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"Two Married Guys"

I am a married man but I've always liked to watch other mens' cocks. One of my neighbors (married also) was a very hot looking man, nice body, nice big bulge, hairy chest, and nice all around guy. We all went to a local lake to do some swimming and picnic one week end just to get away from the house.

Many times when he and his family would come over to swim in our pool, I had to go in the house and take a load off, If you know what I mean. While we were at the park that Hot Sunday afternoon, I watched him closely, when he and I went out to the rope lines at the lake, He took his trunks off and showed me he was now naked. I was taken at awe by this his trunks just floating on the water and knowing that his cock is just hanging there. I took mine off too, and showed him. He liked it. I didn't do anything just yet. We both looked back at the beach line and our wives was waving us in to eat.

Not long after we ate One of his children was getting restless so they decided to leave. He took his oldest to the bath house and changed, It was then that I just had to take a pee, I waited for a bit and then I went to the bath house myself. As I walked in there were a few guy's changing Nice cocks but I wanted Daryl's, I walked by the shower area, saw him showing off, He saw me and My first thought was OOOHHH Shit. I looked very closely, he grabbed at his cock and held it out for me to see more. But his son was there so we just couldn't do anything. I went on to the urinal and it was then that I saw him peeking around the corner watching me.

About 2 months went by and we had bought a new TV.and video system for the house, from him. He came over one morning while I was off and showed me how to hook it all up. While I was sitting on the floor, He was standing there in my family room right behind me with the remote. As I turned around to say something to him, There it was A huge bulge just starring at me. I couldn't take anymore So I made a comment to him " Hey while I'm down here what do think about taking a load off ?" Much to my surprise he said I thought you'd never ask. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper, Only to find no underwear.

All that man hood just feel falling and wanting relief. I pulled it out and placed my hot eager lips on the Nice rosy red head. I sucked it down as far as I could take it. Looking up and seeing the pleasure in his face, He pushed me off of him and got down on the floor with me, Passionately kissing me taking my shirt off and undoing my pant's as well, He took hold of my Hard throbbing man hood and stroked it. Then he said lay back. He began sucking and licking then before I knew it he was on his knees at my head I immediately took his hard shaft into my mouth.

He then spread down over me and we preformed a 69 position for a while. I was getting so over whelmed I almost started to chute my load, But I didn't. He knew this though. So He got in an upright position on his knees and began to vigoursly pump my mouth I had almost all of his 9 inches down my throat. He pumped harder and harder I could tell by his moans he was getting close. I started jacking myself, sucking him as hard as I could. Suddenly, he began to yell " take it take it " It's all yours. He had so much spunk coming out I couldn't take it all in, He shot some on my chin and onto my chest, At that Moment I too began to cum. He bent over and started to suck me, I gave him one hell of a load,.

As I just laid there shaking uncontrollably, He laid down beside me and began to kiss me again. He rubbed the hot cum all over my chest and down to my belly, He then said I can't wait to get some time alone with you again. Just 2 horny married guy's getting there loads the best we can. FINIS

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