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"Golf Ball Through A Garden Hose!"

When I was about 19 or 20, hanging out at a truck stop cafe drinking coffee with friends was the daily routine. We would sit for hours joking around, visiting with other friends and chasing after the occassional stray babe that dared to wander into our sanctuary.

At this time, I was about 5'9" 150lb and fairly scrawny. My cock is "nice to suck on" average 5 1/2"-6", cut and gently curved with fiarly small balls.

One of those other friends was Dave. He was about 25, dark and stocky built. I had heard rumors that he liked guys. In fact, I had noticed that Dave would never come in when a certain group of guys was also there. Seems there was some bad blood there. ON the other hand, I had seen Dave with a few different girls hanging on his arm and he was usually the first to notice a new hot girl come in.

One evening I was the only one of the gang in our cafe, when Dave wandered in and saw me. He came to my table and set himself down. Over our coffees we talked about what a boring night it was and we decided to grab a case of beer and head up a canyon to drink.

We found a good spot off the road, built a fire and broke open the Buds. After a few beers each the talked turned to the fact neither one of us had been laid in weeks. Then a thought came to me, and for some reason I dared to risk getting the crap beat out of me and left to walk home, and I asked him about the rumors, and if that was the reason for the bad blood.

Dave got real quiet, and he looked mad. He was a lot stronger than I and I had seen him fight, I was getting scared and feeling stupid. I just knew I was dead meat for asking.

Then he began to speak. He told me that the bad blood was because several years ago he had been on a sleepover with Doug, one of those guys. He woke up in the middle of the night with Doug's head on his belly, and hand on his cock. Dave told me that he was shocked and didn't do anything, just pretended to sleep. But the next morning he asked his friend why, and he denied it. They got in a fight, and Dave beat the crap out of the kid. Ok, that explained the rumors of his sexuality and the bad blood with those guys.

Then Dave blew my mind. He asked me why I had asked about it; did I want to play around? He said that it had really turned him on when Doug played with him so many years ago, and that he chose to explore that side of himself. He found that he liked it, and he was bisexual. Whoa.

My mind was racing. I didn't know him very well. What if this was a setup? But he was rubbing his crotch and moving a little closer to me. "come on", he said. "We can jack off together and nothing else has to happen".

I had played around with a couple other guys by then. Nothing to brag about. No guy had ever made me cum, and I had never made another cum. I had never been real comfortable in those few situations and had never intended to try again. But this time was different. Though I didn't know Dave well, I felt comfortable with him. So I decided. And I immediatley got rock hard.

"What the hell Dave. I've played with a guy before, but nothing really happened. Maybe it can be more fun this time", and I reached down and opened my belt. He pulled his cock out and started slowly stroking himself. I did the same. We sat next to each other and watched each other jacking. After a few minutes he said "You have a nice cock and I want to touch you."

I didn't say anything, I just took his hand and put it on my throbbing dick, which by now was leaking pre-cum. Then I reached over and took his cock in my hand. No pre-cum, but it felt hot in my hand. Soft and smooth , yet hard as a rock. His dick was shorter than mine, maybe 4 - 5", but thick, and he had big balls.

We lay down next to the fire on the small blanket Dave had brought from his truck, but the blanket was just too small to stretch out and get comfy on, and it was getting cold out, despite the fire. We stroked each others' dicks and I held his balls for a few minutes, but we were getting cold in the high mountain spring air. We doused the fire and climbed into the cab of his truck. It was real cramped in there, but even so, we dropped our pants and kept at the stroking.

I was beginning to think I might want to try sucking that fat cock. In fact, his cock without any pre-cum was dry. I figured I had to lube it, so I dove down on him and took what I could into my inexperienced mouth. I had only had only one dick in my mouth before this, and it was so fat, I could hardly get my mouth around it! Also, the steering wheel was in the way, and I couldn't get a good position and I'm sure I must have scraped him with my teeth. When I had slobbered some saliva on him, I went back to stroking him, and he began to moan.

He asked if he could suck me, and of course I said yes. We struggled to find a comfortable position but it proved futile. Dave suggested we get a motel room to be more comfortable. By now I was so cold and so horny I just pulled up my jeans and said "drive."

We rubbed each other a bit on the way down the canyon and to the motel. We talked about girls and how much we both liked to eat pussy. It was difficult to jack each other, but we managed to stay hard. I had no money, so Dave checked us into a room with 2 beds in a cheap motel.

It took us only seconds to get undressed. Dave had a good body, muscular and moderately hairy. I finally got a good look at his organ, and it looked hot. By now I really wanted to suck him, so we lay down on one bed and quickly got into 69. I liked the feel of his cock in my mouth, although I had to keep my mouth stretched open. He was licking my shaft and sucking the head. He stroked my balles and gently rubbed my prostate. I tried my best to follow what he was doing, but he soon pushed my away and said"I just want to suck you off now." He kneeled down on the floor then and went to town on me!

Man o man! This guy could suck a cock! His mouth was like a super- wet vacuum. He bobbed his head up and down and stroked me whith his fingers encircling just below his mouth, sealing the vacuum even more tightly. His mouth felt like it was literally pumpimg the cum right out of me! I was imagining an oil well pump, and the pressure they had to have to pump oil from deep underground. I now knew what a real blow job was. He stopped sucking for a moment and licked my balls, first one, then the other. His hand kept stroking me with the same rhythm that he had been sucking me with. I knew I wasn't goint to last much longer, then suddenly without warning, I exploded.

Dave felt me begin to blast and quickly got his mouth back over the head of my cock. He took my load and continued to suck. It felt like my balls were getting suck inside out and I just couldn't take it anymore, and I pushed him off. I couldn't even talk to thank him.

Dave got up on the bed and began to stroke his dick. I really wanted to get that fat cock back in my mouth, and when I went down on him I was very careful with my teeth. But Dave didn't want me to continue and he asked me to stop. By then my cock got hard again, much sooner than I normally would. Dave saw this and pushed me back on the bed and went down on me again.

This time he slowed down a bit and changed the style. He simply sucked and sucked and sucked. Slow and deep. He had the entire length of my dick in his mouth then sucked to the tip and back down again. He kept a constant rhythm with this and before I knew it,I felt the cum rising again. It felt like a ball being pulled from my nuts, forcing its way out of my dick. This time my load went deep down his throat and he relished it. Dave said, "this is a perfec cock to suck on." Then I quickly fell asleep, exhausted.

I don't know how long I slept, perhaps an hour, but I awoke to the noise of Dave jacking his cock in the other bed while he watched a porn movie on the TV. I watched him in the televison light for a few minutes, then I realized I was hard again. I still wanted to suck that fat cock, so I lifted the blanket off me to go over to him, but Dave said "stay right there" and he came over to me. Once more he took my hard cock in his mouth, refusing my desire to taste him.

He blew me with that same pistoning, syphoning action that turned my organs inside out. I came again, hard, once again he swallowed my cum. Then he stroked his shaft just a few quick jerks and came in a towel. I didn't even get to help.

In the morning we showered seperately, but Dave just had to suck me one more time. This time was actually painful, I was so sucked dry! Then he drove me to the cafe, where I had left my car and I never saw him again. No one, man or woman, has ever sucked me that well since. I never did learn why he wouldn't let me suck him or help get him off. Hey, a guy has to learn how sooner or later.. right?


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