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"New Hiking Buddy"

Adam was 18 and still lived at home with his parents, right next door to me. I was 34 at the time, and with summer just beginning, I was looking forward to some long weekend hikes in the wilderness. In fact, I had one planned for the upcoming weekend when my usual hiking partner called and said he couldn't make it. On a whim, I decided to ask Adam if he wanted to go with me instead. He had just graduated high school and was looking for a job, so he had the weekend free. He asked his mother if he could go, she called me and asked where we were hiking to. I told her up the Carmel River Trail down in Big Sur. She said fine, and Adam and me left that Friday after I got out of work. After a short drive to the trailhead, we were off into the wilderness. I was small-talking with Adam as we walked along. He said he hadn't been camping or hiking since he was 12 and in Boy Scouts. He was keeping up okay, though, despite being a little out of shape.

About a half hour into the hike I noticed something on Adam's neck as he walked in front of me. I told him to stop and I checked it out- it was a tick. We had been pushing our way through some heavy bushes that had over-grown onto the trail. Immediately I pulled it off his neck and told him to take his pack and shirt off. I took off my pack and shirt, and was soon pulling about 15 ticks off my stomach and arms. Adam pulled a couple off my back. Adam was covered in ticks too, and I worked on his back while he worked his stomach. I thought it a good idea that we check our legs too, so I dropped my trousers and sure enough, found a few more ticks. Adam did the same. When his pants dropped, I couldn't help but notice the dark glory trail running down from his navel beneath his BVD's and his nice, well-rounded package hidden underneath the clean, white fabric. His chest was boyish-smooth, with dark brown nipples. He had the beginnings of a beer gut, but still could be called slim. Adam pulled a few ticks off his legs, then we got dressed again and continued. Luckily none of the ticks imbedded into our skin. I suggested we stop every half hour or so and check for ticks as we hiked along, as we had about another two miles of bushes to push our way through until we started to follow the river down by its banks.

As we pushed through the brush, Adam was rambling on about his girlfriend, graduation and his job search. He said he was going to wait a year before going to college. I just listened- not saying much. Adam asked about all the ticks and I said that was usual for early summer. I told him they were pretty slow moving and liked to find a dark, moist spot on a body before trying to dig in. About a mile later we came to a clearing with a large, flat boulder and I suggested we check for ticks again. Adam had complained at one point that his underwear were chaffing. I told him that's why I wore boxers when hiking. We stripped down to our underwear, and sure enough pulled off a bunch more ticks. I decided to check underneath my underwear. I pulled my boxers down- Adam turned away looking a little embarrassed. I found a tick had started to imbed in my right hip, just below the waist band on my boxers, so I took some Vaseline out of my pack and put a glob right on the tick. Within a couple of minutes, it backed out due to lack of oxygen and I pulled it off. I told Adam he best check under his BVD's too. Shyly, he turned away from me and let his underwear fall to his ankles. A few seconds later, I heard him say "SHIT!"

"What's wrong? Find a tick?" I asked. Adam said, "I don't know, but I think so. I can't see it." He said he felt a little bump where he thought his underwear were chaffing. I told him to turn around and let me see. As he turned around, he put his hand over his cock and balls. He was clearly very embarrassed to be seen naked. "I think it's between my legs just between my balls and asshole," he said nervously. "Well, you're gonna have to sit down on the boulder and spread your legs then," I replied. Adam sat down and slowly moved his hand away from his package. He had a very nice looking cock, hanging a little to the left and about five inches flaccid. A nice bush of dark black pubes surrounded his member. He had low-hanging, practically hairless balls. He pulled his knees up towards his chest and spread his legs. A nice, fat tick had imbedded itself good and deep just to the right of the ridge running between his balls and asshole. I could make out the pink, tight pucker of his hole. "You got a tick all right, and it's deep!" I said. "You're going to have to excuse me, but I have to apply some Vaseline on it to get it out."

I put a glob on my index finger and gently lifted his ball sack out of the way. Adam smiled and nervously giggled a bit as I smeared the Vaseline over the tick. His flaccid member started to stir and within seconds was semi-erect. "Whoa! You're hung like a horse, kid!" I stated, laughing a bit. Adam turned beet red and muttered, "Thanks" under his breath. After about five minutes the tick slowly backed out and I pulled it off and wiped off the remaining Vaseline with a small rag I kept in my pack. Adam's cock reacted, going fully erect. It pointed straight up at about 7.5 inches- long, thin and with a bright purple-ish knob. I smiled, feeling my own member stir a bit as I stood naked in front of this young stud. "Ticks turn you on that much?" I asked. Adam turned red again, laughed a bit and said, "Shut up! You're getting a boner too!" I told Adam that he'd better go without underwear, as the tick left a good sized welt that would become irritated if his BVD's were rubbing against it. I took out some medicated cream I kept in my pack and applied it to the welt. His cock was finally going flaccid. I watched it slowly drape back down over his ball sack. "Better let me check your ass crack, too" I stated. He stood up, turned around, bent over and spread his cheeks. I pulled a small tick from his crack just above his tight, pink hole. My cock was now standing at full attention. "Check me too, please?" I asked Adam. I turned away as he turned towards me, but I'm sure he caught a glimpse of my rod in all its seven-inch glory as his eyes opened wide a bit. I bent over and spread my cheeks- no ticks. Adam threw his underwear in his pack and we got dressed again, this time tucking our pant legs into our socks, tucking in our shirts and putting some bug spray on our bare arms.

We continued down the trail and were soon at the river and the first camp, where there was a sizeable swimming hole. I immediately stripped down and dove in the water. It was cold, but refreshing. Adam joined me after a few minutes. He dove in and shot right out again, saying it was too cold. I got out and wandered around, still naked, looking for a good spot to set up the tent. "You don't mind my being naked, do you Adam? We're out in the middle of nowhere, ain't nobody coming up the trail and I just like the feeling of freedom," I stated. Adam smiled and said he didn't mind. I said he was free to stay naked too, if he wanted. Surprisingly, he muttered, "I guess I will too, then!" Adam helped me set up the tent. After that, we lit a small campfire and I pulled a few sandwiches from my pack. We munched down on the sandwiches real fast. I then reached in Adam's backpack and pulled out a bottle of tequila that I had snuck in his pack when he wasn't looking. "Shit! That's why my pack was so heavy!" he laughed out. I opened the bottle, took a good, long swig and passed it to Adam. He took three big gulps and then started coughing as the raw tequila burned down his throat. I then reached in my pack and pulled out a joint. I passed it to Adam, who lit it up and took a long, slow drag. "You're just full of surprises!" he said as we passed the joint between us. We sat and talked by the fire for about a couple hours, sipping on tequila and water as we talked. A few times I noticed Adam's young cock go erect and then soft again as we talked. He tried to cover it up the first few times, until I finally said, "No need to be embarrassed about popping wood. We all got cocks and they all get erect at times." Indeed, mine was now partially hard. Adam just laughed a little, but he stopped trying to cover up. I told him he'd get used to being naked outdoors pretty soon and the boners would probably stop then.

After a while, we retired to the tent. I told Adam he'd better let me check out that tick bite to see if it was getting infected. He pulled his legs up and spread them apart. I shined the flashlight on the bite and gently probed it with my finger. "What are you going to do if it's infected? Suck out the poison?" asked Adam, laughing as he spoke. "Don't tempt me," I replied, jokingly. It wasn't infected but the probing had the effect of making Adam as hard as a rock again. This time I noticed a little pre-cum appear at his piss slit. I applied a little more ointment. "Feel better? Sure looks that way!" I asked. Adam just laughed. I playfully tapped his hard-on with my finger and it bobbed back and forth a bit. "Dude!" replied Adam, now laughing nervously. "Go ahead and masturbate, if you want to. It won't bother me," I stated. Adam looked at me and smiled. "Why would I wanna do that?" he asked. I reached over and scooped up the now big drop of pre-cum from his piss slit with my finger and put it in front of his face, saying "Cuz you appear to be as horny as hell right now" as I laughed. I then put my finger in my mouth and licked off his pre-cum. Adam's eyes widen as he loudly laughed out, "DUDE! You're not gonna try suck my cock now, are you?"

"Only if you want me too," I replied, grinning like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. I could tell Adam was pretty toasted from the tequila and weed, and I was feeling it too. Adam smiled, looked down at the ground, and said, "Uhhhh, what the hell! I never had a blow job before!" Adam laid back on his sleeping bag as I quickly went down on him. His turgid flesh tasted gloriously salty and there was a heavenly, musky odor coming from his crotch. I moved my hand down under his body and started to gently finger his pink hole. Adam was moaning very loudly in pleasure. I slowly worked his tremendous manhood around my wet, hot mouth, wrapping my tongue around that smooth shaft while feeling his knob pulsate against the back of my throat. Not even a couple of minutes later, Adam let out a loud grunt as I felt wave after wave of hot, teenaged cum splash into my mouth. It tasted wonderful and I just let it sit in my mouth for a while enjoying the pleasure. "You're not gonna swallow that are you? That's so gross!" asked Adam. I let out a loud gulp and said, "Sure did! And it tasted as sweet as honey!"

Adam laughed nervously. "Now it's your turn to pleasure me," I said.

"Uhhh, dude, I don't think I wanna suck your cock. I'll jerk you off, though," said Adam. "That's not what I want either," I replied. "What are you gonna do, then?" asked Adam. "You'll see. Just lie back and enjoy." I straddled Adam's stomach and spit on my palm, lubing up Adam's long, thin shaft. "Oh God! You want me to fuck you!" stated Adam. I just smiled, leaned back and let Adam's gorgeous manhood slip into my soft, but tight asshole. I started to thrust my hips. Adam's shaft glided in and out of my flesh with ease. It felt tremendous! "Holy shit, you're tight! This feels great! I never fucked a girl, much less a guy, before!" Adam moaned out. I continued to ride that teenaged horse of a cock for a good ten minutes before I unloaded all over Adam's face, neck and chest. "Now lick your lips and taste my load," I muttered. Much to my surprise Adam complied as I pulled his rock-hard shaft from my ass. As Adam slowly licked my cum from his lips, he spurted out another load from his own shaft which I greedily licked up. We collapsed on our sleeping bags, breathing heavily. The last thing I heard as I dozed off was the gentle "thwack, thwack, thwack" of Adam stroking his cock. Gads that kid was horny!

The next day we arose just after sunrise. I gave Adam head in the tent before we got up, again relishing the honey-sweet taste of his boy juices in my mouth. I spanked my own meat as I blew the young stud, then came in his mouth at his request. We spent the rest of the day hiking to the next camp, naked of course. The sight of that young stud's rock hard cock bobbing up and down as we walked caused me to pause a few times and let him fuck me up the ass. That evening Adam agreed to give me head and it felt great. I asked him if he wanted to be fucked, and he said okay. I lubed his ass with Vaseline and my cock with spit then slowly slid my turgid meat into his virgin hole. I came deep inside him, then took his cock in my mouth and finished him off. The next day was an all-out orgy of flesh and pleasure as we fucked a couple of times, jacked each other off and gave each other head. By the end of that weekend hike we were both totally drained. As we threw the packs into the trunk of my car back at the lot, I leaned over and gave Adam a long, open-mouth kiss and thanked him for the wonderful time. I had a new hiking partner. FINIS

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