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About two years ago my wife, Jennifer, and I moved to a suburb of New York after I was transferred there on my job. Jennifer and I had always had a good sex life, but after we moved it all seemed to go downhill. We rarely made love more than once a week and I sensed that she was faking orgasm during intercourse. This went on for some time until a sudden change came over her. Almost overnight she was more responsive to my advances and things were just as they always were. Needless to say, I was thankful for the turnabout. But also suspicious about how it occurred. I finally got my answer one-day when I came home two days early from a business trip in Boston.

After being let off by a cab in front of my house, I walked down the driveway toward our backyard, where we have a sunken swimming pool surrounded by a high fence. I had thought that Jennifer who loves getting a tan, would be sunning herself on the pool deck, and I was eager to surpass her, as she usually sunbathes topless. Suddenly I heard voices coming from the pool enclosure, coupled with what seemed to be soft moans. I left my suitcase at the side of the house and crept quietly toward the fence. I maneuvered myself to a part of the fence where a post had fallen away, which Jennifer had been after me to fix. I crouched down low in the thick shrubbery and peered inside from the enclosure. I almost fainted from the sight that greeted my eyes that instant.

There was Jennifer, topless, lying on a plush lounge chair, groaning softly as a young man straddled her back and slowly rubbed tanning lotion into her shoulders and upper back. She was gently tossing her head from side to side and telling the guy how good she felt. The teenager hunched down until his groin was nestled near Jennifer's shapely ass and he began making circular motions with his hands as she lifted her body from the char to make her swollen breasts available to his ardent manipulation. The kid may have been young, but he knew how to please a 28-year-old woman.

He continued to pinch and squeeze my wife's tits until she wiggled her bikini-clad bottom back against his bulging short shorts.

I felt a mixture of jealousy and heartbreak at this sight, but the most overwhelming feeling I had was that of supreme excitement! Given a situation like this, I had always thought that I would react violently, but here I was, watching my wife being screwed by a stud who was only half my age.

By now, they had discarded the remainder of their clothing. The guy was standing, facing my wife who was now sitting up in the lounge chair, so that his back was toward me. I could see Jennifer's pussy, because her legs were spread toward my hidden position. She was dripping with love juices and began to rake her long nails over his smooth slim ass. The guy stopped and gave her a long French kiss, while working his rather thick fingers up and down her glistening slit. Jennifer stiffened and held him tightly. I knew she was coming and coming all over his probing hand.

My wife lay down on the recliner and the teenager straddled her chest. My cock shot a load without even being touched when I saw his instrument. It stood drooling and erect from his sparsely haired loins. It seemed to get longer as he began to rub it on her tits and face. She spoke to him as she moaned, telling him how well built he was and how she loved the taste of his dick. The guy ran the head of his scholong over her lips and she filcked out her tongue, catching some of the precome fluid on it.

The he moved his rod down between her jutting breasts, which she cupped for him, forming a soft tunnel for him to use as he pleased. They continued in this position for about 15 minutes. I was surprised. I thought a guy that age would not have much staying power, but he seemed to be an accomplished lover. He continued to fuck my wife between the tits, occasionally giving her a taste of his until he stiffened and prepared to come. He took his cock into his hands and shot a huge load of spurting come all over her face and hair. She opened her mouth in a soft oval pout and tried to catch the sperm with her tongue.

I marveled at the guy as he still milked the juice from his prick, leaving her drenched with his hot seed. He finished by running his pole over her sperm drenched face, scooping it up with his cock head and feeding it to her.

They continued for the rest of the afternoon. Jennifer was fucked in several positions, including one on her hands and knees. She was also ass fucked in that position (something she never let me do) and even swallowed his cock after he pulled the sporting member from her ass. All told, he came six times and I came twice. Lord knows how many times my wife came, but she seemed to have multiple orgasms whenever he slid his dick back into her.

I left only after they were exhausted with each other. I spent the night jerking off in a local motel and arrived home the next morning. FINIS

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