear his voice traveling towards the hole and, thinking quickly, I grabbed the sheet and pulled it over my head. I could feel the cum I had just spit out stick the sheet to the side of my head by my ear. Now that was real pleasant. Although his semen tasted salty, it smelled of chlorine, which was somewhat nauseating. With the sheet still over my head I went over to the still open window, in the hopes that I could climb out quickly and flee. Walking up I heard voices coming towards the window, so I quickly shut and locked my only escape path.

As I turned to back towards the glory hole, I heard a voice that I recognized as my roommate, Ray, calling, "Hey Casper, I got something for you." He then inserted his cock through the hole and said "Here you go. Don't worry it won't bite. And I'm kind of hoping you won't either."

Ray and I were in the same class and became good friends immediately. I had seen him naked a couple of times, but had never really taken a look at his dick. It was long and thin with small, low hanging balls that he had also placed through the hole. Not that the previous events weren't, but it was really weird looking at my roommates cock, with his expectations of my sucking it so obvious. I didn't think I would be able to face him again, but because Ray was a good guy, I kind of wanted to please him. I heard him say, "Hey Nick, you sure she gave you a blow job, or did you just have a wet dream." I realized I had just blown a guy I couldn't stand. He was the personification of a loud mouth asshole. I heard a fist pound the wall and Nick's voice boom, "You better start suckin' dick, bitch."

In a sort of trance, I reached out and grabbed Ray's cock and started stroking it. I heard him say aloud, "Hey, she does have a pulse." It seemed like a lot more of the guys must have come downstairs, because I could here their voices razing each other while throwing little comments out for my benefit, like "Don't get full, now." and something concerning "my desire for tubesteak." Obviously these guys had a real way with the ladies. I got back on my knees, on the mat in front of the hole, and blocked out the rest of the drivel as I concentrated on my roommates dick. I slipped it past my lips and onto my wet tongue, which I started to mop all over the underside of his crown. He started to moan his pleasure, which for some reason, spurred me on. I began sucking his dick in earnest, allowing more and more to go into my mouth, to where his cock entered my throat, which caused me to gag. I heard him voice concern, asking me if I was okay, which kind of endeared the experience. With his cock still lodged in my mouth, I gave a high pitched "Mmmhhmm", and continued to suck as though I wanted to. I wanted to make him cum using my mouth. I started varying my technic, as well as playing with his small balls. I could taste his pre-cum as I reached a rhythm, which he matched with short, quick thrusts, obviously concerned about choking me again. I took this as sort of a challenge and started driving my face further down towards his black pubic area, taking more cock with each bob of my head. As it reached the back of my throat again, I felt his dick pulsing and get really hard on the inside, and knew he was about to cum. I kept up the rhythm and depth, while pressing down harder with my tongue, trying to drive him over the edge. Large wads of sperm erupted from his turgid cock as I hung on, still trying to stuff as much of his cock down my throat as I could manage. For some reason, I was still trying to deep throat as much of his cock as I could, so that each blast of sperm shot right down my throat, causing me to instinctivly swallow. With his cock still lodged in my throat, I started gagging violently on his ejaculate, when I heard Ray say, "Oh fuck, she's unreal. I can feel her contracting her throat around my cock." I could hear the guys on the other side slapping high five's and yelling encouragement. I continued to milk the cum out of Ray's cock until it turned into a dribble. It was much thicker than Nick's ejaculate. So much so, that it stuck in my throat, so that when I removed my mouth from his shrinking penis, I tried to retch it out of my throat and spit onto the mat. I heard someone say something about "how lady-like that sounded". If they only knew. Ray thanked me and pulled his cock out of the hole while I continued to try and clear my throat of load.

Another cock quickly replaced Ray's, and I took it in my mouth and started sucking the anonymous cock. At that point I didn't want to know who it belonged to. I was trying not to cum while slowly stroking my own cock, but with my excitement this was becoming virtually impossible. I knew if I came, I wouldn't be able to continue the rouse, so I took my hand off of my bloated cock for the time being. The guy in my mouth came quickly, and I swallowed his meager load without much fanfare.

Upon inspection, I knew the next cock presented me had to belong to a guy named Bates, because of the size of it. He was legendary in the house and on half of the campus for not only his monstrous wang, but also for the quantity of his ejaculations. There was a home video circulating, that I had heard about, were he completely obliterates a girls face with his sperm. I wasn't sure I wanted to blow him, but still in that same trance, I moved my face forward and took the large helmet into my mouth. I was able to slide a little more than half of what was shaping up to be approximately 10 inches of dick in and out of my mouth. I had been able take more in my moouth of the previous two I just blew, but Bates' was so much thicker. I remember thinking it reminded me of a baby's arm. It was definitely intimidating me. I heard someone on the other side, I'm guessing it was Nick, tell him that sometimes I didn't finish the blowjobs. Bates yelled at me that I had better suck him till he's finished, as well as swallow his cum (what is it with guys wanting their cum to be swallowed?), or he was going to break the door down and fuck me up the ass. At this point I felt completely out of control of the situation, and that I basically had to comply with most any of their commands out of fear of exposure.

I brought my hand up and started jacking the lower half of his cock as I worked my mouth over the rest. I was really trying to get him to orgasm quickly, but it seemed to take forever. Why couldn't he have went off like that guy I blew right before him. My jaw was really starting to tire, but every time I stopped, he'd say something like "Oh, you wanna buttfuck?" I was really beginning to worry about whether I could keep this up when in quick pants, he started babbling incoherently, "Oh yeah, keep it up...I'm almost better swallow it bitch...I mean it... oohhh, yeahhh..." and then just a ridiculous amount sperm came shooting out. I really did try to swallow it all, but I truly don't believe anyone could have swallowed all the cum that came out of his cock. As I was trying to keep up with the flood, each pulse caused more to pour out the sides of my mouth and down my neck onto my shirt (one of my favorites, which I ended up having to throw away after that night). What I had swallowed so far was begining to make me sick to my stomach, so while still jacking him off, I removed him from my mouth. When he started to protest, I laved my tongue on the underside of his still erupting cock and was rewarded with 4 or 5 more copious loads of his semen, one of which went right up my nose. The guy was a fucking fire hose.

When Bates removed his cock two more followed, both of which I dutifully sucked and swallowed as best I could. The next cock pushed through the hole was black. There were no black guys in our chapter, so that meant that outsiders were coming over to face fuck the sorority slut. I was starting to feel desperation set in, as though this may never end. They couldn't expect me to continue this for hours on end, could they. I leaned in and took his cock into my mouth. Now I don't want to sound racist, and it could be it was just him, being as I've never experienced a black penis before or since, but there was a distinctive taste and odor different than any of the other cocks I had in my mouth that night. It reminded me of bacon. And when he came in my mouth, his semen was thick and lumpy and also had a strange flavor to it, not that I had become a conisour (although, by the end of the night, I'm sure I had sucked more cock than alot of the women on campus) . All in all I would say blew in excess of twenty guys over about a 4 hour time span that night. My mouth became so sore that I would jack their cocks until they would complain, and then I would press my nose up against the plywood and let them push their cocks in and out of my mouth till they came, pressing my tongue against the sensitive spot below the head to try and speed things up. Dispite my best efforts, I finally came in my pants without even touching myself, which would attest to how excited this whole experience had made me. Within minutes of my orgasm, the cock I was working on came in my mouth, which caused me to just about puke. I had to get out of there because I knew I would throw up if another guy blew his load in my mouth without me being sexually excited any more.

The next cock to come through the hole I recognized as belonging to Bates. He wanted me to suck him off again. No way in the fucking world was that happening. When it appeared on my side of the wall I took my hand and stroked it while drooling spit onto it. I was hoping to buy some time so I could get the hell out of there. Calling upon my high pitched voice again, I told him I had to go to the bathroom and to wait right there, that I would return and take care of him. I opened and closed the bathroom door to mock my entrance into the bathroom. Then as quickly and as quietly as possible I climbed onto the chair still placed under the window, unlocked and opened it and shimied out. I ran straight to my car as I pulled my cum saturated shirt off over my head and jumped in without detection. I put on an old shirt I found in my car that had been in there for weeks and smelled accordingly. At least it didn't smell like sperm. I looked in my rear view mirror and gasped at the modern art piece that was my face. I wiped whatever cum wasn't dried off with the shirt I had just pulled off and drove away from the parking lot. As I drove around aimlessly, I went over what had just happened in my mind. I couldn't believe that I had allowed myself to be degraded in such a way. While driving, I threw the cum encrusted shirt out the window, so that there would be no evidence of my transgretion. Going back over it all, I only knew the identity of 3 other cocks I blew that day, but one of the guys had dated my sister for about three months. I'm guessing it's safe to say that he got blown by both of us, which kind of creeped me out (as if I wasn't tramatized enough already).

When I got back to the house I went straight up to my room, stripped down and jumped right into the shower. I threw my jeans, which also had cum on them, under my bed for safe keeping till I was able to get home to my parents house and throw them into the washer. My mother was really suprised that I had started doing my own laundry. When I emerged from the shower I went to my room to get dressed, when Ray came in the room. He asked me if I had taken advantage of the sorority girl who was blowing everyone downstairs. I said no and asked if she was still there. He said she had ditched out the window when she saw Bates' dick for the second time. I said from everything I had heard, I could understand why. I asked Ray if she had done him, kind of searching for some feedback on my performance. He said that yes, she had, and that it was probably the best blow job he had ever received. I started to harden listening to his account of how "she" was able to work his cock with "her" throat while deep throating him. Being as I was only in boxers, I moved over to the closet with my back to him, so that he couldn't see my growing erection, and slipped on a pair of sweat pants and a long shirt to hide it. I finished dressing and went downstairs and heard many more recounts of my performance. I never would do anything like that again, but I must admit, whenever I saw Ray's cock, I would have a desire to take it in my mouth and blow him. I never had another gay experience again, but I have masturbated many times since, while reliving it all in my head. FINIS

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