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"First Time Bi Experience"

I have had an interest in Bi sex for years. Ever since that first porno compilation video snuck a Bi scene in the middle of the tape. It started normal, a chick about to get fucked by 2 guys. Suddenly the one guy was sucking the other's cock! I felt a deep tingle like nothing I had experienced before. As I watched the one guy getting fucked in the ass while the chick blew him, I shot the biggest load of my life!

Over the years,I have belonged to various swinger sites, looking for my own Bi experience. Most experiences would end with an e-mail or 2 and maybe a pic swap. No one seemed to be in it for real, just for the fantasy. I was no closer to having my experience than the first day I saw a Bi scene.

I was working as a bartender one year. It was a great job, good money lots of drunk chicks, lots of free time. I was the kind of bartender who remembered most customers, and I wasn't surprised when Steve and Karen came by for their regular Thursday evening out. Steve was older, 45 or so. Very nice guy, always friendly to everyone, and he was some kind of construction supervisor or something. Karen, his girlfriend, was one of those younger girls who date their "daddy" because older men supposedly do it for them. She was like 27, tall, slender, dirty blonde. (dirty in more than one way....)

They were regulars on Thursday. They would usually show up around 9 and have several drinks at the bar. They would just hang out and talk to people who came in. Very nice people. When I went over to say my hello's the first time, they were both smiling at me in a weird way. We chatted about the usual things, weather, the new car, sports, etc....Just before I left to go take care of a customer, Karen said they had to ask me something later that evening. I didn't think much about it, and scurried away to help another patron.

Later that evening, I went back down the bar to see Steve and Karen. They were proposing that I bartend a party of theirs they had coming up. I jumped at the chance to make the extra $$, but the couple said I needed to come by their place and take a "knowledge test" before they could hire me. They offered me the opportunity to come over that evening and look over the test. I agreed...

After a short cab ride from the bar, we were at Steve's place. We went in to the living room, and all sat on the couch. Steve went to get us all a drink, and Karen started asking me all kinds of questions about bartending. Steve returned and we began to drink.

After several drinks, Steve excused himself to go to the bathroom, and as soon as he was out of sight, Karen began rubbing my crotch, and nibbling my ear. I at first, hesitated until Karen assured me it was OK. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and began sucking it! She was going up and down, licking the head, and balls. After a few minutes of this delicious head, I noticed that Karen was now sucking on my ear. But wait, I am still getting head....What the fuck?? Steve is between my legs giving me incredible head!

Karen whispers in my ear "relax, it's ok, just enjoy it." As I grew closer and closer to cumming, I began to moan, and Karen slid down my leg to get next to my throbbing cock. Just as I began to come, Steve pulled my cock out of his mouth, and shot it all over Karen's face and mouth. He then licked my cum off his girlfriend's face. I was in a bit of shock. Steve looked at me and smiled, and they both went into the bathroom.

As I sort of lay there on the couch, Steve and Karen are in the bathroom. I assume they're cleaning themselves up. About 5 minutes later, here comes Steve walking out, totally naked. Karen is hiding behind Steve as they walk out. Steve Puts his hands on the back of the couch, and bends at the waist. It's only then that I realize Karen is fucking Steve with a strap-on!! She is pounding the hell out of his ass, as he moans with pleasure.

Karen turns to me and asks, "Do you like that? do you want some of this? Get over here!" I walk over By Karen, and she starts jerking my cock. It doesn't take long until I am totally hard. She steps away from Steve and asks me to fuck his ass!! I was hesitant as first, but I figured what the hell....I put my hard cock in Steve's ass. He moaned as I shoved it in. Karen goes around the front of the couch, and begins to fuck Steve's face. After a few hot minutes in Steve's ass, Karen is ready, and wants me. I sit down in a chair, and she gets up and rides my cock, her tits bouncing in my face. It was not long, and I was ready to come. As I pulled out, Karen rolled over, peeled the condom from my cock, and took all my load deep in her throat. Steve begins to moan, and as I look over, he is cumming all over himself. He then scoops up his come and feeds it to Karen.

As we lay there, regaining our energy, Steve explains that his "party" is in fact a Bi orgy. They had to be sure I was cool with everything. I still bartend their parties 4 years later. FINIS

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