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"Executive Pleasure in San Diego"

I had just spent a busy, long day at a conference attending seminars, visiting vendors at the exhibition hall and talking with other executives. After going up to my room and watching a little TV and taking a short nap, I got bored and decided to head down to the bar for a drink or two. There were two bars in the lobby- a British style pub on the south side and a piano lounge on the north side. The pub was full, so I headed over to the piano lounge. There was one seat left at the bar- on one side a group of women and on the other side a guy I recognized from the conference I was attending. I sat down and ordered my usual- a Sapphire Blue martini with an olive and an onion and said hello to the guy next to me. He recognized me from the conference and introduced himself. His name was Joe and he was from Pasadena. I noticed that he already had two empty pint glasses in front of him and was working on his third beer. His speech was already a bit slurred from the beer.

We talked politics for a while and were in total agreement on the governor’s recall and race in California. I finished my martini and ordered another and offered to buy Joe a beer. He accepted and we started to talk baseball. His speech was starting to slur a little more as he talked and he was becoming much more animated as he became more drunk. Pretty soon as he talked he started to become more touchy, occasionally grabbing my arm. I didn’t resist- in fact I put my hand on his a few times. We ordered another round, this time on him and continued with the small talk. As we talked his hand went from touching my arm to touching my knee and slowly working its way up my thigh. At first I thought this guy was just the “touchy-feely” type, but now I was starting to realize that just maybe he was looking for something other than a conversation…or it could have been the booze. He was getting pretty drunk. As none of my Squirt connections were coming through to relieve my horniness, I decided to test the waters.

We finished our drinks. Joe asked if he could buy me another round. I took my chance and replied that there was no need to continue paying these high hotel prices- I had vodka and tonic up in my room. Joe’s eyes immediately brightened up and he said he’d be more than glad to join me in my room for a last round. We paid our tabs and headed across the lobby to the elevators. We arrived at my room, still talking away. I let Joe in, told him to make himself comfortable and grabbed the ice bucket and told him I’d be right back. The ice machine was broke, so I went back to the room and asked Joe if he minded a warm drink. He didn’t, so I poured him a weak one and myself a strong one then turned on the TV and sat next to Joe on the bed.

He took a sip of his drink, placed his hand square on my crotch, smiled and asked, “So are you as blonde down there as you are up top?” No doubt what he wanted anymore…

“Want to take a look?” I replied as I lay back in the bed. “Actually I keep my pubes trimmed pretty short.” Joe started to undo my belt and slipped my pants down just to the base of my hardening shaft.

“Looks like you keep it pretty tanned too,” he stated with a smile. I said that I liked to frequent a nude beach near my house as he stood and pulled my pants off- I never wear underwear. “You’ve got a pretty cock,” he said with a distinct drunken slur as he started to fondle my meat, which sprung up to its full seven erect inches. “Finally I get to meet another gay man! I haven’t had sex in over a year,” he said. I just smiled and let him continue fondling me.

“Why don’t you get undressed and join me in bed?” I asked. Joe released my turgid shaft from his grip, stood up and started to fumble with his belt buckle. I could tell he was not only drunk, but nervous so after I peeled off my shirt I offered to undress him myself. He accepted the offer and stood quietly as I undid his pants, let them drop, then pulled off his underwear. He pulled off his shirt to expose a slightly chubby build with a hairy chest and stomach, a thick patch of black pubes and about a five and a half inch fat erection, sticking straight out and slightly up. I reached around to massage his ass cheeks-they were very hairy like his chest. He planted a hard, passionate open-mouth kiss right on my lips and I responded in kind. Our tongues darted in and out of our mouths as we firmly embraced. I fell back onto the bed, taking Joe with me. We rolled around kissing hard and heavy, our bodies pressed close together. We continued this for quite a while, working up our passion to its fullest.

I broke away and Joe immediately turned his attention to my cock, licking the head and occasionally taking it deep into his wet, soft mouth. He was a master at sucking cock- that was clear- but I wanted a taste of cock myself so I worked around to a 69 position and started to deep throat his prong, taking it all the way in along with one of his large, hairy balls. He started to immediately moan in pleasure. I could taste the slight saltiness of pre-cum in my mouth as we rolled around in the bed. Slurps, sucks and moans filled the room. I stopped working his shaft and started to rim his hairy ass pucker with my tongue. That got immediate response from him- he broke from my cock, yelling, “I’m gonna cum!” I quickly took his shaft and let his manly juices drip from his piss hole and on to my tongue. He had a slightly bitter, salty taste to his cum- I could also taste alcohol- he was a heavy, frequent drinker but hot and horny none-the-less.

The taste of his cum and the sight of his pulsating shaft did it to me, and as he lay back after oozing his load into my mouth, my cum exploded from the end of my stiff, hot shaft- shooting over my head and coating the wall next to the bed. Seven strong streams of jizz shot out, the last coating my stomach. Joe greedily licked that last shot from my chest. “You are so fucking hot,” he whispered and we began another long, open-mouth French kiss. I then raised my legs up and presented my ass to his still rock-hard manhood. He slid it into my moist manhole with ease and slowly began pumping it in and out. It took him only another ten minutes to release another load inside me, after which he pulled out and asked if he could watch me jack off to completion. I complied, furiously pounding my pud- my balls slapping up and down as I jerked. A few minutes later three or four powerful spurts shot forth from my piss slit, coating my chest and face. We both collapsed on our backs and lay there silently.

After a while, I asked Joe if he wanted to spend the night in my bed cuddling and sleeping. He suddenly stood up, looking very nervous and very drunk and said, “No- uh, I gotta get back to my room.” He quickly dressed and I escorted him to the door. When we got to the door I asked him for one last goodnight kiss. “Uh- I gotta get back,” was all he said as he rushed out of the room. I returned to bed and slept very soundly. The next day at the conference I went looking for Joe to see if he wanted to get together again that evening for dinner, drinks and who knows what… When I finally ran across him I said, “Hey, Joe! How’s it going?” He nodded, got a panicked look on his face and quickly walked away. I thought that was a bit strange, as I really wanted him that night and I thought he would want me too, given the fun we had the previous night. Oh well- a Squirt contact came through that evening and he filled my mouth with more cum then I ever could imagine anyway. FINIS

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