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"My First Time With a Guy!"

I had a few primitive encounters with other boys in high school but I don't even think that they count and they are certainly not interesting enough to recount here.

My first real experience was when I was 18 and just ready to start College. I had a summer internship in an Architect's office and was really excited about it. After I had been there for about 6 weeks, I was sent out with one of the graduate architects to a site in the countryside to take some levels of the land before design could start.

I was going with this guy who was 30 so he seemed very grown up to me. He was married and I had met his wife. I thought that he was very attractive - as much for the way that he was very considerate and helpful to me in the office but he was physically appealing to me as well.

He had sandy coloured hair and dressed very well. Not as tall as I was but clean shaven and I always had my attention drawn to the chest hair coming out of the neck of his shirt when he had an open neck shirt on.

We drove out to this site first thing and spent all day there. It was hot working out in the sun and when we stopped for lunch he took his shirt off and relaxed while we ate the sandwiches that we had taken.

I was mesmorised by the site of his chest. Well formed pecs and a spray of blond hair that ran down to his navel. He had little pink nipples that looked incredible through that blonde hair. I couldn't take my eyes off him and felt a distinct dampness from pre-cum in my shorts so I was intensely disappointed when he put his shirt back on when we atrted work again.

We worked until sundown and he suggested that we stop for dinner before the long drive back. He asked me if I wanted a beer. I hadn't been a big drinker by that stage but I said yes to seem more mature. I ended up having quite a number and felt very heady.

He was asking me very personal questions about my sex life and making some very ribald coments that made me feel accepted as his equal. We had been there in this booth for some time and I was rock hard. I had to move it to one side to be comfortable and trusted that he couldn't see it in the dim booth. He turned sideways toward me and just looked at me. He reached his hand across under the table and rubbed my cock through my trousers.

He said to me "I could see this at lunch time but wasn't sure if it was for me or not."

I shuddered as he rubbed my knob through the rough fabric. Like a fool I said "I'm sorry".

He gave a small laugh and said "Let's get out of here."

I had to walk out with my folder in front of me and we got in his car. It was very dark in the country as he drove back to the site. When he parked, he turned to me and said "You'll enjoy this"

He put my seat way back and took my cock out of my shorts. It was slick with pre-cum which I generate a lot of. He ran his tongue up my shaft and it felt like an electric shock. He slid it down his throat and it was a feeling that I will never forget.

He pulled back and took off his clothes so I pulled mine off as well. He leaned over me and put his nipples toward me and told me to bite them. I took one in my mouth. It was hard and tasted salty. When I sucked and chewed it he moaned very loudly. I was holding his cock while I did this but I wanted to see what it looked like. He was as hard as an iron rod. I caressed his balls which felt silky and his sack was very dangly. He kissed me and thrust his tongue in my mouth while I continued to pump at his cock and he moaned into my mouth. Abruptly he pulled back and I thought that I had done something wrong.

He said "I want you to fuck me"

I hadn't even properly fucked a girl at this stage so I wasn't truly sure of how we were going to do it. While I laid back on the seat he straddled me. He took my cock in his hand and spat on it. He then put it against his ass and lowered himself on to me. He brought my hand up to his nipples and I pinched them while he moved his hips up and down. I pumped his cock and he really started sliding that ass. I felt his cock shoot hot cum on to my stomach and I took my hand off his nipples and rubbed my hand in it so that I could taste it on my fingers. I had never tasted cum before and had no idea what it would taste like. I will admit that I hated it at first but like olives or anchovies it is a taste that you grow addicted to. When he came, I could feel his ass muscles clenching and relaxing on my cock and it caused me to blowe inside him.

Other than jacking off this was my first proper orgasm and it was wild. That made his ass even more lubricated and he continued pumping away until he had drained me of every drop and my cock slipped out. He laid forward on me and our juices ran over our bodies and it was the most memorable experience that I had up to that point. We got it together a lot during that summer and did it in lots of different places and ways. He fucked me eventually so he was my first in EVERY way. He fucked me in the shower of our squash club but that is another story.


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