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"Hard Racer!"

Sunday mornings I usually stop at the unused soccer fields behind the high school to hit a bucket or two of golfballs, followed by a half hour or so to pick them up. No one is there early, and it is cool and quiet. One morning I was hunting a few errant balls which led me into the woods near the stands, where a dumpster stood at the end of the parking lot. While I snooped around behind it for the last few balls, I heard several cars roar up and the sounds of people yelling. One guy pulled up in a old mustang GT, and another in a racer CRX. Each had a girl in the car with them, and each seemed to have a good number of fans piled into a pick-up truck than followed them in.

The two drivers jumped out of there cars and, while the crowd shouted at them, seemed to be challenging each other to race, by the look of it, it was getting pretty heated. There muscles ripped under their t-shirts, veins in their necks bulging. I kept myself hidden, but could not hear the challenge. Then, they returned to their cars and with spinning wheels and sprays of testosterone, took up positions at the far end of the parking lot.

Before they even started, I knew the 'stang was going to loose. THe blond, rugged-looking driver had a faster car, but here in the parking lot the he had no time to get off the line. The crew-cut driver of the CRX, on the other hand, knew his car was quick, and that the race would be over before the mustang could get up to speed. He was taller, and folded his muscular frame back into the cockpit while his girlfriend cheered him on, enthusiasticly.

They revved up the engines and a cute girl from the truck stepped forward, raised her hand, then dropped it. Both cars took off, but the ricer easily slid in into the lead and then stomped on the brakes a few feet from my hiding place, with the mustang following in his smoke. The ricer driver lept from his car to cheers and hollers from the group, and strutted over to the sheepish mustang driver. Eventually, to hoots and jeers, the blonde driver opened the door and stood up from the car. Up to now, I had no idea what they were racing for, but I soon figured it out. The truckload of race fans emptied out, and kind of formed a semi-circle around the two drivers, as if to keep them from escaping. They stood within 20 feet of my position, with there cars behind them and the onlookers just beyond. Even the girlfreinds had exited there cars and had joined the chanting. Eveyone seemed too intent on the two drivers to notice me crouching in the shadows, while one driver seemed to be strutting infront of the other, daring him to pay up. Then, he stopped, and simply dropped his cut-offs, exposing his long, semi-hard cock. He took it in his hand and to the delight of the crowd, began to waggle it at the muscular blonde driver.

Only then did I understand what the group was chanting, and what this race was about. They were racing for a blowjob! They were chanting "on your knees" and "suck it!" over and over again.

The mustang driver seemed to be looking for a way out, or a place to run, and for a second I thought he was going to bolt towards me and expose my hiding place. But then the girlfriend of the tall driver stepped forward and pushed down on his shoulders, getting him onto his knees. Wasting no time, the other driver kicked off his shorts and walked spread-legged over to his victim, grinning like a wolf. He wagged his dick in front of the mustang driver, inches from his face, to the delight of the crowd. Then, he pushed his now hardening prick into then mustang's face and cock-whipped his cheeks. The girl pushed his head into her boyfriend's cock, encouraging him to pay up. At last he relented and opend his mouth, and the tall dude stuffed his hard cock into it. The blonde just opened his jaw and let the other dude push his cock in and out, not using his lips or tongue at all. Man, I was crouched only a few feet from the action, watching one straight guy stuff his cock into the mouth of another straight guy. They were both too involved in the action to notice me, and I hoped it would stay that way!

The crewcut guy pumped in and out for a while, but then you could see he was getting frustrated and he grabbed the blonde by the head and started to really fuck his face. This drew a cheer from the girls, and they clapping in time to his thrusts. By now, I could see crewcuts's cock at it's hardest, saliva glistening of it's veiny length. His long-hanging nuts slapping the kneeling studs chin over and over. Both the girlfriends by now had crowed in to get a closer view, and the other had climed onto the two cars for a better view, all of there eyes glued to the hard cock getting sucked off in front of us.

I thought I saw the muscular guy try to say something in-between thrusts, like "mwat y kum in ny mout" while shaking his head, but the tall guy was beyond caring, and I could see his ass muscles tensing up for a powerfull climax. Then his thrusts became more powerfull, and his tight ass clenched and he kind of tensed up and screwed his eyes shut. The cocksucker tried to remove his head from the crewcut's iron grip, and even grabbed his fucker's ass to push him away but crewcut wasn't going to let his orgasm go to waste. Then, his whole body became rigid and I knew he was shooting a hot sticky load into the blonde's throat. In a flash, the blonde guy pushed the shooting cock out of his mouth and spit a spoonfull of come onto the ground. Meanwhile, crewcut's cock was still shooting cum all over the place, including his buddy's face and shirt.

His girlfriend, his shorts in one hand, grabbed his shooting cock and pumped it a few times, while she kissed him and licked his ear,smiling. He gave the croud one last wag of his still hard cock before pulling his cutoffs back on and stufing his cock away. He slid into his car with his girlfriend and he led the truckload of cheering fans away.

The other guy, meanwhile, had retreated to his car and was leaning agaist the hood, wiping off his face with his t-shirt. His girlfriend took his hand and nuzzled his neck, affectionatly. After a few minutes, she started laughing and then, he followed. Slowly, she pushed him back onto the hood of his car and freek his very hard cock from his jogging shorts. Obviously, she was as aroused as he was, and she gulped his hard, pulsing cock in no time, pumping his shaft with her fist. I could not believe my luck to be so close, to watch two amazing cocksukers perform live. And to remain undiscovered! In a flash, he tensed up his face and lifted his ass from the car's hood, pumping jet after jet of stick man cum into her mouth. She gagged a little and pulled off his knob, letting it fall against his rock hard abs and finish spewing sticky white juice down his side.

She swallowed, kissed him hard on the lips and they drove off together.


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