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"IN MEMORIAM: Mark B. on United # 93
Crashed in SE PA, USA - 9/11/01"

Dear Bi Men Members and Friends:

IN MEMORIAM - Bi Men Member who died 9/11/01 he lives on in our own lives.

We once again thank CRIS one of the "Founding Fathers" here at the Bi Men Worldwide Network for bringing his good friend MARK B. to our attention.

Cris and I (Mac - Bi Men founder and moderator) ask for your positive thoughts and/or prayers for MARK B. pictured to the right of this message.

MARK died with 44 others on UNITED FLIGHT #93 which crashed as we know in S.E. Pennsylvania September 11th -the 4th plane where passengers refused to allow the terrorists to take an untold number of OTHER lives. MARK was one of those passengers. For many of us - it can be a help to put a "face" and "name" on one of those heroes - one of our own.

Thank you CRIS for being with us and for sharing with us at the Bi Men Network and our thoughts and/or prayers go out to MARK B. and his family and friends. He lives on in our memories and our lives.

Sincerely,Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
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