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"Great Summer"

My name is Tyler or Ty for short. I got height from my old man topping out at 6‚1" and carrying 195 pounds. I've worked my ass off since I was 6 years old. Being the son of the largest orchard owner in the valley as well as the biggest cold storage facility, I've always had to work harder than everyone else. Not only to satisfy the old man but to prove to everyone I wasn't on a gravy train. I pull my own weight. Because of it I'm lucky to have a great build. I have great arms, legs and broad shoulders. I'm most proud of my abs, they're hard as a rock.

As for my sex life, I'm pretty much like every other 20 year old, constantly hard and ready to rock any time. I have my share of girls but I actually like guys too. Nobody in my family knows, or anyone in town for that matter. I've had to make the occasional trips into the city on hauls or errands for the orchard and I experimented with my feelings there.

I never had many experiences with men up to now other than the occasional blow-job That leads me to the point of my story; my summer job. My dad told me he was not going to be around for a change this summer. My parents spent much of the summer at the lake house. He was not coming back from the lake every few days to check on things, he was going to stay there. I was to take care to the storage facility and see to it that everything was ready for this year‚s crops in the fall. I was to get everything cleaned out and get all the equipment ready. There were guys around to help, but it was to be my responsibility to see that it's done.

I was going to make this place the cleanest it‚s ever been. I immediately got most of the yard guys to clean up the yard and the shop. They had to steam clean everything that wasn't nailed down. Then everything had to be tuned, greased and serviced. This kept the guys pretty busy, and out of my hair. Inside the fruit was all gone but it was a mess. I decided to shut everything down, empty it all out, steam clean it and organize it when I put it all back in.

I went over to the orchard and asked my dad‚s manager if there was anyone I could use for about two weeks. "Take Cody" he says "He needs something to do." Cody was about 23, very quiet, a drifter that showed up one day. He was a damn hard worker which my Dad liked of course, and extremely polite and well mannered so my mother adopted him immediately. He lived in the back of the count shack, ate meals with us at times but pretty much kept to himself.

Cody and I had always gotten along pretty good and besides, he was a real looker. Very dark skinned from spending most of his life doing hard work outside. He was also built like a brick shit-house. I don‚t think there was an ounce of fat on the guy. His jeans were tight and filled out all in the right places. He packed out his crotch very nicely and there was always that faded spot right "there" in his jeans which never failed to get my juices flowing. He always wore either a white or a black T-shirt depending on his mood I guess. They usually looked like they were painted on with the short sleeves rolled up to make a cuff right on his enormous biceps.

The best part of Cody was that he was just damn good looking. He kept his dirty blond hair close cropped and had intense blue eyes that could look right through you. When he smiled, it was like a flash went off as his teeth were brilliant white. He had this boyish grin that made you just want to grab him and hug him or whatever else you could get away with. Oh yeah, I was going to enjoy spending time with Cody.

Cody showed up the next morning and I was already on a fork-lift moving empty fruit boxes out of the cooler. He was wearing white today so I assumed it was a good day. He smiled those pearly whites and waived then immediately jumped on another lift and joined in moving boxes. We spent most of the day getting everything outside in the yard stopping only a few times for something wet to drink and grab a quick sandwich. We quit when we couldn‚t see any more and made arrangements for the next day. He said his usual "Okie-doke" and then was gone.

We started early the next day and began mucking out the cooler to get ready to steam clean it. I had the hose and brushes trying to get the "big chunks" out first. It took us about five minutes to get soaked from the spray and Cody stopped and pealed his shirt off. I about dropped my teeth right there. I'm pretty proud of my upper chest but I don‚t hold a candle to Cody. He had the best pecs I‚d ever seen. Firm, round, dime sized nipples, and it got better as you moved down. Perfectly defined eight-pac with a darker treasure trail starting at his perfect "outie" and disappearing in those tight jeans.

"You OK?" I heard in the distance zapping me out of the trance I found myself in. I looked up at Cody who was all smiles looking at me. Busted, I thought to myself suddenly extremely embarrassed that I‚d been caught staring. "Huh?" "Oh sorry, just thinking about all the work we have to do." I said wincing, as this was the best lame excuse I could muster. He chuckled and said "Well we better get at it then" and proceeded to blast me with the hose, paying special attention to my crotch. I was thoroughly soaked making it completely obvious I had a raging hard on.

"You asshole!" I screamed, laughing and tackled him at full speed. I caught him off guard and we both went ass over tea kettle to the ground both of us laughing. We ended up face to face with me on top. We were both smiling, I looked in his eyes and realized what a beautiful man he was. His hand ended up on my back in which I could swear was an embrace. I also was suddenly aware he was rock-hard. We weren't smiling any more. We were both staring at each other I noticed he shifted a bit and pressed his crotch even harder into mine. I pressed back. Then it happened, he very gently moved his hand up to my neck and pulled me toward him into the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced.

I moved my hands up and held both sides of his face and we pressed tightly against each other in the kiss of all time. We were both suddenly aware of what we were doing and broke our embrace. I quickly moved off him frightened of how much passion I was feeling. Cody was perfect. He said "We better get this job done." We spent the rest of the day working our asses off in total silence pretending it didn't happen.

At the end of the day, when we called it quits, Cody looked at me and said "you up for some dinner." He was looking at me with questioning eye‚s that we both new what he really meant. It was going to be up to me to decide just how far this would go. "Sure" I said quietly. "I just need to run home and shower- when do you want to meet?" Cody grabbed me by the shoulder and said "Nonsense Ty." "Just follow me- you can shower up at my place."

I jumped in my truck and started to follow him to the count shack. I was terrified. I was also very much ready to let this happen. I turned into the rear gate and parked on the other end of the shack. I walked around back and saw the door to Cody‚s place open. I walked in and kind of knocked on the open door at the same time. Cody already had his shirt off again as well as his shoes and socks. "Showers in here" he says calling from the short hall. I stood at the door and pulled my boots off, socks, and shirt. I walked toward the bathroom and Cody tosses me a towel as I walk by.

The shower felt great. I just stuck my head under the stream and got mesmerized by the warmth. Day dreaming with the many things running through my mind of what was about to happen. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I wanted it and my cock validated this feeling as it was about as hard as it ever had been.

I was shocked back to reality as I felt two hands on my shoulders. There was Cody standing behinds me in the shower. I felt him pressing against my back, his hands slowly moving from my shoulders down my chest. It was electric, his hands moving ever so slowly gliding freely from the soap and with such gentle pressure. I leaned back into his chest and he pulled me to him, passionately kissing my neck and behind my ear. Oh I wanted this man.

I spun around and our mouths met as if they were made to fit. I threw my arms around him, his around me and we stood there pressing against each other sliding back and forth in the soap and spray. I've never felt anything like it in my life. Cody‚s hand went down between us and grabbed both of our cocks together and started slowly jacking us. I reached down and pressed my hand against his, mimicking his movement.

He moved his hands down to my balls grabbing them from behind ever so gently. He stuck one finger in between my legs and played gingerly with my balls and rubbed that spot between your balls and asshole at the same time. He then leaned me into the water and let it down between our bodies to clear the soap from my cock. Before I knew what was happening he had my raging hard-on in his mouth from tip to root in one swallow. It was so intense I gasped in the shear pleasure of it all. I got caught up in the moment.

I gently grabbed his neck and started pumping his face going a little deeper with each stroke. Faster and faster caught in the sensations never experienced before. I noticed Cody had grabbed his cock and was jacking himself faster and faster, moaning each time I hit home. He choked on a combination of my cock down his gullet and the water running down my chest. I pulled out and said "Sorry Cody." "It just feels so fantastic, I got a little carried away." "Don‚t be sorry man." He gasped still jacking his raging dick. " I love it." And with that he swallowed my rod again to the root.

I was about to come as it was so intense and I was so turned on, but I didn't want it to end. I pulled out and brought him to his feet. I kissed him again with all the passion I was feeling and replaced his hand on his cock with mine. I leaned down and took his head in my mouth. His disk was noticeably larger than mine and I was enjoying the feeling of it in my hand. I continued to jack him with his head in my mouth. I inched my mouth down his shaft as far as I could get it. Cody leaned his head back and gently placed his hand on the back of my neck. I could feel him moving my head back and forth going a little farther each time. "Oh man that‚s good" Cody whispered and sucked air through his teeth.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could but was choking on his huge member. I was determined to pleasure him as he had just done to me. I willed myself not to choke and kept at it until he hit home. He pressed into me as much as he could. I was on my knees now and moved my hands up to those pecs of gold. I rubbed them with the soap on his body and he kept pressing until I though he was going to poke through the back of my neck. The feeling was fantastic. I was truly pleasuring this man and he was bringing feelings out in me that I have never felt before.

Cody suddenly pulled out, spun me around and knelt behind me. He pulled my legs toward him which forced me to lean forward. Then I felt his tongue enter my ass. "Ohh fuck." I moaned as I had never felt such an intense sensation. I started to push back at the same time that he pushed his tongue into me. It was incredible. "You like that?" Cody finally said with a grin. "Oh yeah man." I said as I pushed his head back into my crack. Cody then gently pressed a finger into my hole. I jumped a little as it surprised me. He stopped and asked "You want me to stop?" I was too far gone to stop so I just bent over a little farther. "How much better can this get?" I questioned. Cody laughed and said "You want my cock?"

I knew what that meant and it sent shivers down my spine. I‚d never had anything up there except Cody‚s finger just now. But Cody had yet to hurt me and would stop if I couldn‚t take it. I really wanted to please this man, so I turned around and pulled him up to kiss him. I sucked gently on his tongue and then moved up to his ear and said "Cody-fuck me!"

He reached out into the bathroom and rooted around in a drawer. He ended up with a bottle of lube. Pouring some in his hand he grabbed me and kissed me again. As we were kissing, he reached around and gently inserted a lubed finger in my ass. It hurt a little at first but I was soon pushing back against the new sensation. He worked more and more lube into my ass and I just pressed against his hand with my head on that great chest of his.

He started to stroke his lubed hand on his cock and gently spun me around. He pressed my head forward and I felt that big head at the entrance of my ass. "You push back at your own pace buddy." He said as he applied some pressure. I pushed back and the head popped inside. It felt like fire and I was beginning to wish I hadn't asked for this. Cody grabbed my hips and held me there. "Relax, relax, let your ass get used to it before we go more."

He was awesome, he just rubbed my back and kept asking me if I was OK. I was starting to adjust to this and started pushing back a little more. Cody just held me, and didn't force anything. The pain was falling away to fantastic new feelings. I arched my back and started pushing back further. Before I knew it I felt his bush against my cheeks. Cody finally started to push into me. He grabbed me and pulled me up to his chest. He was kissing my neck and playing with my chest as he slowly withdrew and pressed forward again. The sensation was unbelievable. I started really getting into it and matched his pace pushing back against him. His strokes were more powerful now and he really started plowing me.

He was really fucking me and I loved it. He leaned back and pulled out until just the head was left in and then pushed back in. As he pushed in I would push back and get it as deep as I could. He reached around and grasped my cock with is lubed hand. He started to stroke me as he continued to fuck me. He was deep inside me taking shorter strokes but deep inside.

With all this going on, I couldn't take any more. My cock exploded in his hand and he continued to stroke as I came as hard as I have ever come in my life. Load after load with waves of pleasure from head to toe. I had come all over the walls of the shower. My asshole started to clench as I came and that put Cody over the edge. He grabbed me tightly and pistoned me as deep as he could get it. I felt his cock twitch inside my ass and then fill with warm seed as he pressed his face into my shoulder and grunted with each spasm. Then he pulled my body against him very tight and pushed his cock as far in as he could. He just held me there, both of us panting.

We suddenly realized we were freezing as the water had long gone cold. We'd turned it off but now we were standing there wet and spent. We got into the bathroom and dried each other off. Cody grabbed me by the hand and we jumped under the covers in his bed. I noticed the door was now closed and all the drapes drawn. Suddenly we heard footsteps on the porch. In a flash Cody shoved me on the floor in the space between the bed and the wall. Then he threw all the blankets on me as there was a knock on the door.

"Code, you eat yet?" It was Randy the manager. Cody slammed into a pair of shorts and opened the door.

"Naw Randy. I already ate but thanks though."

"Well just checkin" he explained. "Hey where the hell is Ty? Trucks round back but don't see him anywhere's." Randy quizzed.

"Saw him take off with some chick about an hour ago" Cody explained.

"Oh got it" Randy chuckled. "OK see you at breakfast" he said as he strolled off the porch. "Nite Code."

"Chick?" I said laughing as Cody dug me out of my hiding place.

"Well-what do you want me to say bonehead."

"That I just fucked you in the shower?" He says as he pulls me under the covers. I knew then that I was safe with Cody. It was going be a great summer I thought to myself as Cody pulls me into his arms. FINIS

Story written by Dtony from Seattle. To see his profile and read other stories written by him, click here

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