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Who's your Daddy??? some thoughts and observations by

I'd be very interested to hear from the younger members of this site about a phenomenon about which I for one, although somewhat perplexed, am very pleased. Now I am totally comfortable that I am still an attractive guy and a good lover so I am confident that I will continue to be desirable to other men for many years to come. Like anyone else I am attracted to the young smooth skinned and endlessly erect guys in their 20's and 30's but the surprise for me is the incredibly high incidence of preference that these guys have for "daddys". Now I am already someone's Daddy and have no aspirations for the Freudian challenge of being in bed with someone that thinks of me as their "daddy". The struggle of balancing the very real awareness of bisexuality does not leave room for me to assume the Hero role in some long forgo tten Greek tragedy.

I am in my late 40s plunging toward my 50s but believe that I have kept myself fit enough and contemporary enough to pass for early 40s if I wanted to succumb to the temptation on the Web to be who I "want to be" rather than "who I am". Seems like a fool's paradise to me because eventually you meet and I have no interest to see that expression on the other guy that screams "Fuck he does NOT look like Brad Pitt". So I am always honest and will happily exchange pix that ARE of me and WERE NOT taken 15 years ago or airbrushed into hazy attractiveness. So all that being said, why the hell are there so many guys in the later 20s and early 30s that are eager to jump into my bed???

When I was in my 20s I had absolutely zero interest in being sexually involved with someone in their late 40s and I didn't care if he was as well preserved as an Egyptian fucking mummy. Even though my best buddy John and I have a deep committed relationship, we both accept that there will be occasional other partners in our lives. Mine for some reason over the past few months have been "young" to the point where I am considering carrying diapers as well as condoms in my car.

Only kidding guys, but young they certainly are. I have had a spate of guys in their late 20's up to late 30's that have wanted to spend time with me even though I will often ask (in a way that annoys even myself) do you know how old I am?? John shit stirs me relentlessly as he asks for all the gory details.

A number of the guys have even admitted to having a preference for older guys and in none of the cases does it seems to stem from some repressed early experience with an Uncle or Teacher. So again I am not complaining and am pleased to enjoy my role in this social trend--because equally there have been guys who have told me that I was too old for their cruising criteria. I think that my name and email address pops up cause of the stories and essays that I write and many people judge me by my fantasies and my mind gymnastics--could be accurate maybe not--only friends and lovers (like John) are qualified to judge. The bottom line is that so far as I know none of the young guys that I have agrfeed to meet have been disappointed. I sure as hell haven't been.

It came home to me even more just recently when college finished for summer. There was this spate of 19 to 22 year olds that were finishing exams and were horny to celebrate. Now even I have to draw the line at kids that are younger than my own!!! I mean please how fucked up do I need to be??? These kids come on very strong very explicit and clear about the immediacy of their needs and by and large they are willing to take risks that cause even an old satyr like myself to catch his breath. I resigned from that site purely because the temptation was too great and the flesh too weak. Easier to remove myself from the path of destruction. Thank God for my voice of sanity (John) and the ease for which Yahoo Groups can be deleted.

So to close my thought out I met some pretty (very pretty) amazing young men and enjoyed their raw energy and enthusiasm but have given myself a metaphorical slap that sobered me up. I still wonder what these guys look for. Is it experience and passion rather than a quick cum?? Reassurance that they can marry be happy and get to their 40's and still enjoy being with other guys?? Is it an Oedipus complex?? One guy had only been married for 5 months?? Maybe he was just needing reassurance, and I hope that I gave it to him. An interesting few weeks but I have returned to my own version of sanity. More power to you guys and on behalf of all men over 30 I assure you that we offer a great deal, we're here for you!!! ! FINIS

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