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"First Water Sports Experience"

It was a cold, boring January day back in 1984. I usually work rotating shifts, so although it was the middle of the week, I had the afternoon off. I decided to head to the local Levi/Leather club to check out the action.

There were only a few people around, and I sat down for a quick drink. There was a blonde-headed man in his early thirties, sitting down a few chairs from me. Mark — that was the name he gave me — was rather muscular and had that “street-wise” appearance that I like so well. We talked for a bit, and he described how he had just been released from the Veterans' Hospital for treatment of a stress syndrome.

After talking a while longer, he asked me if I had a place where we could go. He made me a little nervous, but that just added to my excitement.

My lover was asleep (he worked nights), so we stopped by my place just long enough for me to pick up some cash and a bottle of baby oil. We thought we would see if we could get a motel room on the south side of town. We stopped by a mini-mart to pick up some beer and then headed to a motel I knew of. It was a seedy place. I waited in the car while Mark went in and negotiated for a room.

We went in the room and popped open a couple of brews and relaxed a bit. But Mark seemed sort of nervous and fidgety. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that he didn't have very much experience with other men. I assured him that I wouldn't do anything to him that he didn? t want me to do. He quickly downed another beer as he asked me once again to please go slow with him.

I suggested that we undress, and told him that I would massage him for starters. In some ways we were similar in appearance. Both of us weighed about 140 pounds, and we both stood at five-seven. Both of us had six-inch, cut cocks. But there was one striking difference between us; Mark was about as hairless as I was hairy. He even remarked that I had the hairiest shoulders he had ever seen. He was also fascinated by the Prince Albert ring in my cock.

After taking a shower together (truly an experience in that cold bathroom), we climbed into bed. I brought the bottle of baby oil to the bed with me and gave him an allover massage. He enjoyed the rubdown as much as I enjoyed giving it.

I wiped off the baby oil and started sucking on his meaty dick. I could tell by how hard he was that he enjoyed my tongue working on his cock. While he was holding my head, which was happily impaled on his dick, he suddenly asked, “You got any money? People usually give me money for this.”

I stopped and looked up at him. I told him that I didn?t have any money and that I didn't believe in paying for sex. I also assured him that if it wasn't to his liking, I'd be happy to stop and, in fact, leave. I could tell by the thumping of his still-hard dick that he wanted me to continue, and he told me to forget the money. Somewhat angry, but maintaining control, I decided that I too wanted to go on.

I moved up in the bed so we could sixty-nine, and to my great surprise, Mark reciprocated.

After about ten minutes, he stopped sucking my cock and asked me if I was into watersports. In all honesty, the idea had always intrigued me in the past, even though I had never experimented with it. I had a couple of magazines devoted to piss, and they were among the hottest magazines in my collection.

I knew too that Mark had been drinking a lot of beer and that his urine would be diluted. So I said that I would like to try it with him.

Not wanting to mess up the room, we went into the shower. I knelt down in front of him and sucked his cock into my mouth. I waited for several minutes, and then he finally told me to let his cock go. He said that he would never be able to piss with a hard-on.

After a couple of minutes, he calmed down enough that he was able to start pissing. His piss was clear, and at first, it just dribbled out. But soon it became a solid stream aimed directly at my face. I opened my mouth and sucked in his spewing cock. I was pleasantly surprised with the slightly salty taste of the warm liquid.

I teased at the opening of his cock with my tongue as he continued pissing. He then aimed at my shoulders and moved down to my chest and then my cock. The warm stream felt great, and I knew I was hooked!

He then shoved his still-spewing cock back into my mouth to finish peeing. I decided that I would swallow every drop of the rest of it. He had a huge bladder, however, and it was a bit of a struggle to down the rest of his beer-piss. When he was finally finished, we showered again and went back into the bedroom for a smoke and another beer.

After we had both quaffed another brew, we began anew. One of my favorite turn-ons is to give a blowjob while someone is lying back and enjoying it fully. And Mark was more than happy to accommodate me. I could tell by his undulating hips that he was having a pretty hard time holding it back, in fact.

He suddenly announced to me that he had to piss again and told me to get ready for it. He must have pissed out another quart of beer-piss right there as we lay in the bed together. I eagerly gulped it all down, not spilling a drop.

He squirted the last few drops down my throat and then grabbed hold of his cock. A few quick strokes, and he was filling my mouth with a huge load of tasty cum. A few strokes on my own dick quickly brought me an orgasm that must have registered at least eight points on the Richter Scale.

We then settled back for a last beer and a cigarette before leaving the motel. For my part, it had all come much too quickly to an end. I had always hoped that I would run into Mark again, but apparently he must have moved on shortly afterward.

If I am ever at a loss for a good memory ‘video' when I'm jerking off, all I have to do is play this one! It was my first watersports experience, but certainly not the last one. FINIS

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