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I was 21 and my wife was 19 when we got married. She had a close friend who was about 13 who would come stay the weekend with us so they could do their girl stuff at the mall. One weekend her friend, Wendy, came to visit while my wife's younger brother was also visiting. Ben was about 15 or so. My wife always thought they would make a great couple, so she arraigned for them to spend time like this together. Late that Friday night, she convinced them to help her surprise tickle me after I had already gone to bed. The three of them attacked me and my wife proceeded to tickle me while the other two held me down. I usually slept in the nude with a hard on during the night. I was trying to kick the cover off of me, but it was wrapped around my dick and would not come off. I thought that if they were going to gang up on me, then I should use any method I could for my defense. To embarrass my wife in front of them was the number one defense.

After they left me alone for a little while and had gone out of the room, I decided to spring my own surprise on them. Still naked, I got up and went into the other room with them. All three of them were shocked to see me standing in the doorway with nothing but a hard on. I crossed the room and grabbed my wife and held her down wile pulling her nightgown up past her waist. Since she wore no panties at night, she was completely exposed when I aimed her toward her brother and forced her knees apart. Earlier, we had hauled out the Playboy and Playgirl mags that we had for them to look at. Her brother was looking at a spread of one woman and I told him to come over for a better look at the real thing and tell me which one was the best to look at. After getting down between her legs for a better view, he admitted the real thing did look better and settled in for a much closer view. I pulled her pussy lips apart and started to rub her clit. The bulge in his pants left no doubt as to his interest in his sister's wet pussy and puckered ass hole. While I was holding my wife down, I made sure Wendy was getting a good close look at my hard dick. She was lying on the floor about a foot from me and the expression on her face told me my plan was working.

I picked my wife up off of the floor and carried her to the bedroom, leaving the door open. I tossed her on the bed and pulled her gown off of her. I put her on her hands and knees and then got behind her on the bed. After turning sideways to the door, I slammed my dick into her pussy so hard that I knew we could be heard into the other room. After fucking her for a few minutes, I made her call Ben and Wendy into the bedroom so they could have a better view of us fucking. Wendy came to the side of me and watched my dick as it plowed in and out of that pussy. I could feel the juices dripping off of my balls and made sure Wendy also saw it. I then noticed Ben watching his sister's tits bouncing. I made her raise up and then I pulled her arms back so her back would arch and make her tits bounce in front of her better. I fucked her like this for another 5 minutes or so and finally came with a few more pounding strokes that made her really cry out with a super hard orgasm. Ben's dick was so hard that he had to finally pull it out and start stroking it. He and Wendy went back into the living room and were soon fucking on their own. My wife and I both stood in the doorway to watch them for a while and soon joined them on the floor for a second round. Needless to say, they were frequent weekend visitors.


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