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"A Hunting We Will Go!"

Ed has the use of a cabin, deep in the mountains. He and Deon arranged a fishing trip, with two special friends. Both are very well hung.

I knew I was to be the only source of entertainment. We had a week of quiet, with no need to worry about outside visitors.

Ed and the other two, were at the cabin waiting as Deon drove me. We stoped at a rest area, and he gave me a bag, and told me to go in the bathroom and change. I was shocked as I looked into the bag. I undressed and put on the garter-belt and hose, a pushup bra, and a kotex belt. I was so horny, seeing myself in the mirrow, no body hair, it had been removed months ago. My nipples were swollen and hard. so was my little clitty.

I ran back to the car, Deon in no rush opened a box containing two vaucme tubes, he pumped so much my nipples were over an inch long. The pain was intoxicating. He spread a blanket over his seat and placed a monster dildo, in wonderful black, on the seat and told me to sit on it. The dildo was large at the top, but had ripples getting ever bigger as you approached the bottom.

As I started easing myself down on it, Deon reached over and pushed down on my shoulders, this caused me to lose my balance and fall with all my weight straight down on this ass-ripping dildo.

I was still crying when we arrived at the cabin, The kotex belt was secured to the dildo and I was taken in the cabin.

Walking in heels, with the dildo up my ass made me swish my ass around. Ed ask if I wanted the suction taken off my nipples? When I nodded he reached and pulled them off without breaking the suction, i was in tears again. The guys were impressed with my little man titties, not a b cup but over an A cup. My nipples were long and floppy, Deon opened his kit again and a packet of saline water was opened, and injected into my nipples making them look like plump grapes.

I was told one of the bathrooms was for me, and I was to use it to stay ready for them at all times.

One of the young men took off his clothes and showed me a cock that was over 12 inches in length, and as big around as a 20 oz pop bottle. He took a seat in a large chair and told me to sit on his cock. I tried bracing myself with my hands, I was told to put my hands behind my back. and just use my legs. As I squatted down my legs were pulled from under me and I had him ramed balls deep in one quick stroke. I felt warm liquid on my ass, He laughed and said he just broke my cherry.

He got up and found a bar stool and sat on it and I was to back onto his manhood and fuck myself with it. I slid onto his cock and eased my asshole back getting as much as I could in me. they pushed me back onto him and I was instructed to hurt myself or they would.

I spent the week as their woman, I took everything they had to offer, and by the end of the week I was the one asking them to make it hurt more. The assault on my titties has caused them to grow and they are leaking milk from being nursed on all the time.

My asshole is starting to feel like the bones are opening up, where I can take even bigger cocks.

On weekends I am now taken to a black bar, and I turn tricks for Ed and Deon. Deon likes to have me get on the bar and he makes a fist and rests his elbow on the bar and I squat and take his fist up my ass, I stand at the end of the bar, and black men take me from behind as I stand.


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