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Back in my college days I had the opportunity to study my junior year abroad, and as I was majoring in German, Germany was my natural choice- so I ended up at the University of Freiburg stuck in a dorm housing nothing but American students in one wing and all other foreign students in the other. My roomie (actually we just shared a kitchenette and a bathroom, bedrooms were separate) was a real jerk from somewhere near Boston, so I hung around with a pretty cool dude that lived directly across the hall from me. His name was Bill and he was from Pennsylvania.

The German University system is a little different from the US system- in their system you go to lectures with hundreds of other students in big halls, then meet in what’s called “Seminars” in classrooms to discuss the lectures. There is no homework and attendance is never taken or required. At the end of your study of courses, you take one big test. Well, as one-year only students we didn’t have to take the big test, we just had to write a single paper of about ten pages for each course we took. We were given an option on subject matter for the paper. Of course, this meant that we never really had to attend classes- we just had to do enough research to write that ten-pager. So, we traveled a lot on forged Eurrail Passes.

Bill and I got bored with Freiburg pretty quickly, and after only two months in town and only a month and a half of knowing each other, we decided to head up to West Berlin for a week (Germany was still split in two at the time). So, the next morning we packed and hopped on the train with no particular plans as to what we were going to do. After a fourteen hour train ride, we arrived exhausted in Berlin only to find that there wasn’t a hotel room available for miles. So what did we do? Hit the bars and got rip-roaring drunk. The second bar we were at we ran into another American student from California who said he had a room in a local bed and breakfast and he’d sneak us into his room for the night. He said he was leaving the next day and to get in line at the desk right as he was checking out so we could get the room. We staggered back to his room at three in the morning. It had one very large bed, a sink and a chair with toilets and showers down the hall. Pretty ratty, but- hey- it was a room.

We all stripped down to our underwear and climbed into the bed- Bill on the right, me in the middle and the other guy, Mark, on the left. Just after we climbed into bed and were lying there talking a bit, Bill noticed a fly buzzing around the room. He said he couldn’t sleep with that fly buzzing around all night so he got out of bed and started to chase it with a newspaper, trying to swat it. He was pretty wasted and was having no luck catching it, so pretty soon all three of us were running around the room, jumping up on the bed and the chair trying to swat the fly. We were cracking up laughing and having a grand old time.

Mark was wearing some very loose fitting boxers, I was wearing bikini briefs, and Bill was in his Y-fronts. Pretty soon I noticed that Mark’s cock was flopping out of his fly and Bill’s left nut was hanging out of the side of his Y-fronts as they tore around the room. Horn-toad that I am, that got me aroused and I popped a boner. Well, they noticed my bone and I pointed out their hanging out parts and that got us laughing all the more. The fly chase soon turned into a three-man wrestling match on the bed with Mark trying to yank off my bikini briefs. Just what heaven ordered- three hormone-enraged, drunk twenty year-olds wrestling in their underwear! Within minutes all three of us were naked, tangled together on the bed, laughing our asses off, with shreds of torn underwear everywhere. Mark had popped a nice-sized eight-inch rod (very thick, with a bright red mushroom head) by then. Bill was hard with about a seven inch, dark brown uncut rod and low hanging balls, and my six and a half inch fat boy was sticking straight out. The next thing I know, in our wrestling around, I feel hand wrap around my shaft. I had Bill in a headlock and my legs were wrapped firmly around Mark’s stomach in a scissor lock.

Suddenly I heard Bill whisper “Holy SHIT!” in my ear. I looked down and Mark was not only grabbing my boner, he had Bill’s shaft halfway into his mouth. I stopped laughing- there was dead silence in the room except for an occasional slurp coming from Mark as he madly sucked Bill’s manhood. I just looked down and said, “Whoa! Cool, dude!” softly to Bill. Bill smiled back and let out a small beer belch. I could tell he was wasted in a major way.

At this point let me tell you that Bill had no idea that I was bi, but on the way back to the hotel Bill had whispered to me that he caught Mark staring at his cock as they pissed in the men’s room in the last bar we were at. I commented back, “Think he’s a gay boy? He’s a bit on the fem side…” Bill just said, “Eh- doesn’t bother me. One of my best bud’s gay” and we walked on. At least now I knew Bill’s turn on things. Anyway, back to the action:

Bill collapsed onto his back, as Mark sucked away taking Bill’s uncut flesh deeper into his mouth while starting to fondle my balls as well as my cock. I released Mark from the scissor grip; he moved up in the bed a bit to get a better angle at Bill’s cock and my package. He looked up and gave me an “I know what YOU want” grin, mouth firmly around the base of Bill’s prong. I smiled back and started to play with Bill’s hairless chest, slightly pinching his erect nipples then moving my fingers down to his navel and tracing the dark happy trail with my index finger running it down to his small thatch of pubes and then back up again. Bill let out a gentle sigh and arched his back slightly.

I moved down the bed, trying to decide whether to join Mark on Bill’s beautiful, uncut manhood or work Mark’s enormous, thick and tasty piece of meat. I thought I’d start with Bill and moved down to join Mark, gently kissing him on the forehead to indicate my presence. Mark pulled Bill’s glistening shaft from his mouth and within seconds Mark and myself were sharing an open-mouth kiss with Bill’s shaft between our mouths. Our tongues darted around the pulsating penis and into each other’s mouths. We worked Bill’s cock up and down, occasionally taking his loose ball sack into our hungry mouths. Bill’s hips were gyrating as he moaned and groaned loudly. I slipped my hand under Bill’s firm, muscular butt cheeks and started to pry into his tight, wet ass pucker with my middle finger. Mark was still working my package with his free right hand. We continued this for some ten minutes, then Mark broke away from Bill’s shaft and went down on me while I continued to suck Bill off, now deep-throating his uncut glory and fully enjoying the steady stream of pre-cum dripping from his slit. Mark started to work my cock and balls with his wet, soft mouth and lips. Every so often I would feel his tongue stretching to touch my silky-smooth asshole. Bill, eyes shut tight, continued to moan loudly while gyrating his hips as I pleasured him. I could feel Bill’s balls start to pull in towards his body, a sure sign that he was ready to unload a massive amount of juice into my mouth…I was ready to take it all in.

Sure enough within seconds the intensity of Bill’s gyrations and moans increased and I felt a strong splash of thick, creamy cum coat my tongue- then another, and another. In all, at least eight shots of jizz filled my mouth. Bill’s cum was amazingly good tasting- he was a vegetarian and it showed in the sweetness of his ejaculate. His cock became too sensitive to take my mouth, so I pulled away and turned towards Mark, who had pulled from my cock and was watching me take Bill’s load. Bill’s cum was dripping down my chin as I approached Mark and firmly kissed him, passing some of Bill’s manly juices into his waiting mouth. Instead of swallowing the load, Mark rolled it around in his mouth a bit, then spit it into his hand and slathered it all over Bill’s still hard cock and his asshole. He then asked that I slather my portion of the load onto his cock, which I gladly did with my mouth.

Bill was resting, eyes still shut tight, and groaning slightly. Mark moved towards him whispering, “Want to fuck my tight ass with that beautiful cock? It will be better than any pussy you ever fucked!” Bill moaned and nodded yes, eyes still shut. Mark then looked at me and whispered, “Can you take my fat cock inside that smooth ass of yours while Bill fucks me?” I smiled and nodded yes. It had been at least four months since I had been poked in the ass by another man, but I did have a nine-inch, fat black dildo in my little stash of toys that I loved to play with on occasion…

As drunk as Bill was, I was surprised he was still erect. He must have not had sex in ages. I mentioned this to Mark and he whispered, “Hope you don’t mind, but I had a half a tab of E left that I split and slipped in both your last rounds.”

I just laughed and answered, “No wonder I’m horny as hell and Billy Goat here still has a major case of wood!” Mark swung around facing Bill’s feet and straddled his groin, slowly easing Bill’s tall shaft into his sweet, tender pucker. Bill must have still been sensitive from the blow job I gave him, because he flinched and let out a very loud groan as his rock-hard seven inches plunged all the way into Mark’s manhole. I then positioned myself sort of semi-doggy style in front of Mark and started to slip his huge, thick piece of man meat into my ass. It slid in with ease, much to Mark’s delight. Mark started to move up and down. I could hear the slurping of Bill’s erection slipping in and out of Mark’s moist hole. I kept pace, moving up, down, back and forth trying to keep Mark’s enormous cock tight in my butt. Soon we got a good rhythm down and were all three moaning in pleasure.

Our three-way fuck session went on a good twenty minutes. By then I had blown my load all over Bill’s legs and feet twice (and licked it off while still being fucked), Mark had shot a tremendous burst of cum inside my ass and all over my ass cheeks and Bill had managed his second load inside of Mark’s tender young cum hole. Not a few minutes after Mark pulled Bill’s cock out of his ass with a slurp and a pop, Bill was passed out cold and snoring gently. Mark and I went 69 in the bed next to Bill. I was tonguing Bill’s load out of Mark’s hole and Mark was doing the same with his load in my hole. We sucked each other’s asses dry off cum, then exchanged the funky, sweet tasting juices in a long, open-mouth kiss before each collapsing on either side of Bill and falling fast asleep. It must have been four in the morning by then.

At about ten the next morning Mark and I were awaken to the sound of Bill puking in the sink. He was standing there butt-ass naked, looking very pale. He didn’t even remember leaving the bar, much less getting his balls drained a couple times by Mark and me. He went to grab his underwear off the floor, practically falling over in the process. When he finally got upright, he was standing there with a very confused look on his face, holding an elastic band with shreds of cloth hanging from it. He then noticed that both of us were lying there naked and that our underwear was in tatters also. He turned to me and said, “I don’t wanna even know what the hell happened last night- just answer me this. Did I pass out with a smile on my face?” Mark and I simultaneously fell out of bed laughing.

True story. 100% of it. I met up with Mark in Rome four months later. Bill didn't come along, but we snagged a really cute 18 year-old NYC boy and had an even better threesome. FINIS

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