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"The Seduction of Davey"

My wife and I are in our mid-30's. 30-somethings, I guess. We've been married for about 5 years. We assumed that kids would just "happen," but, when they didn't appear, we went to a fertility clinic nearby. The doctor wasn't encouraging; he said that I was "subfertile," and probably wouldn't be able to conceive a child. "Well," I once told my wife, "I guess that leaves ME out!"

We didn't discuss it for several months, but one evening we explored alternatives. We knew that a sperm bank was available, but somehow that alternative didn't seem appealing. If we had a child, I wanted to "see the merchandise," and a sperm bank only offered a donor's medical history and a brief physical description. My wife agreed. She, too, wanted to know who's child she was having.

We then discussed alternative methods of conception. One alternative was just "doing it" with someone else. I still wanted an anonymous donor. Gradually we came up with a plan!

Several weeks later we were vacationing on the Oregon seacoast, inland from Portland. Most of western Oregon is shrouded in fog, mist or rain, but this mid-summer weekend was different. Temps were actually in the 80's; and people flocked to the beach. This weekend also coincided with "the time" that my wife could conceive.

We were staying at a condo development in a "yuppified" area of Oregon. Trendy restaurants and shops flanked the old coastal route.

My wife and I walked down the beach, hand in hand. It was evening, but some beach boys and girls were engaged in a competitive game of beach volleyball. The players were intent on their game. We noticed one individual in particular. He was probably in his late teens. He was tall with brown hair; and had a physique that was just short of perfection. He seemed to effortlessly get all the shots that others next to him missed. Tanned, agile, with a boyish exuberance that seemed to be communicated to his teammates. He had a hairless developed chest, but a very thin waist. He didn't seem to have an extra ounce of fat anywhere -- as he made his shots every muscle seemed to be outlined on his body.

I let go out my wife's hand. She looked at me and smiled. We had discussed the possibility of using a donor to conceive our child; this beach athlete seemed perfect to us both. By prearranged plan, I left my wife and walked back to the condo, leaving her time to get there first.

When I finally returned to the condo, she was there, with the beach boy we both had observed. To this day, I have not asked her how she approached him or what she said, but that seems of little consequence. I did find out later that she had gotten his full name, and had determined that he was the only son of a wealthy Portland family.

She had been upfront with the boy; she had told him that her husband would return, but not to worry. When I quietly opened the door, I noticed his pants on the living room floor. My wife and her beach boy were in the other room. I walked to the bedroom door, and listened for awhile. The young man, Davey, told her that he had never gotten to "home base" with a woman before. I was somewhat surprised, but eyeing his tense tanned body, and erect cock, I knew he was ready for just about anything.

My wife saw me at the doorway, and allowed Davey to bury his head in her chest. I walked in the room. Davey sensed my presence, and very briefly looked at me. He then continued to lick my wife's tits, while his hips started to pivot and twist.

"So you're a virgin?" my wife said in a very soft voice. Davey nodded, and continued licking my wife's chest, burying his head in her bosom.

I quietly undressed, and walked over to the bed. In a firm voice I told Davey, "I know you're excited, but I don't want you to come right away. Try to do it very slowly." I knew that this moment was important to my wife, and she had actually expressed an intense interest in going to bed with this young athlete.

Davey took his head off my wife's chest, and started kissing her gently. Gradually he moved on top of her, and his rigid cock soon entered her. Rather than beginning his thrusts, however, he stopped after entering her. "That's beautiful, Davey" I said. Sensing my permission to continue, he slowly started his pelvic thrusts. His thin waist was about the same as my wife's; their hairless bodies seemed to intertwine. "That's great, Davey," my wife said. Davey began to thrust harder. I knew that this wasn't going to take long, but I wanted to prolong the pleasure for my wife. I lubricated my index finger, and suddenly thrust it inside Davey's ass. This was completely unexpected -- Davey stropped thrusting as he assessed the situation. I felt his prostrate, and began to massage it gently. Davey resumed his thrusts, and soon his low, deep moans indicated he was close to coming. I moved my index finger inside him, and suddenly felt his sphincter muscle clamp down as he came inside my wife.

"That's great, Davey, but you've got to let my wife come, too" I said. Davey rested for a few seconds, and resumed his pelvic thrusts. I don't think that his cock got soft for a second. Soon he was thrusting even more deeply inside my wife. This time my wife was obviously in orgasm; her unmistakable sighs seemed to encourage Davey even more. He seemed more relaxed this time. I noticed that his balls were drawn up to his body. This time small beads of perspiration fell down his back. This guy even had muscular ripples down his back!

Davey seemed to slow down as I massaged his prostrate. Soon he was in orgasm, but was not coming. "That's GREAT" Davey said. "OK -- let it go!" I said. I immediately felt him tighten, and release himself into my wife. His strong muscles were suddenly limp, and his body was wet with perspiration.

"Wow, that was something!" Davey said with his boyish enthusiasm. "You didn't seem to mind me either!" I said with a grin. "I didn't know what to expect at first, but the feeling was really incredible!" Davey said to me. "Glad you enjoyed it!" I said.

r My wife and I both watch from the bedroom as Davey slipped into his beach clothes. What a beautiful young man, and what a beautiful biological father for our child, I thought! FINIS

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