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"The Boat House Spy Above"

Chapter One - The Discovery

I am a 39 year old father of two. My son Ed is now 17 and a senior in high school. His has a stocky, athletic build and will be playing college football next year at our state university. My daughter Amy is almost 16. Her slim build and soft red hair remind me of her mother when we first started dating in high school. She is very athletic, involved in gymnastics and swimming. My spouse and I have a great relationship. We have always been pretty open about sex with the kids, and we enjoy a very healthy sex life.

My story begins about five years ago. After a series of attempts, I had finally hit it big in my consulting business. We set out looking for a new house. We were lucky to find a large house in a very nice subdivision. The kid's had their own bedrooms, separated by a large shared bathroom. The master bedroom had a deck with a hot tub that overlooked a large pool. A small pool house sat next to the pool. It had two dressing rooms and a large room that the previous owner had used as an office. I took over the office as a place where I could work in private and concentrate on making enough money that we could keep the place.

The first summer after we moved in the kids would play in the pool every day. My office was well insulated from the sound, so they never bothered me. They had strict instructions not to come into the office if the door was closed. One day I was cleaning out papers and storing them in the closet when I noticed a small panel inset into the wall. You could barely make out the cracks where the panel separated from the wall. As I messed around with it, I found a hidden latch that opened it if you pressed in the right places. The panel popped open and reveled some electronic equipment, a couple of VCRs, some switches and several video tapes. The previous owner had two TV sets mounted near the ceiling of the office, I assumed so he could watch two games at the same time.

I took one of the tapes and slipped it into a VCR. When I hit the play button, I saw a picture of a well-built young blonde as she changed into a bathing suit in one of the dressing rooms. The guy who owned the house before me had apparently set up cameras in them. I pressed the stop button and began to look over the electronic equipment more carefully. When I pressed a couple of power switches, I was suddenly looking at both the dressing rooms on my TV's. I went around to the dressing rooms and looked around carefully. I finally found the cameras behind one way mirrors in each room. Each room had three mirrors, so the camera's covered the entire room, including a small shower and a large couch built into the wall so it could not be moved.

I went back to the office and began to play with the equipment. I found a remote control that would allow me to change camera's and to zoom in on the couch and shower. I could also tilt them up and down and pan them to zero in on almost any point in the room. As I played with the remote, I noticed one of my daughter's young friends come into one of the rooms. Jenny was the twelve year-old daughter of our next door neighbor. As I watched, she stripped out of her clothes and began to put on her bathing suit. Her small breasts were just beginning to develop, but were crowned with nipples the size of half dollars. She slid her panties off her slim legs, and stood in front of the mirror to admire herself. Her pubic mound was covered with a thin growth of dark hair. As I watched, she rubbed her hand across her pussy and gently stroked the slit with her middle finger. My dick had erupted to life, and was throbbing in my shorts. I unzipped by shorts and began to stroke myself. I was disappointed to see Jenny suddenly turn and slip into a bright pink bikini. I could still see the outline of her nipples through the nylon material. She turned and walked out of the room to where the others were playing in the pool.

My dick was still throbbing and I needed some relief. I hit the play button on the tape machine and began to watch various boys, girls, men and women change clothes. I stroked my raging hard-on as I watched two older teenage girls compare their tits. When an anchorwoman from one of our local TV stations came on the tape and stripped to change, I exploded with a load of cum that went flying onto my chest. I went to my bathroom and got some tissue to clean myself.

I settled down to watch another of the tapes. I looked up with interest as Jane, Jenny's mom, came on the screen. She is a 36 year old brunette with apple sized tits. Where I expected to see a dark bush was a totally bald pussy. Her mound was very pronounced, and I could see her bright pink clit peeking out of its hood. She stood in front of the mirror and admired her body for a second. As she bent over to pull up her bikini bottom, she revealed a firm white ass that was in bright contrast to the well-tanned parts of her body.

As she tied the top of her suit over the cute tits, the door of the dressing room opened. A young boy of about 15 entered. "Geoff, you shouldn't come in like that" Jane yelped at him. "Don't worry, nobody saw me" Geoff replied. "You know dad is out of town this week, and Mom just left to get her hair done." Geoff walked up behind Jane and slipped his arms around her slim waist. As I watched, he ran his hands up and cupped Jane's small breasts in his hands. I couldn't believe my next door neighbor being felt up by a 15 year old. As his hands wandered over upper body, Jane turned to him and pulled his mouth to hers, hungrily sucking his tongue into her mouth. Geoff's hands slid into the back of her bikini bottom and he began to massage her butt cheeks. He slowly moved up and untied her bikini top, and pulled it over her head.

Jane's nipples had hardened into thumb sized nubs about a half inch long. Jeff lowered his mouth and sucked her left nipple between his lips. "Ohhhhhh -- yessssss" moaned Jane as his tongue deftly flicked at her swollen bud. "Hurry up," Jane said, " You know Jenny will be over soon to play in the pool." She reached down and tugged at the waistband of his swim trunks. His erection had formed a tent in them. As she pulled down his trunks, a steel-hard six inches of teen dick popped out and stood straight up against his belly. Jane kissed her way down his chest, lightly biting his nipples and sticking her tongue in his navel. She knelt in front of him and pulled his dick down with one finger and washed the circumcised head with her tongue. As she slowly sucked the head and first couple of inches into her mouth, Geoff moaned in ecstasy. "Oh Jesus that feels good" he cried as he tried to buck against her face. "Slow down a little", Jane whispered, "You're choking me." Geoff mumbled an apology but began to slowly side his dick in and out of her red lips. Her hand moved up and down on the part of his cock that she could not get in her mouth in time with his thrusts. She pulled her lips away and then seductively licked a small drop of his pre-cum that appeared on the head.

As Jane stood up, Geoff led her over to the couch. They paused as she slipped her bikini bottom off revealing her shaved cunt. Jane sat down on the couch while Geoff got on his knees in front of her. He slowly started to lap at her pussy, occasionally flicking her engorged clit with the tip of his tongue. Jane writhed on the couch, pulling his face harder against her glistening mound.

As Geoff expertly licked at her pouting cunt lips, I eased my hard-on back out of my shorts and started to pound my meat again. I could not believe that my cute next door neighbor, who I had always thought of as fairly conservative, was getting ready to fuck this 15 year old kid who turned out to be the previous owner's son.

Back on the tape, Geoff had sat down on the couch and Jane was now straddling him. He reached down and pried his dick away from his belly and positioned it at the entrance to her bald pussy. She slowly slid down his pole, moving up and down a little to spread her juices along his shaft. After four or five strokes he was bottomed out. Her firm ass was rubbing his balls. They began to fuck in earnest, Geoff pistoning his hard cock in and out of her sopping wet cunt hole. As she bounced up and down on him, his slick cock fell out of her a couple of times and they had to fumble around and re-insert it. They were both moaning loudly. After a couple of minutes, Jane got up and turned around so she was facing the mirror. He slid his dick back into her juicy cunt and began to pump again. I could see her pink clit at the top of her clean-shaven pussy. He reached around and began to massage her clit.

"Oh God I'm going to cum" he said as he began to really drive his cock into her. "I'm ready" she moaned. You could hear her ass slapping against his belly as they pounded each other. As Geoff let out a final moan, Jane fell back against his chest, obviously in the throes of orgasm. At the same time I again shot my seed , this time all over some papers on my desk.

Jane slowly lifted herself off of Geoff's wilting member. Her shaved cunt was red and juicy, the lips still spread open a little. Small white pearls of semen dripped from her, hitting Geoff legs. She turned around and knelt in front of him, licking the white drops from his legs. She took his limp dick into her mouth and washed all the juices from it. She moved up his body and kissed him with her wet mouth. "Hurry up, I can hear Jenny" she hissed at him. They both quickly slipped back into their swim suits. Jane gave his crotch one last affectionate pat before she slid past him and out the door. "Don't waste that on anyone else, Lover" she said, "I'm sure I'll need it again."

As I regained my composure, I wiped the drops of thinning cum from my desk. I had a hard time believing my luck to have a setup like this. I had always been something of a voyeur, and this equipment would allow me to watch until my heart's content. I fast forwarded through the rest of the tape. Twice more I saw Geoff and Jane fucking wildly on the couch. I also saw two young girls finger each other's pussy's. I determined that the system had a motion detector that would switch it on when someone entered one of the rooms.

I watched the end of the tape, the other TV set suddenly came to life as my daughter Amy came into the dressing room with Jenny. Amy stripped off her bathing suit to get in the shower. I had not seen her body since she was about six years old and I quit giving her baths. I knew it was wrong, but my eyes were glued to the screen. Her 11 year-old body was just beginning to show signs of maturing. Her chest was just beginning to swell, and no hair covered her pussy yet. I watched as she showered and slipped into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Jenny had also stripped and taken a shower. Her lightly haired pussy glistened as she dried off and got dressed. That night, as I slid my tongue through my wife's red-haired pussy, I wandered what it would be like to run my tongue through Jane's naked slit. As I drove my rock hard cock into my wife's juicy pussy, all I could think about was what I had seen that afternoon. FINIS

Chapter Two - The Fun Begins

I knew that my new discovery would bring a lot of fun to my life. Several times over the next few days I was able to see my daughter and her friends as they changed into their swim suits. I saw several tight young pussies and just developing breasts. I also saw Jane for the first time. Her dark pussy hair had regrown and it somehow made her look even sexier.

Two weeks later I was working in my office when one of the TV sets came to life. My 12 year-old son Ed came into one of the rooms with two of his friends, Ray and Joe. Joe was carrying a paper bag with him. They closed the door and locked it, so I knew something was going on. It was raining that day so no one was using the pool. As I watched, Joe pulled a couple of porno magazines out of the bag. The boys sat on the couch and started to look at the magazines. As I watched, the boys started to rub their crotches. In a couple of minutes, Ray pulled his hardening dick out of his shorts and started to stroke it. Ed and Joe soon followed suit. I was expecting to see a circle jerk. After stroking his hard cock for a few minutes, Ray reached over and took hold of Ed's straining five inch cock.

I guess I should be shocked by this homosexual behavior, by I remembered back to when I was about Ed's age and had a similar experience with several boys in the neighborhood. We had all ended up going the straight route, so I knew experimentation like this was somewhat normal for young boys.

As I continued watching the boys, they each had grabbed one of the others dicks and were stroking them up and down. Ray then leaned over and took Joe's four inch throbber into his mouth and started to suck slowly up and down the length of it. Ray was a year older than the other two boys, and had a five inch hard-on with a little pubic hair at the base. Ed continued to stroke Ray's hard dick with increasing speed as he watched him suck Joe. Ray suddenly stopped and raised up as a small stream of semen erupted from his cock. He picked up some of the drops of cum and raised them to his mouth and licked them off his fingers. He offered some to Ed who eagerly licked his fingers. Ray returned to sucking on Joe's cock and soon the boy was caught in the ecstasy of an orgasm.

Ed was the only boy who had not yet had an orgasm. I was shocked when Ray went over to the counter and picked up a bottle of suntan lotion. He slipped off his shorts and put some of the lotion in his hand. He proceeded to smear the lotion over his tight puckered asshole. "I told you could do it to me this time" , Ray said to Ed. "Put some of this on your dick." Ed wiped the lotion on his straining hard-on. Ray got on his knees and looked over his shoulder. "Go ahead, but take it slow" Ray said. Ed feel to his knees and put his hard cock up to Ray's tight hole. The slick lotion and Ray's apparent experience allowed him to easily slip into his tight rectum. Ed began to fuck Ray with great enthusiasm. Joe slipped underneath both of them and took Ray's semi-hard cock into his mouth. The three boys went at with earnest and soon Ed gasped and pushed his cock as far as he could into Ray's tight ass. I knew that he had pumped his seed deep into Ray's ass. Ray also erupted his semen all over Joe's face.

The boys got up and pulled on their clothes. I had watched the whole episode and didn't realize that I had my own hard dick in my hand. I pulled at my meat until my cum poured out. The memories of my own experiences ran through my head. I had never really gone past the circle jerk stage other than one time I had take my friend's dick in my mouth. I had never sucked a guy until he came, and certainly never done and ass-fucking. I had soon learned what a tight teen pussy felt like and never went back to pulling my pud with the other guys.

I hoped that Ed would soon find out this sensation for himself. His opportunity came just two weeks later. When my wife had returned to her accounting practice after staying home with the kids when they were young, we had hired a housekeeper/nanny. The nannies had normally stayed about two years and then left. We had hired a new young Jamaican girl about four months earlier. Sali was twenty years old and light black skin. I had seen her in a bathing suit many times, but she always changed in her room, so I had never been able to see her plump breasts on one of my hidden cameras. She enjoyed the fact that most of her afternoons were spent lounging by the pool watching the kids.

One day as I was catching up on phone calls in my office, Ed walked into one of the dressing rooms. He went over to one of the closets, reached under a large stack of towels and pulled out a porno mag. He sat down on the couch and started to look at the pictures. He soon had his hard dick in his hand and was stroking up and down. Suddenly the door (which he had forgotten to lock) opened and Sali walked in. Ed was sitting there with his shorts and underwear around his ankles and a wilting hard-on in his hand. He stuttered and stammered and tried to cover himself. Sali quickly realized his embarrassment and tried to make him feel comfortable. She walked over to the couch and sat down beside him. He tried to keep his groin area covered with his hands. Sali leaned over and kissed Ed on the forehead. "Don't be embarrassed Ed, " Sali said, "everybody does it and it is very natural. I even do it to myself sometimes."

"How can you do it," Ed asked, "You don't have anything to pull on." Sali thought a moment and said "Let me show you." She first went over and locked the door. Then she came back to the couch and started to take off her one-piece bathing suit. She revealed a set of light brown 36 inch tits. Her nipples seemed to be a dark purple color and stood out a good half inch from her firm jugs. She slipped the suit over slim hips and down her athletic legs. Her pussy was covered with a mass of black hair. She sat down next to Ed and took his hand in hers. She guided his hands up to her ample tits and allowed him to massage them. Ed had a look of wildness in his eyes as he squeezed the black girl's firm tits. I saw his tongue slip out the side of his mouth in the way he looked when he was really concentrating on something. Sali took one of his hands and pushed it toward her crotch. She spread her thighs and rubbed Ed's hand on her pubic hair. "Its' really soft," Ed said. Sally reached down and combed apart the wild mass of pubic hair. Using two fingers, she spread apart her pussy lips.

"This is how a girl does it, " Sali said. "You see the little button at the top of my pussy?" "I see it," Ed said. "A girl just rubs on it till she can't take it any more." Ed leaned over and looked closely at the black girls cunt. He reached up and put his finger on her clit and started to rub it. "Have you already cum,' Ed asked, "you're already wet." "That's what happens to girl when she gets excited. You get hard and I get wet." Ed slipped his finger down her oily cunt lips and it quickly slipped inside. "Move it in and out '" Sali gasped. Ed followed instructions to the letter, pistoning his finger in and out of the girls slick hole. She pulled his head over to her chest and Ed quickly started to suck and lick at her hard nipples. He had obviously seen enough from the porno mags to know what to do.

Sali reached down and started to stroke Ed's now hard five inch cock. She pulled on it till it seemed to grow another inch. Sali then leaned down and took Ed's straining dick into her mouth. She washed the end where a drop of his pre-cum had appeared. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere as I zoomed the camera in on her hungry mouth. She easily took the whole length into her mouth. Ed laid back on the couch as she moved her hand up and down following her lips. It only took a minute before Ed tensed up and started to moan. Sali continued to jack him off until a thin stream of watery cum pumped from his cock slit. She licked the head until it was cleaned off.

"Now its your turn," Sali said. "What do you mean?" Ed asked. "Your turn to eat me." Sali pulled Ed's head down toward her lap. Ed seemed to fight it a little but gave in pretty easy. Sali used her fingers to pull apart her cunt lips. "Use your tongue on my clit," Sali said. Ed started to taste his first pussy. He made a face as his tongue lapped up the first of her juices. Soon he seemed to acquire a taste for pussy and began to make long laps with his tongue. Sali directed his tongue where it felt best and was soon squirming on the couch as Ed drove her toward an orgasm. I don't think I ever saw a girl come so quickly. Ed looked up from her crotch. His face was glistening with her juices. Sali pulled him up to her and started to lick the juices off his face.

Ed looked at Sali with true love in his eyes. "Are you ready for a good fuck," Sali asked? Ed could hardly contain his excitement as he quickly nodded yes. Sali leaned down and again sucked Ed's limp dick into her mouth. He quickly hardened and was ready. Sally laid back on the couch and spread her legs. Ed climbed up quickly and knelt between her legs. Sali took hold of his hard member and guided it into her sopping wet cunt. Ed had to realize how much better a young girls pussy felt as opposed to his friends asshole. Ed pumped in and out of the girls slick hole. He could not quite get the rhythm down and slipped out several times. Sali was very understanding and took her time to teach the boy some technique. His ass was rising and falling as he pumped his hard five inches into her black pussy.

"Hold on a second," Sali said. She got up, turned around and got on her knees. She bent over the couch and stuck her ass up in the air. "It will be easier from behind." Ed got on his knees and slid his dick back into her wet pussy. He again started pumping his heart out. Sali reached between her legs and began to finger her clit. In a minute or so, Ed could take no more, and said "I can't wait, I'm going to come!" He pushed his hard dick one last time into her hot twat and spewed his seed deep into her.

He fell back to the floor, his dick quickly wilting. Sali rolled over and looked at the boy as he lay in the floor. "Now you see how a girl can do it" she said. Ed grinned up from the floor and nodded in agreement. "Can we do it again tomorrow" Ed asked? "No, you only get one lesson." "I can't afford to lose this job." Ed looked disappointed but knew she was right.

My limp dick was in my hand, and a pool of semen was staining my shorts. I could only wait for my next adventure in the wonderful world of voyeurism. FINIS

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