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"First Time as an Adult!"

I am a retired white male. I had a few gay encounters as a teenager, but none as an adult. This is my first time as an adult - and a retiree! I hang out with other men my age, I have made many friends, some are black.

One of my black friends, suggested that instead of standing around drinking coffee, we find a place where we could watch people and drink our coffee while sitting.

We found that his front porch was close to the downtown traffic, and we could sit and watch in comfort. Most of our conversations were jokes, and gossip. Sex always came up, and it seems that interracial sex was much discussed. Over time I guess they learned that I enjoyed watching interracial sex online.

One cold rainy day we moved into the house, I was ask if I could show my friend some of the sites I went to online? Glad to be of service, I went to a site that shows several categories. Under interracial were all manner of sex acts, including gay. I downloaded a gay movie and let it play, my friend asked if that was a hint? I told him that I really did not know.

He asked if I had ever had sex with a black man?

No the only gay sex I had was as a youth, and that was long ago, and none were black. I did admit that I had often wondered what it would be like.

He stood up beside me and had his pants down and his manhood was out in a flash.

Without a second thought I took him in my mouth. Watching the vids had him semi hard, and he was seven inches long, and it felt so soft and smooth. I licked up and down his shaft, and found his balls and started sucking them into my mouth.

He took my head in his hands and put his cock back in my mouth and held me on it while he came in my mouth.

I had never had a man cum in my mouth before but I drank every drop. After he was done I ask him how big his cock got when it was hard? he told me nine inches.

He ask if I would want to do this again?

I didn't know, I would have to think on this.

He told me to go home and jackoff, and think about his nine inch cock, and what it could do for me.

I did, as I lay there jacking my hard little white cock, I for the first time came thinking about a black cock in my ass.

The next day after our morning coffee, we went into the house and he had me suck him till he was hard, then he ask if I had any thoughts about him using me as his white pussy boy?

I told him I found the idea very thrilling but it could be more trouble than it was worth. He had gone on line and found a set of instructions, on health and cleaning methodes for gays. I finished him by mouth that day, and the next day I arrived ready for him to break me in.

We got undressed and went to the bedroom he had me lay on my side and he curled around me playing with my nipples and my little cock. he lubed my asshole and his cock, as he pinched my nipples he pushed his manhood into me, and I cried out, he ask if he should stop? at this point all I could say was please don't stop. I was rocking my ass trying to get him deeper in me, I had nine inches in me and I was asking him to ram it harder. We rolled with me on my belly where he could get more into me and do me harder, I felt him ram deep into my ass and I could feel his cock start jumping around inside me, I felt his hot cum spray deep in me. As we recovered he ask if I had enjoyed it as much as he did? I told him he needed to change his sheets, I had made a real mess.

I guess I am the oldest gay to go into the closet, I am still just an average Joe to most, I hunt and fish and tell jokes about blonds. But I have changed in many ways, my hair below the neck is all gone and when I go drink coffee I wear a garter belt and hose, with a magic bra, my friend has a few other black men with bad intentions over now and then. I have found a submissive side, and the black men love to make me tell them that I am a cum slut, for black men I beg for them to use my pussy, after they are done I have to wear a kotex for a few days while the bleeding stops. But feeling the kotex rub my asshole makes me horny for the next hard black cock.


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