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"Lake District Teen"

I've just had the most fantastic time in the Lake District!! I often write stories and try to have an element of truth in them from my past mixed in with that little bit of fantasy which drives us all wild. This story is 100% truth and any added fantasy would take away from the immense time I've just had.

When I visit my caravan, there are a few really good cruising places as listed on Squirt which I visit for a little light relief, but I never expected to have fun on the caravan site.

Early on Saturday morning I walked over to the showers and as I entered the block, I noticed a sexy looking teen (18 yr old) going into one of the shower cubicles. I took my place in the next unit and took my shower as normal. Both showers stopped at a similar time and I noticed in the reflection on the floor, the obvious sign of someone stroking a hard cock. It finished nearly as soon as it started and the youth began to dry himself.

The usual scenario in these showers is to dry yourself outside the cubicle to prevent your clothes getting soaked on the floor, so sporting a semi hard cock from my little vision, I went outside of my shower unit, praying that Mr. Cutey would also follow suit.

The shower block was deserted apart from us two (The caravan site only opened up this weekend after its winter closure and very few people were here) and within a few seconds, I heard the lock on his door click back and he walked out. I was gutted to see that he had put on his boxers before he had emerged but I carried on drying myself, nodding a greeting to him which he returned with a shy smile. I am never one to miss an opportunity so I made sure that I casually flashed my semi hard cock a few times when his eyes were in my direction and I made sure I left the building at the same time as him to see where his caravan was. This turned out to be just three away from mine in a brand new one, which was why I'd never seen him before.

On Sunday morning, I had my towel and washing kit ready for when I saw him going over, hoping he was a creature of habit. Sure enough, at just before 9am he set off. We arrived virtually together and I wished him a good morning to which he replied quietly but politely with his nice smile again.

We went into our respective cubicles and we washed but with the thought of this beautiful creature next door, I had a raging hard on which I couldn"t leave the shower cubicle with so I started to wank quite vigorously and was still doing as the water stopped. I looked down to see his reflection in the water and he was clearly doing the same as me but I could see his face examining the reflection the same as me. This was just too much and I shot my load all over the shower wall and within a few seconds, I heard a tiny gasp from his side of the wall as he obviously did the same.

I dried myself a little and stepped out to get dressed, still with a semi hard on. Once again, he came out with his boxers (damn) but clearly still a little hard under there. As he caught my eye, he smiled and blushed a little but hurriedly dressed and left.

On the Monday, I had to be a little more brave. We once again arrived just before 9 and showered. This time though, I sat on the floor after my shower with my feet against his partition wall, spread wide. He would have clearly seen my feet and my wanking movements and sure enough, his head gingerly appeared as he peered under the partition. I continued to stroke my cock as he looked under and after a few minutes I stood up, opened my door and knocked gently on his. He slid back the lock but didn't open the door so I pushed it open gently and he stood there gently playing with his cock.

Without saying a word, I locked the door, and took his cock in my hand. It wasn't very long (maybe 5 or 6 inches) but it was pretty thick. He closed his eyes and gasped a little as I stroked him and I took his hand and put it onto my own cock which he eagerly started to rub. I whispered into his ear.

"Are you in the caravan alone?"

"No, I'm helping my grandparents set up their new caravan" he replied softly, but added, "but they are going out later today"

My cock pulsed with excitement as I asked, "You wanna come to mine when they go out to continue this?"

"Yes please" he said, almost inaudibly.

I bent down, kissed the end of his cock, just tasting his sweet precum and walked out of the cubicle and got dressed.

As he emerged, he was blushing more than ever and I wasn't 100% sure that he would show up. As I left the shower block, I asked if he knew which caravan I was in and he smiled and nodded.

As I waited in my caravan, I turned up the heating (It is still pretty cold at this time of year) and dressed in a light pair of shorts and a T-shirt and hoped that he would show up.

At 11am a knock came on the door. I opened it to find my young friend stood smiling on the step. He was more keen than I could have hoped because he stood in the same gear as me. As he came into the caravan, I couldn"t help myself and I kissed him as soon as the door was closed. He responded immediately by parting his lips, pushing his tongue deeply into my eager mouth and pulling me close to him. I could feel his fat cock pushing against me through his thin shorts, and my own hard on was at full speed already.

I pulled off my own T-shirt and then his and moved my tongue and teeth to his bare chest and hard nipples, his groans and little squeaks of delight were music to my ears. The shorts were soon dispensed with as we fell onto the bed, my tongue moving down his chest and into his small patch of pubes. With the confidence he now showed, he was obviously not entirely new to all of this but what the hell did I care? I was rolling around a bed with the kind of guy my fantasies are made of.

As soon as my mouth took his sweet tasting cock into it, my young stud spun around to take control of my own throbbing meat and he expertly started to suck and lick me in a most awesome way, this was truly fantastic. I felt his tongue licking all the way down my cock, then he started to lick and suck my balls, then I felt his tongue stretching out to my hole in rapid little flicks as his finger started to probe me. I responded in the same way and as I pushed my finger deep into him, I felt him shudder as he groaned with pleasure.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and lifted me onto all fours and positioned himself behind me. I felt his tongue shoot deep inside me and I didn't want that feeling to stop, but when it did, it was replaced with his cock pushing at me, and in one long slow movement, he had entered me fully and I could feel his balls pushing against mine. Slowly he started to fuck me, gently at first but this built up to a frenzied pounding of my arse which felt incredible. After five, maybe six minutes he rammed hard against me and I felt him shoot four or five huge loads of his hot come deep inside me and he collapsed onto my back. He kissed my ear and whispered,

"My turn!"

Who was I to argue? I rolled him onto his back, took a squeeze of lube and rubbed it deep into his hole and all over my aching cock. I pushed his legs back to his chest and pushed my cock up to his pretty little hole. My cock is quite long and fat but it slid in effortlessly and his gasp and broad grin told me he wanted it given to him as he had just given to me. I was not going to disappoint him. I fucked him long and hard in a relentless abuse of his hole and he looked down with delight as he saw my cock coming right out of him then plunging right to the hilt in one swift movement. With each thrust, his cock became harder once again and he stroked that in time with my thrusts and as he said he was going to come I felt my own orgasm coming. As I shot a huge amount of come deep inside that sweet hole, he shot his own load all over his chest and face which I had the great pleasure of licking up as I pulled my cock from him.

We lay there for a while and I told him that my boyfriend was coming tomorrow (Tuesday) and if he wanted a little more fun, he could join us. His eyes lit up like a child at Christmas, and so did mine. Tuesday was a wonderful day, wanna hear about it? Let me know. FINIS

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