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"My First Plowed"

As I finished my first time story after the hot session with the older guy in his car in the country, I mentioned that there was a second first time for me - the first time that I was fucked by a man.

After my introduction in the guy's car at the country site, we had a number of encounters as follow-ups but none as intense as he did not get much free time from his family. Remember I was only 18 and not married yet. I would either meet him in the office early - or stay late - on the pretext that we had something urgent to deal with. It was urgent - that's sure - a load of cum that was aching to be discharged.

They were mostly only blow jobs or jack-off sessions and (naturally) I found them not as exciting as the time in his car. There was one time that he sat at the swivel chair at his desk and I swallowed him and drank him dry - but still it was always hurried and not as much fun. I was ready for more by this time. This guy - he was older than me - played squash with some of the senior guys in the company once a week.

One week their game was cancelled and he asked me to play with him. I jumped at the chance. It was midafternoon and the courts were empty e4xcept for our game and the guy at the front desk was in some sort of trance like state.

After the game - which I won incidentially - we were sitting on the bench in the change room resting. He turned toward me and ran his hand up the leg of my shorts and inside my jock strap. He stroked and squeezed me and I got hard real quick. He just smiled and took his hand out while the front of my shorts were tented out in grand style.

I wasn't sure how far he would go in such a public place. I could see from his own shorts that he was ready as well. He lifted me to my feet and pulled my shorts down and sucked the head of my cock through my sweaty strap. All I could do was watch the door over his bobbing head and wonder what we would say if someone came in.

He stripped of all his clothes and mine were an instant behind. He lead me to a shower stall - in this place each stall was separate with full height walls but the doors stopped at about 7'0" with a space above. We turned the water of full jet and it hit or hot and sweaty bodies. He psuhed me against the tiled wall and kissed me hard.

I could feel our rigid cocks rubbing against each other as he ground his hips against me. The fair hair on his chest was dark with the water which gushed over us but didn't cool our heat at all. His tongue was in my mouth and I pinched his nipples as he had showed me cause I knew that it drove him crazy. He slipped one arm around my waist and squeezed my buns hard. He lifted me away from the wall and put both arms around me - pulled both my buttocks apart and let the shower water hit my puckered ring. It was the most amazing experinece and he never stopped kissing me the whole time. I knelt in front of him and gripped his cock around the base at his balls. I sucked him into my throat and started that slow sucking motion that I had already perfected in our office sessions. I put one hand between his legs and stuck a finger in his ass.

He stopped me and said - "No today is YOUR turn!"

That scared me a little. His cock wasn't huge but it was big enough and I wasn't sure how much that it would hurt, but I was so turned on that I was ready to try anything. He turned me to face the tiled wall and he spread my legs way apart. He took the bar of soap and started washing my buns and pushing first one finger and then two inside me. At first I resisted but he was kissing my back and whispering things in my ear about how much I was going to enjoy it. Bit by bit I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of his fingers fucking me. My arms were spread out across the tiled wall and I felt the water hitting me from above but I was pretty well oblivious to anything as I surrendered to this new sensation.

After a while when I was relaxed he did something that took me by surprise - he slid the bar of soap part way into me. At first I thought it was his cock but it was a strange shape and very slippery. He told me that it was to get me really well lubricated. Finally he took that out and I knew that it was time.

He pressed against me and I felt him hold the head of his cock against my slippery ring. He put it in about and inch and then waited. Iy felt great and I pushed back aganist him and he slipped the whole length in.

It was a shock at first but he stopped and let me get accoustomed to the feeling. He put both his arms around my waist and gripped my hard cock with both his hands. He started up a slow sliding motion and I felt like he filled me all the way to my stomach. He was sliding that cock in and out and sliding his soapy hands back and forth up my shaft - man it was wild. His motion got faster and then I came all over the tiled wall. He came at the same time and I felt the heat of his cum in my guts. It is amazing that with the soap amd everything else inside me I could still feel his juice as it flooded me. He slowed and pulled out and turned me around and licked my cock clean. It was half limp by that time but still had some final licks of cum for him.

He kissed me and said that from now on we would be able to give each other the same sort of pleasure and we did on so many occasions.

As we washed oursleves and ran our hands over each other's body I almost felt that I was ready for another session. My ass felt as if it was permanently opened and I explored it that night as I masturbated and thought about out session. I planted a finger deep inside myself but it wasn't the same so I looked forward to the next time that we could get together. I suppose that's about it - so it was a double first time! First time with a man and then first time to be fucked.


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