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"Cum Explosion at Sansom Cinema in Philly"

It ain't easy being bi. But I'll tell you it is a hell of a lot of fun.

It was another Saturday night in the burbs of Philly. And I had an itch only a man could scratch. So, I hopped on the R6 SEPTA line and made myself comfortable thinking of the hungry sissy mouths that waited patiently on their knees unsuspecting there was somebody on the way who would feed them as never before.

I arrived around 8:30 and made my way out of the station on market st. into the cool night air. I could smell the cool fall air. That sweet smell of the city. Making my way to the nearest bar to have a few drinks, I made myself comfortable at Woody's I downed about 4 beers, just enough for the buzz I wanted. And then a shot for good measure. There were some guys cruising me, even striking up a conversation.

But I knew what I wanted. And I get what I want. Making my way down the street I spied the Sansom Cinema (listed on Squirt). I call it the Sansom cesspool but what the fuck. Knowing that the worst of humanity seems to meet there, I passed it up. I was not about to waste a good load of seething hot jizz on some drug addict troll ass bum.

By this time it's 10:30 so I made my way to my secret spot. Surely I would find some cum hungry little bitch to swallow my baby batter. Upon entry into this seedy but fine establishment I paid the required fee and made my way to the beer table. There were probably about 30-40 guys I could tell by the faint moans and sometimes the occasional scream of ecstasy.

I poured a good long drink of Bacardi and Pepsi and went on my mission exploring the caverns and crevices for my prey. Ahh the elusive sissy pig cumwhore of the male species. Or homo cumwhorious. The very docile of the homo species. Ready to do as I say. The place is dimly lit and can be confusing especially when your buzzed as I was. The smell and sights and sounds of man to man debauchery was in the air. Then I spied my prey.... There it was in the shadows smoking a joint of what smelled like sweet sticky green from the islands. I know of such things for I am a connoisseur of the worlds finest smoke.

I wandered over and asked for a hit. This kid had B.I.T.C.H. written all over him and within minutes he would be my little bitch sperm boy.

I took a toke and realized It had the fruity taste of Canadian stomper bud. I had this particular strain of smoke before and knew well it's power. One hit and that’s it. A soaring high for about 30 minutes and then a gradual leveling off, nice stone and then slow re-entry back to the earth.

Either this kid wanted to be comatose for the next hour or so. Or he didn’t know the power of this particular strain of herb, No matter. What this little bitch was about to do, would make cum gargling history. As we partook of the magic herb I slowly made my move. This particular cubby hole was dark and secluded enough to do my dirty deed. I could tell this kid was no more than 22 nice build, a little feminine side to him which suited me fine. I could feel my precum building up as I undid my zipper.

I was sitting on the floor and so was he so I whipped out my shaft. The look in his glazed eyes was priceless, like I just opened king tuts tomb and found millions in treasure. “Very nice” he gasped as he took off his pants and lay down between my legs. I asked him If he knew how to suck a cock he told me yes with an amazed grin. I just thought to myself “we’ll see you little faggot” He started licking my cock teasing it with his tongue, see this is what I thought. This kid has never learned the ways of the true cock smoker.

As I got more bored I said “enough” in a voice witch must of scared the shit out of him. He said “what’s wrong’ ‘ that’s not the way you suck my cock piss boy. “ I said with authority. I told him to put his back on the wall. Lucky for him he obliged “open it” I said.

I thrust my cock in his mouth and down his throat. His eyes were red and tears formed running down his cheeks. I fucked his pie hole like a steam jack hammer going deeper and deeper with each violent thrust. I could here him gagging and feel him trying to pull away but this pussy was no match for me. With a fist full of this pigs hair and my cock in his neck he knew he was going to swallow the load of his life. BY now spit was pouring down this little sluts face. Then I let him loose. He was gagging and gasping for air. Then I told him to spread his cheeks. He spread those luscious buns for me and I thrust my swollen cock deep into his rectum. Gasps of Fear and pain emanated from his well used lips.

Then I felt it. Mount St. Helen had nothing on the explosion of hot magma that this quivering sissy had cumming to him. I withdrew my swollen rod and once again raped his mouth. He pleaded with me to wait, but why wait. I blew a load of cum down his neck and over his face. I counted 7 real big squirts of man juice and then I relaxed and let him breath. Leaving him a quivering mess on the floor. I then exited the establishment and made my way into the cool night once more. I had to get back to the station and get the 11:58 back home.

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