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"Once You Taste Black..."

I have enjoyed the pleasures of sucking other guys cocks since i was a little kid...I am now in my 50's and still enjoy the chance to help another buddy get his load off.

I was feeling horny as hell last week and decided to make a visit to the local adult in the booth area and was just checking out the movies when a black man walked up beside me.

He was about my height , 5'9" or so...older than me...guessing he was in his early 60's, very in shape and a thin mustache, very very handsome.

I gave him a clear look of interest, and moved over to a quiet area of the booths and leaned against the wall...he soon lit a cigarette, and went into a booth...

I watched for any hint of an invitation but got none...after he used one token, he walked back out into the booth area...the movie he had watched was one he obviously enjoyed, there was a damn nice bulge along his crotch...

I wanted that cock...after a few minutes, i continued to eye his bulge and gave my own crotch some gentle rubbing, to make him see i was interested...

He finally gave me a nod and walked into another booth leaving the booth door slightly ajar...i wasted no time in joining him...he slipped a token in the movie turned to me and opened his pants...sliding out a nicely shaped circumcised cock...

I put my hands on his manhood gently squeezing and stroking him...he put both hands on my shoulders gently pushing me down...i moved my mouth to his beautiful cockhead, let my tongue swirl over and across the head, getting his cock wet with my saliva...stroking him and licking up and down on his hot black shaft...

He smiled...i then slid his entire swelling cock in and out of my hungry mouth...the movie was a hot 3 way with 2 guys fucking a woman, her pants and climax giving the booth some nice sound effects...

I jacked him stroked him and licked and sucked on his beautiful cock...

He smiled down at me...then placed both hands on the side of my head...beginning to fuck my mouth ...i loved it...he told me to lick and slide my tongue over his cock...sliding in and out...i loved did not take long for me to taste some of his hot manjuice...soon his thrusts became harder and he shot his cum into my mouth...i continued sucking on him...he smiled down at me...i stood up and as he slipped his cock back into his pants, i told him i would be happy to suck that beautiful cock every day for him...he smiled and said to look for him again...

I will...he squeezed my hand and we both felt our wedding rings rub against each others...nice to share our cocks with each other...looking forward to tasting his hot cum again!


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