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"The Exhange Student"

My wife is one of those bleeding hearts that is always willing to become a major supporter of a soul in need - be it canine; a losing football team; or, in this case, a 19 year old Italian exchange student that was here to study English.

Me - well I'm a callous bastard that doesn't concern himself for a starving mongrel and always prefers to back the winning team - but when it came to Antonio well the first time I saw him I was smitten.

He had masses of black curly hair and always sported one of those 5 o'clock shadows that looks dirty and sensual at the same time. He had the darkest eyes and thick eyebrows that hooded his piercing stare with an almost sinister quality. I always thought that he was looking at me and his thoughts were a Latin mystery to me. He was tall but superbly proportioned - almost like one of the idyllic Roman statues that for some reason always has the cock broken off. Antonio's jeans quickly declared that his cock was not broken off as his thick shape always draped across the front of his thigh. He was one of those guys that instantly rips his shirt off in the sun and sported his heavily haired chest and superb pecs with a permanent tan for all to see. I couldn't decide whether I hated him or loved him but I sure as hell knew that I lusted for him.

He was almost a sickness for me and I will admit to the weakness that I would smell his underwear before I put it in the wash. He wore those incredibly brief European things that were little more than an eye patch. My other sick weakness that I am willing to admit to is voyeurism. My study where I do my writing is in the attic and I had made this little view slot above his bed where I could lay on the floor and watch him - how fucking sick was that.

We had a rule that he couldn't have any visitors in the house but it was well known in the village that he had a formidable score card with the local girls - his exotic good looks and fractured English turned your insides to hot melted butter (what better lubricant!!!).

So I would adjourn to my study and move the boxes that concealed my sick secret and lay on my rug and masturbate as I watched him. Most times he just lay on his bed naked and appreared to be lost in thought, but every now and then his hand would stray down his hairy flat muscled stomach and stroke his cock. His manner of masturbating was a revelation to me - he would pump his cock until I could see the slick gleam of precum coating his flared knob - then he would lift his hips and drive a finger (sometimes two) up his hairy butt until cum shot up his chest and coated his chest hair. Invariably he would scoop up a thick fingerfull and suck it as he relaxed back against his pillow. By this time I had also pumped my load all over the decrepit old rug that had belonged to my grandma - God would she has been horrified. Some part of my imagination always helped me to feel like we had done it together.

There was one wierd thing in all this. His father in Florence had sent us a letter and told us that Antonio's uncle who was his visa sponsor would visit occasionally to make sure that Antonio was OK.. That was fine with us of course but we never liked this guy who was always overly friendly and, in our opinion, a little sleazy. Anyway who we were to judge - especially me the King of Sleaze - and he only came about once a month anyway.

He would exchange phoney small talk with us over a coffee and then he and Antonio would go up to his room for a while to talk about - whatever!!! I would try to duck the guy when I could and one day was working in my study after my wife had endured coffee with the slime. I was curious enough to go to my "hole" to see what they talked about. I couldn't hear very much but I had a good range of view. Antonio had walked in shirtless from our summer garden and seemed to be arguing with his uncle - even with the little that I could hear and th e fact that I spoke zero Italian - I could tell from the arm waving and slightly raise voices that Antonio and his uncle were arguing.

Suddenly the uncle walked to the side of the bed where Antonio was sitting and grabbed a handful of his thick curly hair. With his free hand he opened the front of his trousers and pulled out the biggest cock that I had ever seen - even on the web. It must have been 9" long and as thick as the rolling pin that my wife used to cook with. Without any preamble he dragged Antonio's head forward and forced that massive organ between his lips and pushed straight forward until the entire length was buried in the kid's throat.

I couldn't begin to imagine what the shocking strangling sensation must have been like and I couldn't hope to understand how Antonio fitted this Italian salami into his throat. The good thing was that it lasted no more than maybe 5 thrusts of his hips and he pulled his cock out and pumped thick ropes of cum all through the hair o n Antonio's wonderful chest. His final act was to force Antonio forward yet again to lick up the final globs that squeezed out of his cock.

He turned and left immediately after pushing the kid back on the bed and saying one last, final guttural word in italian - the one word that I understood "Whore". Antonio fell back on his pillow and I fell back against the rug. I am ashamed to admit that the front of my sweat pants was tented with a major hard on but more than anything my heart went out to the kid.

I had to comfort him and somehow help him to understand that this wasn't right!! I went down and knocked quietly on his door. I went in even without waiting for an answer and just the sight of the tears on his cheeks made me walk across to the bed. He sat up and I sat beside him and put my arms around his muscled shoulders. I could smell the cum and see the matted hair on his chest where it had formed thick pools. I am sure that he was as confused as hell but enjoyed the physical comfort of being held by another person and he held me back just as tightly. I was conscious of the wetness of the cum that was soaking through my Tshirt but i would worry about that later.

"Antonio, I know what your uncle does to you".

"You know???" he stammered, and clearly couldn't understand how I knew.

"Yes, and I know that you don't like it and he shouldn't force you.

"No, no, no - you no understand - I like but he no do anything the same to me!!!" Suddenly I realized how stupid I had been - he wasn't being forced he was just pissed of because his uncle wouldn't reciprocate.

The reality had the front of my sweats tented again instantly and Antonio immediately felt the hard thickness under his arm wrapped around me. For the first time I also realized that Antonio had a major boner in his jeans and I could feel the heat and wetness of it even though the fabric. I knew that there was no turning back so I laid Antonio back against his pillow and straddled his his hips with my own. He pulled the front of my sweats down and my cock jumped out like a horse bolting from the gate.

"Not as big as your uncle" "No but more beautiful" he answered . He gently caressed the knob with his lips and his hand gently pumped at my hanging balls until I felt the precum flow. I pulled his head back slowly and even then his tongue darted out and flicked the piss slit of my cock where the juice flowed.

I sat back and pulled his jeans down to free his brown and pulsing cock. I pushed his legs slowly apart and back against his chest. This lifted his hips in the air and his cock and tightly puckered ring were exposed to my hungry gaze. My tongue slipped across his heated ass muscle and his hips arched even higher and with his hands he ripped his buttocks apart an incredible distance so that my tongue could push even deeper into him. All the while my hands were stroking his cock and balls and he moaned words deeply in Italian. I pushed my thumb into his ass and then my forefinger - so that my mouth was free to plunge the length of his throbbing cock. I felt the hard ridge of his head against the back of my throat and his butt muscle was tightly clenched around my fingers. I could feel the muscle spasming as he got close to cuming. Suddenly he let out a short yell and cum flooded my throat and flowed around the thickness of his shaft as I continued to suck. So much juice and so thick and the taste was incredible. His thrusting hips subsided and slowly his cock slipped drom my mouth. He sat up with his hips still wide spread and kissed me deeply. "I taste myself on your tongue" he whispered quietly. His tongue licked around the inside of my mouth and lapped up his own juice.

He pulled back a short distance and his eyes looked deeply into mine. "Maybe you love Antonio a little - yes??" he asked, but I couldn't talk. He pushed me to slide me back in a seating position against the padded foot of his bed. My legs were extended straight out and he slid up on my lap with his legs each side of my thighs. He lifted on his knees and held my cock against his ass. Slowly he slid down until I was buried full length inside him. The feeling was electrifying and as he started to squeeze his muscles around my shaft I knew that I couldn't last long. I started thrusting forcefully and he rode me like a bronco. We bounced up-and-down fit to smash the bed until with one great heave I shot my load and he felt the heat flood him. As I pumped myself dry he put his arms around me again and kissed me gently with his hairy chest pressed against mine.

The only sick part about it as we sat there embracing was the thought that kept running through my mind "How do I get me some of the uncle's massive thick cock" - how fucking sad is that!!!!


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