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This is a story about a TS I had sex with a few years ago.

I have always considered myself a regular straight guy. I had never even thought of having sex with a man, in fact the idea of it turned me off. I did however enjoy all forms of sex with a women. Any woman would do. I have been with hookers, bar girls, nudie dancers, and girls I just picked up. I enjoyed porno movies and photos of people fucking, and sucking. I was reading one of the "Smut newspapers", I don't remember the name of it. I liked to read the personal ads and fantasize about it would be fucking one of the people advertising there. The "Specialties" ads got my attention, because there were ads for B&D, S&M, Transexuals, Cross dressers, and Dominate Mistresses. Not that I was into any of that kind of stuff, but it was fun to read and wonder.

I decided to call one of the ads that read "Swedish Transexual," and there was a photo of a very pretty blond girl on the ad in a very sexy pose. The person that answered the phone sounded like a young girl. I told her I was calling about the ad, and she suggested how generous I should be, then invited me over. I agreed, then headed for her apartment.

It was about an hour later that I arrived at the address given. I was very nervous about meeting this person, but my curiosity kept me going. My heart was pounding as I knocked on the door of the apartment. Just the thought of being there, made my cock stir in my pants. I felt it begin to swell. The door opened slowly, a short, about 5‚6", 130#, very cute blond girl, looking about 25 years old, wearing a white shirt and cut off Levi's was standing there. She had short blond hair, just to the bottom of her ears and kind of messy, her lips were puckered and she had very red lipstick. She said "Hi, are you Steve?"

I said "yes." I thought this girl must be a roommate of the person I came to see. I said is Alexia here. She said that she was Alexia, and invited me in.

The apartment was nothing like the brothels that I had been to in the past. No sexy paintings on the walls, no dim lighting, or comfortable sofas surrounding a waiting room. This was just a regular two bedroom apartment, where this person really seemed to live. She held my hand and guided me to her bedroom. As we walked I looked at her tits. She was about a 36" and was not wearing a bra. I also looked at her ass, as the cut off Levi's were so short that the cheeks of her ass were hanging out. I thought to myself, this can't be a guy, she's too cute.

When in her bedroom, she asked if I wanted to get undressed. I said I did. She helped me unbutton my shirt. She unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. My cock was aching to get out. She reached into my pants and released my hardening cock. I didn't wear any underwear that night. With her soft white hand, she softly stroked my cock. It was now to its full 8" and she was pulling my foreskin back and forth. I said I needed to get out of my clothes and she said do you want me to also? I said "Hell Yes!"

As I removed my cowboy boots and then my Levi's, she slowly took off her white shirt, exposing her perfectly shaped tits. They stuck straight out and had large pink nipples. I was now standing there naked, with my 8" hard cock sticking straight out. She still had on her cut-offs. I helped her pull them down, I felt her smooth skin and squeezed her ass. She had milky white skin and she felt so smooth to my touch. Her cut-offs to the floor, she kicked them to the side of the room. I reached up and caressed her hot looking tits. I pinched her pink nipples between my thumb and fore finger, and put my lips down to kiss one of them. They felt so good to my touch, very firm, but not hard. I had noticed that she was wearing a thong bikini underwear, and I could not see her crotch. I said to her "Do you really have a cock?"

This girl looked so real, I didn't think she was a TS. It would have been ok with me at this point if she was a real girl, I was so hot to have sex with her, that my cock and nuts were aching.

She said, "Sure I do, do you want to see it?"

I said I do. She must have had her cock tucked between her legs, because when she took off the thong, there was still no cock showing. I put my hand down to her neatly trimmed pubic hair, it was blond too, and felt her crotch. She spread her legs a little, and out popped a nice sized cock, soft, but about 5". I held onto it, squeezed it, and felt it begin to swell up.

She said "do you want to suck me?"I didn't say anything, but just dropped to my knees and took her cock into my mouth. That sounds weird "her cock." As I sucked her cock deep into my mouth, it was now hard and about 6", cut with a nice fat head. She sort of pushed be back onto the bed. With her cock still in my mouth, she was now lying over my face, and began fucking my mouth with full deep strokes. I was starting to gag a little as she fucked into me. I pushed her over to where I was now on top of her. I now was eagerly bobbing my head up and down her cock. I looked up at her as I sucked; The sight was hypnotizing.

Beautiful naked blond girl, with perfect tits, but a cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked her balls, running my tongue under her nut sack, taking one ball at a time onto my mouth, then back to her cock. I reached up to squeeze her tits with both hands. I was in ecstasy. She began to moan and squirm around, her cock began to swell a little, I tasted some sweet pre-cum. I knew she was ready to shoot off a load of cum. I grabbed hold of her hard cock and began stroking it as I sucked and bobbed my head faster. Her cock throbbed in my mouth, I wanted to see her shoot. I took my mouth off and kept on jacking her cock hard and fast. I tasted the first squirt of cum in my mouth. I pulled my head back and she squirted a HUGE load of cum right in my face. It got into my right eye and all over my moustache. I loved it. With her first batch of cum still in my mouth, I moved up to suck her tits. I took one in my mouth and let the mouthful of cum spill out all over her tit. I smeared the cum on my face all over her other tit. She was just cooing by now. My cock was so hard and aching for release by now.

She said "FUCK ME baby, Fuck me." She lifter her legs up revealing a tight pink ass hole.

She spit in her hand and rubbed it on my cock. I pushed my hard 8" against her tight ass. It released and I entered her. I pushed it all the way in until my balls were pressing against her ass cheeks. She was saying "Oh Baby," over and over again. I was so hot it didn't take me very long to shoot my load of cum.

She had asked me not to cum inside her, so when I was ready, I pulled out just as my cum load was shooting. I shot so much and far that it landed first on her chin and the second squirt on her tits and neck. I was exhausted. I just lay forward on top of her, feeling my own cum squish around between us. We lay there for several minutes until the after glow was over. She got up and went to the bathroom and came out with a warm, wet cloth to wash me off with. I kissed her deeply with a lot of tongue. Paid her and left, promising to come see her again. FINIS

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