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Last week, my wife and I were running errands, and happened to drive past an adult video store. As usual, the parking lot was full. My wife commented on how the lot always seemed to be full, and that the porn video business must be good. I said, "Well, you know more than renting videos goes on in there." She asked what, and I said, "Well, let's go see for ourselves."

We circled back around, found the last parking spot, and went inside. There were only a few people looking at the video and magazine racks, and she wondered where everyone was. "The action's back there," pointing to the arcade and theatre. "Want to see what goes on?"

We paid the clerk, and headed to the theatre. There were about 10 guys in there, and I noticed one other couple off by themselves. I led my wife to a couple of seats near them, thinking we might get some action there (knowing at the same time that every guy in there would want to fuck my wife). The movie was a bi-swinger type, and at the moment, one guy was fucking a girl while another guy was eating her pussy and stroking his cock.

I unzipped, pulled my cock out and starting stroking. My wife quickly took over for me, but was reluctant to suck me right there. She looked around, and noticed the other couple and most of the guys were staring at us, not the movie. I said go have an audience. So down she went, and started sucking me off right there.

The other couple moved closer, with the girl sitting next to my wife. She starting playing with her shaved pussy with one hand, while she stroked her husband's cock with her other. I leaned over, and suggested that the 4 of us head back to the booths...they have rooms with couches rather than booths at this particular store. We all zipped up and headed back.

Once in the booth, there wasn't much mystery as to why we were there. Soon we were all naked, and the two of us guys were fucking our wives, both of whom were bent over the couch. The girls were next to each other, and started playing with each other's tits while we continued to fuck them. He and I looked at each other, and silently agreed to switch. We did, and each soon blew a load up the other one's wife's pussy.

I noticed him staring at my cock as I withdrew from his wife, and nodded, "Go ahead." He dropped to his knees and took my limp cock in his mouth. It wasn't long until I was raging hard again. The girls were watching this action, which turned them on, and soon they were off in their own world, with my wife slurping my cum from the other girl's pussy. I blew a load in his mouth, and we switched places, with me now sucking his again hard 7-1/2 inches. I stopped and told him to fuck my wife's ass while she continued working on his girl's pussy.

While this was going on, there was the all too familiar knock at the door. I opened the door, to be greeted by 2 hot looking studs. I motioned them in, and soon they had their hard cocks out and in action. I dropped to my knees and took one, then the other, in my mouth, alternating back and forth. Just as they were getting ready to blow their loads, I heard both of the girls cum (both are big moaners), and I knew my wife was getting a load up her ass as well.

Before we were done, both girls had eaten each other, got fucked several times, both in the pussy and the ass, and had at least tasted each of the 4 hard cocks in the room. I got a load from each of the guys, and had left a couple loads myself, the first in the other guy's wife's pussy, and one each in the 2 new guys mouths. The other guys had each gotten a couple of loads as well, either in the mouth or the ass. In short, we were all drained, and my balls ached until the next morning!

We've gotten together with the other couple since then. I wish I'd gotten numbers from the other guys as well, as I'd sure like to suck them some more....well, maybe we'll see them next time we go shopping for videos!

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