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"My First Cock was a She Male"

I generally considered myself a straight guy, never really looked twice at a guy... but after this experience cocks are all I can think about.

My girlfriend was out of town and as it was often the case when she wasn't around, it promised to be a night of hunting, if you know what I mean. A very good friend and I went out for drinks and to scope out several bars, and he quickly started hitting on a girl. After a couple of hours of drinking and no luck, I was getting very horny, and finally this girl at the bar caught my attention. My friend was and that other girl where deep into each other so I quietly headed for the bar. I sat next to the blonde girl who caught my eye and ordered a drink. "She is stunning! A beautiful girl shouldn't be ignored" I thought to myself.

We started making small talk, I did notice she had kind of a scratchy voice, but I just thought it was sexy. We were having a very good time, she was flirting quite a bit and we got closer to each other as the night went on. She began caressing my leg, and came closer talking into my ear: something about how hot she thought I was which ended with her tongue in my ear.

By this time my 8" cock was standing full attention and I couldn't wait to have this girl in my house. I suggested we take it elsewhere and she agreed.

The ride home was wild. She couldn't keep her hands of me and I could barely concentrate. When we got to my apartment I poured us a drink. We sat at the living room and got to kissing and then she began asking me if I was adventurous and whether or not I enjoyed surprises. This was odd, but I played along since I was not about to let this cutie go. I told her that I had my fair share of experience and was ready for anything.

I had no idea!!! She got up and turned up the music. She began stripping to the music, and she was now standing in nothing but her underwear. She came over and kneeled in front of me. She unbuttoned my pants and my rock hard cock jumped at her. Without thinking twice she began sucking on it "like no other woman ever had" I thought to myself. As she was working me with some pretty good deep throating, I felt her finger slowly sliding past my balls and softly caressing my asshole.

This got me really hot, and she noticed. She brought her hand up a second and got it wet of precum and saliva from my slippery cock. She slid it back down and began to press it against my asshole. I was panting by now, and it was pretty evident to her that I was enjoying myself. She slowly inserted her finger into my ass, it was the first time anything had gone up there and it felt surprisingly good. She fingered me a while, and I was getting close to cumming, so she stopped and said "now its time for your surprise!!". All this time I thought that had been it, but I was in for the night of my life. She stood up, and slowly removed her panties, revealing a cock between her legs.

"What is that!?!?" was my immediate reaction, and she just giggled. I couldn't believe it, but there was something about it that I just couldn't take my eyes away from it.

She took two slow steps towards my hypnotized self, leaving her cock inches from my face. It was natural, I just parted my lips and moved my head forward and kissed my first cock. Something took over me at that point, I opened my mouth and slid her cock in, tasting the delicious drops of precum. Her cock grew at the attention, and I just followed my instincts, sucking it more and more. Her cock was only about 5 inches, and had a nice thickness which gave it some weight against my tongue.
After a few minutes I was probing her ass with my finger and had that cock deep in my mouth, the slurping sounds I was making made me even hornier. She maneuvered us into a sixty-nine, but to my surprise she didn't take my cock in her mouth. Instead she went a little further. As I felt her wet tongue caress my asshole, I was in complete ecstasy, lost in the excitement and the new found delicacy in my mouth. She rimmed me pretty good, fucking me with her tongue and occasionally inserting her finger.

She sensed again this would make me cum, so she turned to me and asked me to lay on my back, I obliged, thinking that she would get on top of me and ride my throbbing cock like a cowboy. Before I could react, she had a pillow under my ass, and the tip of her cock pressing against my wet puckered hole... "Are you ready for the ride of your life?" she asked. I was speechless, but hornier then hell, after all, her tongue and finger had felt pretty good. A feeling of release went through myself, and I closed my eyes and nodded. I was hers that night, to do with me as she pleased, and couldn't help it.

She masterfully inserted the head into my ass, and allowed me to get comfortable. With my virgin ass tightly wrapped around the head of her cock, she bent over and kissed me passionately, slowly inching the rest of the girth into my ass. I was lost in the moment and it felt incredible. Her small cock filled up my tight ass, and I soon got comfortable with the feeling.

She started to pump in and out of me, slowly at first and then picking up the pace. I was moaning of pleasure, never had I dreamed this could be soooo good. After a few quick, hard strokes, she slowed down and bent down again. She pushed her cock deep into myself and moved it around, all the time while she was kissing me pasionately. Instead of pulling back she kept pushing against me deeper and deeper, a pleasure like I had never felt.

A minute of this took me over the edge, and I felt the orgasm building in my balls. I didn't want to cum, so I wasn't touching my cock, but she began panting harder and pushing deeper. In a second, my mind went blank, and I began shooting stream after stream of cum between our chests... the twitching of my ass also made her go over the edge, as she yelled, and shot two or three thrusts of cum in my ass.

This happened to me 5 years ago, and I've been enjoying cock ever since. FINIS

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