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"My Brother Caught in the Act"

It was only my second week back at college from the long Christmas break. I was still getting reacquainted with my room and unpacking my clothes, when my girlfriend, Stephanie, called and asked if she could come to visit.

"I said yes, although I was enjoying being away from home and watching the new freshmen on my floor stride by my room on their way to the showers.

I prepared for her visit by asking my roommate, Randy, to relinquish his half of the room for the week end, figuring if she was going to visit, I might as well take the opportunity and screw her while I could. Randy didn't mind, figuring he could put the moves on one of the new freshmen and instantly have a place to spend his nights.

Stephanie and I had only done it once before and that was in my Yugo too tight for any real fun. So, I was excited that she was going to visit me. I looked forward to it, since we hadn't seen much of each other during the break.

Stephanie arrived at the campus a little after eight-thirty in the evening. To my surprise, accompanying her was her younger brother, Cliff.

He had been away at an all-boys boarding school for the past few years, had been released for the break later than normal, and was still visiting home.

Cliff had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday, and had decided there was no better time to check out the college life that he would soon be a part of. I was out when they arrived, and the resident of my dorm let them both into my room. 'When I walked in, Stephanie ran up and gave me a big, wet kiss. Cliff just stared at us, embarrassed at the sight of his sister ramming her tongue down my throat, I suppose. I hadn't seen Cliff in more than a year, and found myself transfixed by him as Stephanie kissed and fondled me. I gawked at Cliff' newly matured body. He smiled at me and with his cheeks turning a nice, rosy color, turned away, looking out of the window. Stephanie moved my hand to her ass. I dug deep into the crack of her ass, feeling the contours, as my eyes and imagination focused instead on Cliff in his tight jeans, his ass begging to be caressed. Our kiss broke and she spoke, but I was too engrossed in Cliff to hear any of her words.

Before I knew it, she was tugging at my arm, and the three of

us were heading for the local burger joint for the usual fast food. Stephanie talked and talked, trying to Catch Up on old business, but all I could do was ogle Cliff.

His skin was so perfect and fresh-looking. His hair was long and sandy blond. When he laughed, it flopped to one side, and he'd have to swoop it back with his hand.

He was the most gorgeous young man I had ever seen. I nodded and nodded to the meaningless banter Stephanie was spewing. The more I stared at Cliff, the more turned on I became -- and not by Stephanie.

Unconsciously, I found myself touching the cuff of his jeans under the table, hoping he would respond. He didn't. After we ate, we went straight back to my dorm room.

The three of us talked for awhile, and Cliff and I found we had a lot in common. Before long, we were giggling and laughing. If Stephanie hadn't been there I would surely have kissed him. We were both just getting to know one another better, when Stephanie demanded more attention.

She commented on the lateness of the hour and recommended we all turn in. Reluctantly, we agreed.

The sleeping arrangements weren't the best. My dorm room was small, and aside from the necessary desk and dresser, there was barely enough room for the bunk beds. Cliff was to sleep on the bottom bunk and Stephanie and I on the top.

At first I didn't think anything of the situation, figuring sleep was the game plan for the evening. Stephanie climbed onto the top area and began disrobing, finally pulling the cover up around her, hiding her naked body and trying to keep her little brother innocent.

Cliff and I both pulled off our shirts. When I saw his hairless chest, I felt the bulge in my pants begin to throb. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off his shoes and socks. I must have seemed strange, just standing there looking at him, but I figured he was accustomed to undressing in front of a crowd at boarding school. He pulled down his pants to around his ankles and I was forced to hold my crotch to soothe the growing pain. Cliff lay back on the bed exposed. That's when I noticed he was getting hard. His dick flopped over to the left in his designer boxers, jumping slightly when it moved. Then, trying to hide it, he turned onto his stomach, his perfect ass pointing up.

My dick almost jumped out of my pants. I ogled him, with the cloth of the boxers dipping into his crack forming an outline of him.

"Aren't'cha going to bed!" he asked.

"Yeah, " moaned Stephanie.

"Sorry, Let me get the light,"

I flicked off the switch, yanked off my pants, and as I wriggled out of my underwear, I caughta glimpse of Cliff glancing over me. My cock was well on the way to blue steel, as I stepped on his bunk on my way to the top and Stephanie. I paused with my elbows on the top bunk, waving my midsection in Cliff' direction, I knew he could see I was hard. There was certainly enough light in the room. I stayed there, suspended, talking with Stephanie about their ride to see me. I had almost resolved myself to move on, when I felt a flickering lick against the head of my relieved cock. I flexed, trying to hold my composure. I felt a mouth beginning to engulf me, when Stephanie motioned me up and I reluctantly climbed beside her.

Immediately, Stephanie seized my rockhard cock and pulled it into her wet box. I gasped, the bed squeaked, and Stephanie hummed with delight. She moved on top of me, letting my dick slide effortlessly in and out of her hot pussy. Her tits were knocking against me and just as I felt a mild concussion corning over me, she panted, bit her lip hard, and thrust her head down into the pillow.

"Are you all right!" I asked. I hadn't seen her act this way dur ing our other make-out session.

"I'm wonderful," she panted.

"Did you come!"

I thought about the question and realized I had not come. However, I answered, "Yes." I wanted to come thinking about Cliff. After a few minutes she rolled over, and we whispered good night to one another.

I peeked over the side to the lower bunk and spied Cliff, out of his boxers and fully nude. The moonlight fell right across his cock which was fully erect and glistening from the spittle he was using to jack off, while listening to us fucking above him. I watched as he wet his fingers and transferring the saliva to his dick, rubbing the head. He made the softest whimpering sounds as he jacked his dick and played with his balls with his free hand. Then, he looked up and saw I was peeking down upon him.

At first, he tried to cover himself', but as I quietly climbed over the side and drew nearer to him, he relaxed standing nude in front of Cliff, I felt my boner grow even harder. He pulled back the blanket, revealing himself to me. I bent over him and kissed his chest, then played with his near nipple, rolling it between the tight grip of my fingers. I licked my tongue down his belly. The ripples of his washboard abdomen forced me to feel his torso with my hands. The room was hot from the steam radiators and Cliff was perspiring a bit, making for a natural lubricant over his tight, nubile body. My heart raced, and when my hands reached his waist, then his creamy white butt, finally plunged my mouth down on his waiting dick.

He sat straight up and let out a low moan. My mouth was wet, and as my lips moved over his shaking rod, he moaned continuously. I paused and asked him if this was his first time. "No," he replied, grinning. "Well," he continued, "yes. I've never felt like this before, I'm in heaven. " "Lie down and enjoy," I said, as I chuckled. "and be quiet." My hand jacked him as his body fell back onto the bed.

I moved to the end of the bed positioning myself between his legs. I felt my chest heaving with short breaths, as I looked at the perfectly toned body before me. I pushed his legs apart, stretching them to their Iimits. Cliff was fully trusting, as my mouth returned to his pulsing shaft. Several drops of pre-cum formed at the head of his dick.

Fearing Cliff was close, I stopped sucking him and hoisted his ass farther into the air. "What are you doing!" he whispered.

Without speaking I began tonguing his ass, and slammed a pillow over his face to keep from waking Stephanie in the bunk above. But I could still hear him murmuring over and over, "Yes! It feels so good!"

He wedged his feet against the metal of the bed and moved his hole closer to me, as I moved my !tongue in and out. He removed ' the pillow and started heaving like a marathon runner in the race of his life. Then I stopped and sat on the floor. Cliff leapt from the bed to my side. "Why are you stopping!" he hissed, almost groveling.

"My balls are turning blue. I have to beat off a minute to release some of this tension." I thought I was going to bust if I didn't shoot soon. As I stroked I instantly felt better. The pre-cum >From my dick easily slicked me up enough to facilitate the jacking movements of my hand. I cradled Cliff' ass with my hand, finding his wet asshole with my middle finger. He moved to all fours, I groaning as he hoisted his ass, while I drove my finger deeper. Then, without a preparatory hint, Cliff put his head in , my lap and started lapping at my already wet meat. He swirled his tongue against my slit and put his mouth down onto the head, twisting his lips around and around, as I cried for more. Like a pro, Cliff spread his legs over my face and began facefucking me with his long, hot skin-flute.

Cliff slurped and lapped on the shaft of my cock, and when I started thrusting my hips upward toward his mouth, it was just the right amount of encouragement he needed. He went down on me and I nearly exploded. He pulled at my balls as they tightened and drew up closer to my groin, ready to spurt. I gulped Cliff' rod as fast as he could move, my nose becoming buried at the base of his dick in his golden-blond hairs. I inhaled deeply, smelling his sweet sweat and tasting the saltiness of his cock rubbing furiously against my tongue.

He started to slow, and I could sense his eagerness to pop. Our bodies glistened with droplets of sweat, and I seized his butt, pulling his prick deeper into my mouth, feeling his full eight inches in the back of my throat I held him there, swishing the wetness around in my satisfied mouth. Cliff gasped at the feeling and slobbered on my cock, rubbing and banging the head of my against his face. I could feel his hot breath, as he licked and squeezed harder. My hands guided him in and of my mouth, my lips tightened and my throat opened. As I thrust my finger deeper into his ass, he yelped softly and took my cock back into his mouth, bobbing his head in rhythm to his hips above my face. Then, with a powerful stroke, Cliff began shooting his load into my happy mouth.- His jism was warm and salty. I swirled it around in my mouth, soaking the head of his cock in it, amplifying his pleasure. His prick flexed and he continued to shoot load after glorious load into me. Cliff backed his mouth off me.

I positioned my body to watch, as he jacked me hard, letting the spit run in a string from his lips to dick. His hand moved faster my and I hardened and came shooting high. He held his mouth wide open, high above my shooting cock as I tried to aim, hitting his chin, his cheeks, and finally his mouth that caused him to gulp my rod back into his mouth, plunging , his head up and down over me, ' making my juice flow more than I had ever come before. When I felt my dick continue shooting with nothing but blanks, I knew I had been sucked dry by a master.

We both sat on the floor with our backs to the bunk beds, relishing the moment we had shared together. Cliff confessed that he had dreamed about an evening like this since his first night at the all-boys dorm where he lived. He told me outrageous stories of elaborate masturbation sessions, trying to keep any of the other boys from hearing or knowing what he was doing. He told me of one boy for whom he had an attraction, so much so, that whenever they were in the same room Cliff couldn't contain his boner. I asked if the other boy felt the same way, but the only thing they had shared were long, wanting glances across various rooms. I make Cliff promise he would try out the waters of this special young man when he arrived back at school. He agreed, and then to my surprise, unveiled his cock fully erect again due to the nature of our conversation. I couldn't resist the opportunity.

I reached out and clutched his dick and lunged for it with my salivating mouth. I was out of control, slurping so hard and loudly I was afraid I might wake Stephanie. Cliff knew how much I was e n o y i ng him and he started fondling my body, moving his hand to my ass. He wet his finger and played with my asshole. I must have been moaning from the pleasure too loudly, because Cliff kept whispering to me to quiet down. When I found myself swaying back and forth along his long, slender finger, then two fingers, he grabbed my body, lifting me from the ground. He sat me in his lap facing him. I regained my balance straddling him, and he eased his cock into my ass I exhaled, and to keep from screaming with delight, kissed him, He kissed back, rolling his tongue in my mouth, and guiding me by the waist on his incredibly hard cock. I tightened my muscles, which made him jump. He twisted at my nipples, and as I bent backward over him, Stephanie murmured from a half-sleep, "Is everything okay!"

"Fine, " we said simultaneously.

Our noise level had become too much for the room. Cliff pulled out of me and we both slipped on sweatshirts and headed outside. We went down the back . stairs, which was freezing since we had virtually no clothes on. Playfully we slapped each other's bottom, laughing and then grabbing. We opened the outside door and leapt out into the near zero weather.

The two of us sprinted across the courtyard and to the steps of the general classroom building. The doors were locked. We stood wondering if this was such a good idea due to the weather. Cliff crouched on his knees and I moved my hardening cock into his warm mouth. I puffed, watching my breath fog in front of me. I had never been so hard, and had to confirm my cock's density with my own hand.

Cliff stopped suddenly, walking over to the stair railing. He hunched over the railing and stuck his firm, delicious butt up in the air for me. I rushed over and touched his virgin hole with the tip of my cock. He puckered and trembled at the approaching experience, in addition to the bitter cold. Digging my fingers into his waist, I pulled myself closer, filling him with all nine inches of my firm love muscle. Cliff squeaked out loud and uninhibited- this time. My balls hit his cheeks of his tender ass. I pulled out and he took in a long gasp of air. He grabbed my tool and asked for more. He lay on his back along the steps, spreading his legs apart, and holding them in the air, locking his arms under his knee joints. 'though it was beginning to snow, I felt no cold. I rammed into him as he begged me to go deeper. I took his ankles in my hands and spread his legs even further, thrusting my pole deeper into him. He yanked at his meat, spit into his hand and coated his cock. Both of us were panting and talking out of our heads. Two other boys who had been passing by stopped and sat beside us on the steps, watching and pointing. Nothing was going to make me stop pumping his ass, and when the strange boys began fondling and sucking on one another, their presence only heightened the already dying sensations of Cliff.

Cliff came hard, his jism spraying out over his head and some into his blond hair. His ass tightened and I pulled out, shooting into his face and onto his exposed chest. He reached down and continued jacking me, rubbing both our juices together, making me shout out his name. I collapsed, kissing him and holding him close to me. He nibbled my ear, and I whispered sweet nothings into his. We stood and were about to walk away, when we noticed the two boys next to us still struggling. We thought about helping , but only stopped long enough to tell them my dorm number. We knew they would have more fun on their own that night.

The severe cold had started both our noses to running, and though the two of us were turning blue, we walked slowly back to my dorm room, watching the virgin snow collecting on the campus grounds.

We kissed and held one another, and when we returned, Stephanie was still ' in a blissful slumber. I kissed Cliff, our tongues meeting, and whispered in his ear, " I want more. "

He nodded back then pointed to the overhead bunk.

I shrugged and thought a moment, wondering how the rest of the weekend was going to unfold. But that's another story. FINIS

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