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"The Returning Marine!"

It didn't seem the same to be standing at this window and not hear the sound of the mower in my front garden. Jeff had been in Iraq for the past year and his occasional letters didn't tell me much as the censors would read anything personal and that would be bad for him. His parents had survived a living hell worrying about him but now that he was due back all their tension had eased. I remembered when he had said good bye and the tears that had come to my eyes at the thought of this young guys that I loved so much being in harms way. There had been nothing sexual in the powerful embrace that we had shared in my dark garden as I had told him to be careful but it had probably been the most sensual moment of my life. The deep passionate kiss that he gave me as we broke apart would have to sustain me for a long time and there was to be no one else in my life from that moment to this. Jeff had been my lover from when he was 18 and I had lead him through the adjustment of accepting his M2M lusts and the experience of how much joy two men's bodies can give each other. In many ways he had taught me as much as I had taught him as I had never experienced love with another man before Jeff and that, for me, was a revelation.

I felt some trepidation as I dressed, but excitement as well and my cock swelled at the thought of the many incredible afternoons that we had shared in this room His parents had asked me if I could collect him from the airport as they were preparing an impromptu celebration for his return, and all his buddies from college were invited. I leapt at the chance to be able to be on my own to welcome him back and I shaved and dressed myself with care like some fucking sixteen year old girl going on her first date. I don't even remember the long drive to the airport.

I stood at the crowded arrivals gate and searched the disembarking crowd for his beautiful young face but couldnt find him amongst the mass of uniforms getting off the plane. Unexpectedly this deep voice says Don't you recognize me, sir? and there was Jeff standing beside me seeming to tower over me and looking absolutely fucking incredible in his marine officer's uniform and cap. He had his hand thrust out for a very formal handshake when all my heart wanted to do was wrap my arms around him and throw him to the floor. Sure to cause a major incident for security to deal with. I returned the hard grip and sought some eye contact but he was very formal and very military as we waited for his bags and went to my car. My heart sunk as this was nothing like I had anticipated but I kept it on a neutral basis even though I tired to draw him out with comments like It's good to have you back and I missed you but he would only smile and say That's good. I felt like a complete idiot who had wasted a year of emotional energy.

I dropped him at his parent's home and promised that I would be over later for the party but wondered whether I actually would. I was sitting on my back terrace in the moonlight listening to the music from next door and the party laughter that I didn't feel part of. My tumult of thoughts occupied me so much that I didn't hear the rustling of the bushes as someone pushed their way through. There was Jeff standing in the pearly light still in uniform and holding two cold beers in his large fist. You were going to come over and join us. I watched for you! I thought that it was a time when you should be with your family and friends - I told him. You are my family and my friend as much as they are he said to me in a low and deep voice. He came over beside me and squatted down beside my chair so that our eyes were level and he passed me one of the beers. We both took long pulls from the bottles while we stared deep into each other's eyes across the foot that separated us. You know I missed you a lot as well - he almost whispered even though there was no one there to hear us.

Without a word I just leaned forward and our moist lips met and he put his free hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss as his tongue delved deep into my mouth. His kiss was so different - more manly and less of the boy who had gone away. He was more dominant and demanding and as my resolve melted I knew that he was controlling this situation and the year away had given him a new command and determination that had never been there. As we broke the kiss and his hand moved to my cheek he rubbed the balls of his thumb back and forth across my cheek. He stood and drew me to my feet so that I could feel the brass of his belt and medals on his uniform as he wrapped his arms around me. I could equally feel the hard long tube of cock in the front of his uniform trousers.

Slowly and gently he pushed me to my knees in front of him and I didn't resist cause I probably needed it more than him. I moved my smooth cheek back and forth across the straining bulge of his cock. He unzipped quickly and I struggled to pull the hard curved cock out from his tight trousers. Finally his magnificent cock and balls were jutting proudly from his tan colored uniform and shone in the faint light glistening form the precum that I knew that he oozed from any sexual contact. I sucked on the swollen blue knob of his cock and bit by bit worked the 8 inch length down my throat until my nose was buried in his curly bush of pubic hair. My hands cradled and lifted his heavy balls as my head moved back and forth and his hips rocked to the sucking motion of my throat Jeff was always a noisy fuck and he was moaning quite loudly Oh yeah, suck that cock, Mark. Take my meat down you're throat man He was soon pounding his hips against my face until he broke away and said That's not what I need. Stand up!

Obediently I stood up and he drew my shirt and jeans off me and threw them on the chair. I was naked in the moonlight and he stood there looking like the warrior with his flesh lance pushing arrogantly into the cool night air. Jeff ran the palms of his hands across my hairy chest and the hard buds of my pointed nipples. He moved down across my stomach and with one hand gripped my cock shaft hard and stroked me back and forth. His other hand reached around my and his finger probed my tight ass ring between my firm buttocks. He pulled me close and kissed me again and I could feel our rigid cocks rubbing against each other between us. He now pushed two fingers into my butthole and pushed as deep as his probing tongue did between my lips.

He turned he around and bent me forward until I was leaning against the arms of my chair with a hand on each arm. He squatted behind me and his hands pried apart my buttocks and his hot wet tongue ran the length of my ass slit and as it crossed my wrinkled man cunt I almost fell forward onto the chair. His tongue focused on pushing into my hole and the pleasure was incredible. A sudden cold feeling assaulted me as I realized that he had taken the long necked beer bottle and pushed the head inside my tight ring not far, only about an inch but the cold and the wetness was a shock. He tipped the bottle so that my butthole filled with the frothy fluid and he quickly put his mouth over my ass and sucked the beer out of me. I had never experienced anything like it. He stood up behind me and said - Tonight you ride with me buddy and I felt his hard hot cock pushing at the puckered hole of my ass that hadnt been fucked in so many years. He held my naked hip in each hand and eased his thick smooth cock into my tight opening. God he was so fucking thick that I felt as if I was opening like I was splitting. He stopped and ran his hands across my back and held my shoulders as he moved in again.

With what seemed like a plop he was inside and the splitting feeling subsided. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my ring and the cold metal of his zipper against my buttocks but more than anything I could feel the swollen mushroom head of his cock that seemed to be in the very center of my body as he commenced his slick sliding motion. He was lubricated by his precum and my spit as well as the beer that he had douched inside me. I leaned even further forward and this caused him to enter even deeper than before. Soon I was pushing back on his cock as hard as he pushed it into me and clenching my ass muscles tight so that I could feel the swollen veins on his shaft against the tender sides of my ass. I could hear his thighs slapping against me and his hands gripped me tightly on each side. My own cock was hard and curved and throwing a stream of precum back and forth across the seat cushion as he pounded me and rocked me.

After what seemed like an eternity of being filled by his cock I felt his thighs clench and I knew that he was about to cum just as a jet of hot thick fluid filled my entire being. The extra lube made his motions even smoother and he continued to pump inside me until he was empty. Just at that point my own cock without even being touched erupted with ropes of thick white cum that lashed the seat in front of me. There times separate jets of juice arched out and fell in small pools on the seat in front of me. The contractions of my ass squeezed his cum out of my hole and it streamed around his cock and down the insides of my thighs.

Exhausted I dropped onto the chair in front of him. I'd better get back to my party - he said. Not like that - I commented and Jeff looked down at himself and a large oval stain the size of a serving platter framed the opening in his trousers where his cock hung out. His cum and mine had coated his uniform liberally so I knew that he would have to come inside to clean up and I would enjoy yet another shower with my old Lawn Boy. FINIS

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