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"Forced Facial"

I had a raging hard on that had me my rubbing my cock through my pants all day at work. I knew that I needed attention and the best place to get it was at the local arcade. I knew I could go there and shove my 7" cock through the glory hole and get immediate service. It was all I could do to save my load on the car trip there.

When I got to the video arcade I noticed 3 tricked out motorcycles parked in the front. I was excited at the thought of leather wearing bikers who had that amazing cock smell soaked into their jeans from riding all day. When I stepped inside, I wasn't disappointed as I saw the group looking over some porno mags. I was however worried to see that they were looking at straight porno mags. I passed them with a "fuck me" glance and headed back to the booths for some action.

I cruised the back, and noticed that the booths were empty. There was only one older guy there and he seemed more interested in his smoke than smoking my fat cock. I went to the booth with the glory hole and waited. I pulled out my swollen cock and began to rub it down. Well, after waiting about 10 minutes, I left the booth and was going to leave. As I headed to the door, one of the bikers grabbed my ass as he passed me. No point in leaving now, I figured.

I followed him back to the back of the booths and let him know I was interested by rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could feel a thick veiny rod that needed attention. It was then that I sensed his buddies had followed us back and were around me. A heavy hand pushed down on my shoulder and another body moved around to face me. Both men were older, about 50 with short gray hair and both were in great shape and well muscled.

The man who was forcing me to my knees remained behind me as I dropped down and heard the sound of zippers being dropped. The first biker had a thick veiny cock that was about 6inches long and 5 inches around and filled my mouth to the brim. The hand that was on my shoulder, was now on the back of my head, moving my head rhythmically into the bikers sweaty crotch. That scent and the thick cock in my mouth was making me delirious, as I had my own cock that I wanted tending to. The hands pulled me off the first cock. You could hear a wet slippery pop as it slipped from my mouth with a huge drop of spit hanging off. I was guided to the other waiting rod. This one was about 5 inches long, but amazingly thicker than the first. He started soft, but got rock hard in my mouth as I worked him over with my loving lips and thoughtful tongue.

As his cock grew in my mouth, I was unsure if I would be able to keep it in there as it was so thick. I could feel the gag reflex in the back of my throat being tested, but I managed to keep it all in. At the same time, the first biker began to furiously pump his cock and rub the slicked tool all over my face. I could tell he was going to cum as his legs tensed and he shot a hot gooey load all over my face. This must have pushed the second biker over the edge because he grabbed my head and forced his shaft to the back of my throat and spasmed with pleasure as I gulped to keep his cum in my mouth. It was too much to have his thick cock and all that goo fill my head. Cum leaked from the corner of my mouth as he removed himself from my face.

At this point, my handler from behind decided that it was his turn and he moved his cock from behind me to face me. He had a thinner cock, but he was uncut and rock hard and longer than the first 2. I slid the foreskin back and began to rub my face all over his shaft and down to his balls. As I sucked his balls, he stroked his meat and slid the foreskin back so I could pay full attention to his cock head. It was beautiful and tasted like cum as I worked his head with my tongue.

His friends were wiping the cum off my face and making me lick their gooey fingers clean. My two previous fans surrounded me and shoved me by the back of the head as the other puched the biker in the ass so that his balls smacked my chin with some force. My face and his hips were crashing together like cymbals as I gulped his cock with each stroke. I could sense that he was coming and he lurched forward on his tiptoes as he rammed his meat as deep into my mouth as he could. His friends hands prevented me from backing off and he pumped 6 or 7 shots of cum straight down the back of my throat. At the same time I could feel my own cock pulse and spasm with a load of cum all on its own.

Without any help, I had come and filled my pants with jizz and not even received a stroke from a helpful stranger. I could barely breath as I choked on all the cum. When I was turned loose, my new friends helped me up and sat me on the bench in the booth. They felt the sticky wet spot in my pants and laughed that I hadn't managed to last until I had gotten my turn. They kissed me on the forehead and left me with a bellyful of cum, a nice facial and my own sticky mess to contend with. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. FINIS

Story compliments of Free Guide to Gay Cruising. Over 15,000 Locations where guys meet guys for sex posted.

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