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My Initiation to the Delights of Sucking Cock

This is a true account of my initiation to the delights of sucking cock. I hope you enjoy it.

It was 1979, and I was a horny 21 year old living in the rural midwest. I had dated some, off and on throughout high school and after, but had never been a real "operator", like so many of my friends, and had lost my virginity in the summer after graduating. And in the 3 years since, my sex life had only been mediocre; never enough to even begin to satisfy my cravings. I have been a fairly open-minded guy all my life, but gay sex quite simply had never really interested me, which is to say that I just never really thought about it.

At the time, I had never had the need to travel much outside the county I'd been born and raised in. I wasn't exactly a "hick", by any means, but I certainly wasn't well-travelled. My brother's wife had been raised in Milwaukee, about 3 hours away by car, and one day it became neccessary for me to make the trip to pick up an old table which her grandmother was giving her.

About a half-hour outside the city, I passed an adult bookstore on the highway, the first I had ever seen, and as I continued on my way, I started thinking that I should stop and "check it out" on my return trip, and so about 2 hours later I found myself pulling into the parking lot with a rapidly growing anticipation and the beginnings of an erection.

Inside the store, my excitement mounted quickly as I browsed the magazine racks, paying particular attention to those featuring a woman giving head on the cover. After a while, sporting a full-blown hardon I ventured to the back of the store where I discovered the entrance to the peep-show booths. In short order, I had secured a pocket full of quarters and made my way into the darkened corridor, where dim red lights indicated that about half of the booths were in use. I selected an empty booth on the end and entered, locking the door behind me.

At that time, video booths were still several years in the future. Instead, these booths each contained 2 coin mechanisms which operated individual 8mm movie projectors which ran silent movies on a continual loop. The movies each ran about 12-15 minutes long, requiring 3 or 4 quarters to get all the way through. The empty boxes from the movie reels were posted above the door of the booth, but I had not noticed this in the dark, so I had no idea what I would see when I deposited my change in the slot. Another feature which I failed to see at first was a hole in the wall of the booth, about 4 inches wide and right at cock level.

I sat down and dropped my first coin into the box marked "A". The projector started whirring, and I was pleasantly shocked to see the moving image of a busty blonde inhaling a large erect cock, projected onto the closed door. I was entranced, and as the film clattered on, my hand stole to my zipper and fished my engorged organ out of my jeans. As the movie rolled, I slowly and steadily stroked my throbbing cock, rivulets of precum flowing down the shaft.

When the first film had run through to the point I had started viewing and stopped, I quickly stuffed another coin into the box marked "B". Before the images appeared, my hot erection was once more gripped in my sweaty hand. But when the movie started, I was shocked to see another blowjob in progress, this one skillfully administered my a muscular, and thoroughly naked young man. I was startled at first, and unsure what to do, but as the film rolled on, I realized that I was still stroking a cock which was, if anything, harder than ever.

Apparently, I had begun very near to the end of the movie, but as the screen flickered and the film started over, I was definitely too intrigued to leave. The first few minutes of those 8mm "shorts" were all predictably uneventful, as the director attempted to set up a plot of sorts, so as the story began I took a moment to examine further my surroundings, and that's when I first noticed the hole. Like almost every other event of the past 20 minutes, this discovery took me quite by surprise. It was immediately obvious that the hole allowed viewing into the next booth, but it really didn't occur to me that it might serve any other purpose.

Summoning my courage, I finally leaned over and took a quick peek through the portal. In the next booth, a slender man of indeterminable age was stroking an organ of average size as he watched the screen. A minute later, I gave in to the pressing desire to look again, and was once again shocked to see the man kneeling with his back to me, his head bobbing frantically at what was obviously a similar hole into the booth opposite mine. I watched in rapt wonder as the tempo continued, totally oblivious to the fact that I was easily spotted should the cocksucker next door turn his head. I have no idea how long it went on, but finally the man drew back from the hole, and I could plainy see the cock he'd been working on as it erupted torrents of cum, milked by the man's hand.

As the occupant next door squeezed the final drops of cum from the softening organ and moved to take his seat, I quickly pulled away from the hole and fumbled to stuff my throbbing hardon back into my pans. My film had ended several minutes earlier, and I now became anxious that he would realize I'd been watching. I made a hasty retreat from the booth, and then the store. A minute later I was back on the highway, replaying the scene I'd witnessed over and over in my mind.

For the next two weeks, I could hardly think of anything other than the lewd act I'd watched in the bookstore. I found myself thinking about it, picturing it in my mind as I worked. And soon I was stealing away to the bathroom to jerk off as I daydreamed about it, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, and finally I was editing the scene, fantasizing that it was me kneeling before the cock in the next booth. Afterwards, I always felt ashamed and dirty for my thoughts, but the shame never lasted, as my lust escalated once again.

Eventually, I realized that I had no choice but to return to the bookstore. So on a Saturday morning more than 2 weeks after my initial visit, I departed once more for the city.


I scheduled my day to allow as much time as possible in the bookstore. I even stopped at a bank for a roll of quarters, just in case.

Entering the store again, I was absolutely giddy with nervous anticipation. I headed straight for the back, and was disappointed to find that only one booth was occupied. I immediately selected the second booth from the end, which by now had become to me the "cocksucking booth." Bolting the door, I started the film, unzipped my jeans, and waited. Again, one movie was "straight" and the other was gay. I had almost finished watching the second film, my anxious cock swelling in my hand, and was beginning to think that the visit would be otherwise uneventful, when I heard the door to the end booth open and close, and the movie projector clatter to life.

I waited a minute, maybe two, in nervous anticipation. It occurred to me that I might lose my nerve and leave, but finally I threw caution to the wind and went for it. It was now or never. Quietly, I left my seat and knelt on the floor, a good foot or so back from the hole, and cautiously peered into the adjoining booth. And there, seated where I had been two weeks before, was a husky, "truck driver" looking man, slowly stroking a hard, thick cock that appeared to be over 8 inches in length.

Slowly, I moved closer to the hole, not at all sure what to do next. And then it began. The figure rose from his seat and casually stood before the hole, his erect organ pointed straight at it, perhaps 6 inches away. It was obvious that he was aware of my presence, and was waiting for a sign of my intentions. I moved closer, until my mouth was only an inch from the opening, and parted my lips. I waited. I was, by this point, literally shaking in anticipation, when suddenly I saw the dark, swollen tip of the cock-head ease through the hole. I swallowed quickly, licked my dry lips, then moved toward it, till finally the silky smooth skin of the engorged organ brushed my lips.

If only I could describe the feeling, the sensation of that first touch. I had thought about and fantasized about this moment for two weeks, and now it was mine!

Summoning all the restraint I could find, I proceeded deliberately to fulfill my desire. Pursing my lips, I slowly sucked the hot head of the cock into my mouth. Gently, lovingly I flicked my tongue at the hole, and tasted the salty precum which had begun to ooze out. My tongue began to move, seemingly of its own will, caressing the engorged head with wet, swirling strokes. Apparently this pleased the owner of my prize, as he slowly but firmly began pushing his cock towards me. And in the dim light of the booth, I watched with ever-mounting lust as the full length of the organ appeared before me. As I worked over the cock-head with my hungry mouth, I could now plainly see the swollen veins beneath the satin skin of the thick, pulsating shaft, and my desire continued to find new heights.

It was readily apparent that my anonymous partner wished me to take more of his throbbing cock into my mouth, and I was more than willing to oblige. Using care not to scrape the sensitive flesh with my teeth, I pulled away, letting my lips slip back over the head till I was merely kissing the very tip. I sucked once, harder this time, at the dripping hole and was rewarded with a pleasing stream of warm precum. Then, with the care and deliberation I had practiced repeatedly in my dreams, I spread my lips wide over my teeth and pushed forward, playing my tongue along the sensitive underside of the smoldering organ as I took first the head, then one inch, two and more into my ravenous mouth, and beyond. With my eyes wide open, I watched, transfixed, as the thick cock slowly disappeared into my mouth. And when I felt the swollen head begin to push against the back of my throat, I conciously willed my muscles to relax, to accept this wonderful offerring. For a moment, maybe two, it seemed as if I would fail, that the organ simply wouldn't fit within the deep confines of my throat, but then it pushed on, and I watched in wonder as the dark tangle of pubic hair grew closer and closer until, finally, my nose came to rest pushed snugly against it.

My mouth and throat were stuffed as I never would have believed possible, but I was smugly pleased to find that I could breath through my nose well enough, and I took a few moments to savor the warm, musky aroma wafting up from the nest of curls. There was precious little room for it, but somehow I managed to slide my tongue a bit along the base of the pulsating shaft, and I was rewarded with a twitch in response. It seemed as if I could spend all day with my prize lodged securely in my throat, but I had work to do, and I was looking forward to it immensely.

Gently, I began to back off of the hot organ. As I withdrew, I delighted in the feeling of the pulsing veins against my lips, and I began to work my tongue along the shaft faster and faster. The owner of the swollen tool began to squirm, which encouraged me to be more aggressive; where I had begun as a submissive servant to the needs of this wonderful hardon, I was now becoming its master. It needed, desperately to be satisfied, and that was now within my control. There was no doubt, however, that in the end there would be no loser.

With just the hot, turgid head once again within my sucking mouth, it occurred to me that my hands were free to roam, and beneath the pulsing shaft two heavy balls hung within their sac. My left hand cupped the lusty orbs, massaging them gently. Peering around the edges of the cock in my mouth, I could see that they did not hang near as low as they did when first they appeared through the hole in the wall, and even as I noted this, I could feel them rise higher still, until they practically hugged the organ which now was throbbing steadily.

With my tongue I lapped hungrily at the steady stream of precum oozing from the tip of my rampant prize. Then, with a conscious effort, I bobbed my head forward, impaling myself on the swollen tool, all the way down till the head was buried deep within my throat, then just as quickly I retreated, my pursed lips sucking at the shaft and my teeth grazing, lightly and deliberately, over the ridge around the head. The body connected to the organ began bucking against the plywood partition, anxious now beyond control to loose his heavy load. Again I sucked at the tip, harder than before, whipping my tongue wildly about the head, which had grown darker and fuller still as though it were about to burst. And again I drove forward, fucking the inflamed cock with my mouth, kneeding the molten shaft with my lips, and stroking the swollen balls with my hand. The feel, the taste and smell of the lurid act had me in a frenzy, as my own hard cock hung between my trembling thighs, throbbing and dripping.

I had a tempo going now, bobbing my head, sucking this magnificent cock with long, feverish strokes, the friction of my lips coaxing the impending eruption nearer and nearer, until finally, inevitably, it began.

My lips were nestled deep within the tangled nest of sweaty hair when I felt the first hard pulse, and as the body beyond the hole slammed against the wall, I quickly backed off, wrapping my lips firmly about the shaft just below the head. And as I flicked my hungry tongue against the tip, the organ jerked violently, once, twice and the first spurt of hot cum boiled from the spasming cock into my waiting mouth, splashing against my tongue. Quickly then, the second spurt followed and the third, almost as one steady stream, the delicious salty semen shot from the fountain of twitching flesh, filling my mouth to overflowing, the creamy white nectar oozing out the corners of my mouth as I continued to lap and suck. And then, finally, the throbbing subsided and the flowing cum slowed to a dribble, and giving the drained balls a final, gentle squeeze, I pulled my lips from the cock which was beginning to soften, growing heavy in my hand, I savored the feel and taste of the cum in my mouth for just a moment, then swallowed my generous reward. FINIS

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