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"I Thought It Was Over!"

Over a year ago, I told the members here at Bi Men how my wife had caught the neighbor's wife giving me a BJ and then taking me to an ABS, forcing me to suck not just any cock but black cocks through the glory holes. We only made 2 more trips there and she would have me suck 2-3 cocks and then we would leave.

Last week, we were to meet some friends for dinner at a local steak house. My wife got dressed and told me to get ready early cause she had to pick up something along the way.

We stopped at this Wal Mart and she ran in and came out with one of those squirt bottles like you put catsup in. It was empty but I thought what the hell she was always doing something crazy and thought nothing if it. She then told to switch places with her cause she wanted to drive.

We headed down the highway out of town and she pulled into the same ABS we had visited a year ago. She looked over at me and said, "Get The Hell Out!"

I begged her and said "Please baby! I have not cheated or done anything since the time you caught me."

She said "Out and In the store."

We went in and she led me straight to the back booth where last year I was forced to suck my first black cock. She paused along the way to speak with a black man he smiled shook his head yes and walked our way.

Once in our booth I heard the ajoining booth open and close and the biggest and blackest cocok I have ever seen came through the hole.

My wife told me to get busy cause we didn't have all night, but when he started to cum I was to catch it all in my mouth and transfer it to the plastic squirt bottle. I sucked and she told him to fuck my mouth and fill it full. After a few minutes I felt his cock throb and swell and the warm flow of cum filled my mouth, she handed me the bottle and said get rid of it. I spit it in the bottle and she said lick his cock clean darling, I did not know but she had told him to call his friends and there were 6-8 other guys lined up outside waiting for their turn. When the last guy was sucked my wife checked the bottle and said well I it is almost full lets go to dinner. I asked for water or mouth wash to rinse out and she laughed and said "Go To Hell."

We arrived at the steak house just as our friends was pulling in and we all went in and took a seat. The waiter took our order and when asked what type of dressing I wanted on my salad my wife replied,"He is on a special diet," and brought out the squirt bottle of cum and put it in front me. Remember darling you got to eat it all. The she whispered to where just I could hear, "If you think this is bad wait till the next time."

I have no idea when or where the next time will be.


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