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"My First ABS Visit!"

Over winter break from college, I went to a New Year's Party at a local hotel. I was 21, 5'6, 165, muscular and "cute." I knew that I was going to be drinking pretty heavily so my dad give me a ride to the party. I was going to either crash at the hotel or find a ride home. After getting pretty buzzed, I began hitting on a hot blonde from the party. She was flirting back and we eventually kissed at midnight. We were both feeling pretty good and started making out on one of the hotel beds in the middle of the party. I was just sliding my hand under her shirt to feel her tits, when one of her friends came into the room and reminded the blonde of her curfew. Needless to say, she left me rock hard and needing relief. I continued partying, but did not find anyone else at the party to help me with my problem.

For some drunken reason, I decided that I should go home. Since I did not have a ride, I decided to walk the 3 miles back to my parent's house. On the way, I remembered there was an adult bookstore on the way. I had been there one other time when I was 18, but it was dirty and smelly. I bought a Hustler and quickly left. I was surprised to find that the place had been remodeled and updated since my last visit. I was a little embarrassed entering the bookstore, but I started looking at the magazines and my cock soon returned to its previously rock hard status. I noticed that guys were going in and out of the backroom, so I decided to check it out. I was so naïve that I thought the three guys hanging out near the entrance were waiting in line for a video booth. I asked one of them "Is there a line?" He just smiled and said, "No, take your pick." I walked down a long hallway with doors on either side. There were small lights above the doors, but I had no idea what they meant. I decided to go into one of the booths and jerk off watching some porn.

I chose a booth and locked the door behind me. The booth was small with a swivel chair in front of a video screen. I found some dollar bills and slid them into the machine. It was very dark until the movie started. I was flipping channels watching all kinds of porn, but the gay porn really fascinated me. I had never seen two guys having sex. Then, I found a MMF threesome video and it got me really hot. I was rubbing my cock through my jeans and decided to pull it out. I stood there watching the hot scene on the screen while stroking my 6-inch hard cock. Suddenly, I saw a movement to my left. I looked over and noticed for the first time that there was a hole between my booth and the one next to me. Someone had entered the next booth and I could tell that he was watching me stroke my cock. This made me very nervous as I did not want to get caught jacking off in public. Next thing I knew, a finger came through the hole. Then, I heard the guy whisper, "Give me your cock." At first, I didn't think that I heard him correctly, but then he repeated it. "Let me suck your cock. Stick it through the hole." At that point, I was so horned up that I slowly slid my cock through the hole. I was nervous, but totally needed to get off.

I felt a tongue licking the head of my cock. It made me flex my cock and I felt some precum flowing out. He licked it up and then started sucking my cock into his mouth. I had never felt such a warm, wet sucking sensation. It was incredible! I turned back to the video and was watching a guy fuck a hot chick from behind while another guy was eating the guy's ass. That scene got me really excited and I was soon shooting my load into my sucker's mouth. I came so hard that my knees started giving out and I pulled my cock out and sat down in the chair. Before I could regain my drunken senses, a hard cock slide through the hole. I got scared and didn't know what I should do. After such a hot blowjob, I figured that I owed the guy. So, I slowly reached up and wrapped my hand around his cock. I had never felt another guy's cock before, but it felt awesome. I slowly stroked his cock and watched the precum leaking out. I was too scared to suck him off and after a few minutes, he pulled his cock out, zipped up and left his booth. I waited a few minutes to leave the booth because I was afraid to face my cocksucker. Quickly exiting the bookstore, I ran home and jerked off two more times thinking about my first M2M experience, but definitely not my last! FINIS

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