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My early visits to abs was to walk about the magazines until i got so hard i couldnt stand it and go jo in a booth. at the time, i had no idea that these places where heavy on guys looking to get sucked. i got married and moved near coopertown pa where there is an abs on a hill. it took a few years of no sex until i finally went in there to check it out. my scene was the same, pretend to not want to jo and then get a hand full of tokens and leave right away. at some point the movies got real good and i saw my first gay film with some guy sucking a big cock and another guy vigorisly licking his ass. after i flipped around the guy was pounding his but and they all looked so happy.

i started going to this abs every time i could get out of the house just to watch these guys on the film fucking each other. i then moved to southern md. nothing to be discreet about down here so all that stuf went away. but one weekend we went visiting freinds and i had to stay in a hotel. i knew that as soon as i could get away i would be there.

I had a bunch of beers at the local bar, felt horney enough to go jo and drove up there. this time i just went right to the tokens and went into the back. as i walked around, some guy motioned for me to join him in a booth. i felt that something might happen but i didnt know what. i immediatly went in. a nice looking guy. tall, slender. he went right for my dick. this had never happened before and it was a good thing i was pretty lit. he rubbed me from outside my pants and sucked on my ear. he unipped and played with my cock making it grow instanlty to hardness.

I let hm do this for a while because i didint know aht aelse to so, but i had to see what was in store. i pulled him pants down to reveale a 5 inch cock. it was so neat to see a small cock and play with it. i rubbed out cocks together or a while. i thought i was going to come . he complemented me on my touch. then he took me into his mouth. i had never felt anything as good as this. my wife used to suck me and it was not this good.

He stopped afer a while and wanted me to suck him. i wasnt real happy about that but did it anyway. his cock was the perfect size. al 5 inches just went right in to the ack of my mouth. i loved sucking it in and out. i ran it all over my teeth and sucked him as far as he could go. i was so overwhelmed i asked him to come back with me. but he couldnt.

He started sucking me again. he took me cock all the way to the back of his thraot and mae love to my cock. i told him i was coming and he stood up ad started stroking me. i shot so many wads of come on the tv screen. i came so violently i had to hug him to keep from falling down. when he finally stopped milking me i thought i lost 15 pounds. i knew after that sucking that this was about the most exciting thing that sex could have to offer. i went back to sucking him, took him all the way into my mouth and finished him off the same way he did me. got a great compliment on my sucking. I still like small cocks. they fit in my mouth and ass so well.


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