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My first bi experience happened when I was a senior in college. I was living off-campus in an apartment with two friends, Dave and Larry. The three of us were close, but we considered ourselves straight arrows (you should excuse the expression). I had never told my roommates that, on occasion, when they heard me beating my meat in the middle of the night, I was thinking of them almost as often as I thought of the girl I was dating at the time.

Sharon and I weren't serious; basically, we were fuck-buddies. She and I both knew we weren't exclusive, and while I was never all that good at picking up women, I had my share of one-night stands.

Larry, on the other hand, was a virtual manslut. I don't think the guy ever went to class -- he brought a different woman home to the apartment at least three times a week, and sometimes two or three at once. I was in awe of this guy! It didn't hurt that he was 6' 4", very well built (I think the only thing he did more than fuck was work out), and disgustingly good looking. I was no slouch back then either -- 5' 11", in good shape, but Larry was cut and defined. I had also had a lot of chances to see him naked in the 3 years we lived together, and he was hung like a horse, too.

One Friday night, Larry and I started making the rounds of the bars. First stop was Peter's Pub, but none of the pussy looked to our liking. Next was Zelda's; plenty of hot women, but we must have smelled or something to them, and hed no luck. Final stop of the evening was Sanctuary, and there I had some better luck. I met Lisa, a very cute brunette, about 5'4", and with a killer body. After a few drinks and some suggestive talk, I invited her back to my apartment. Dave was home for the weekend, so I knew that if Larry and I both hooked up, we'd each have a bedroom to ourselves (Dave and I normally shared one bedroom, and Larry had the other; otherwise, we'd have never gotten any sleep!).

Lisa and I entered the apartment, and started kissing. I broke away to pour us a couple of drinks, turn on some music, and make sure the rubber jar was well stocked (it was...we were always careful!). After a little small talk, a joint, and some fine Kentucky bourbon, Lisa and I got going again on the couch in the living room. Slowly, I removed her top, caressing her 34" breasts through the material of her bra. Her hand was on my crotch, with my dick straining already for release from my jeans. I said, "Lisa, why don't we take this into my room? Larry might be home soon..."

Lisa actually looked disappointed. I think she wanted to be watched. "No, Mickey, let's stay here. Larry won't bother us."

I was surprisingly intrigued at the thought of being caught by my roommate, and a mental image of him sitting across the room in a chair, stripped down to his jockeys, fingering himself immediately filled my mind. Surprisingly, I didn't protest, and soon had Lisa's jeans undone and halfway down her thighs as she pulled up my shirt.

" don't think I've seen anyone that hairy!"

"Shit, I trim it! Just think of it as love fur on your bear, darlin'."

Her jeans were soon off, and my hands busied themselves in trying to remove her bra, without much success. I'll never understand how I ever got laid without learning the secret to bra removal, but it would be years before I mastered it. Lisa had taken off my shirt, loosened my jeans, and was massaging me through my briefs, when...

The door opened, and Larry came in. "Oh, shit! I'm sorry, Mick, I didn't know you had company! I'll just leave you guys alone." Amazingly, Larry had actually come up empty that evening, an event which was incredibly rare, and he headed for his room, when Lisa said, "You don't have to go..." in that come-hither, I think I'd rather be fucked by you than Mick anyway voice I had come to know over the years. "Wouldn't you like to join us? That's OK with you, Mick, isn't it?"

Join us? That wasn't in my fantasy! She wouldn't even look at me, my hairy chest, my nice-sized-but nothing-spectacular cock once she'd seen Larry's monster python! I'd always imagined a three-way, but in my fantasy, it's me and two girls, not me and my roomie and one!'d be nice to see Larry perform. The walls are thin, and I could hear his endless stream of pussy agreeing with him a LOT in the time I knew him. And who knows, that little seed of curiosity in the back of my mind that only ever surfaced when I was beating off at midnight might grow.

"Sure, Larry...stick around!"

Larry paused, I think a little unsure of what to do. Still, the fact that he wasn't even going to get a blowjob unless he stayed must have finally won out, and he shrugged and said, "Why not? Looks like fun!"

Lisa and I kissed again, and Larry took over in taking of her bra. Damn, he was good at everything! I pushed my jeans down to the floor, stepped out of them, and took off my socks; I was down to just my jockeys, which were tenting out nicely (but unspectacularly) from my now-solid 6" dick. Larry, once Lisa's bra was gone, kicked off his shoes, peeled off his shirt, and started to work on his belt. Lisa scolded him, "Oh, no, honey, leave that to me!" She unbuttoned his 501s, and pulled down his jeans. He, too, was straining in his jockeys, but his 9" made mine look so small...still, Lisa was working both of our packages the same, me with her right hand, Larry with her left. I pulled away, and removed the rest of her clothing (panties I can handle), and stood up as she pulled both Larry's and my shorts down.

"My God," she said, "I am in heaven!"

She proceeded to suck my cock while jacking Larry, then switching back and forth a couple of times, gave us a huge grin. Larry and I also were feeling fine, and I was anxious to continue this lying down.

We moved to the couch, and I got between Lisa's legs, spread open her moist pussy lips, and began servicing her, as she continued to blow Larry. She moaned in appreciation as my tongue spread her lips apart, found her tiny clit, and proceeded to give her a tongue bath. If I do say so myself, my cunnilingus skills are pretty damn good.

Larry was massaging her perky tits, straddling her head, and she was giving his balls a going-over while jacking his rod. He, too, was moaning pretty loudly. Soon, I decided the time had come to bury the bone, and I pulled a rubber out of the jar, slid it down my cock, and spread Lisa's legs for entry.

Her pussy was wet and ready, and I began slowly to pump her, as Larry and I massaged her breasts and she gave Larry head. That was when it got weird....for me, at least. Larry got up from the couch, and got behind me, knelt down, and started to slurp on Lisa's snatch as I fucked her. At the same time, his hands were caressing my ass, and playing with my balls, and occasionally, his tongue would lick my cock as it slid in and out of Lisa's pussy!

I stopped suddenly. "Larry, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Just giving you a hand, bro!" was his response.

"Are you serious? Does it look like I need one?" I was protesting, but a part of me was also thinking, "How hot is this?????"

Lisa smiled at us. "Mick," she said, "I think it's hot! Haven't you ever been a little...curious?"

"Curious? Yeah, I guess, but this isn't really --"

Larry interrupted, "Hey, what better time than now? Now get going before you lose your hard-on, buddy."

Slowly, I acquiesced, and started fucking Lisa again. Larry continued to massage my ass, play with my nuts, and occasionally lick my dick, and after about 5 minutes, he stood, straddled Lisa while facing me, and slowly pulled my head down. Before I knew it, I had his huge cock in my mouth, and I wasn't complaining. It just felt so....right there. I bobbed up and down on his schlong as I pounded away at Lisa's cunt, all three of us moaning and groaning, and finally blew my load for what seemed like 10 minutes. But I didn't stop sucking Larry's dick. Up, down, up, down...I swirled the head with my tongue, and performed every trick that every girl had done to me on him. A few minutes later, he tightened up, and I could tell he was going to cum. He pulled out of my mouth and shot his load all over my face and Lisa's crotch, and the three of us collapsed in exhaustion.

Over the course of the next two days, the three of us fucked in every conceivable combination. We even both fucked Lisa's pussy at the same time, we had one of us in her snatch and one in her ass, and we took turns bottoming for each other, too. By Sunday night, I was fucked out.

Later that evening, I found out the truth. He and Lisa had hooked up a week or so earlier, and found out that they both were interested in a little MMF action. Larry insisted he wasn't gay, but said that he'd been curious, and had had a couple of experiences at baseball camp, and wanted to try it with me. So he arranged for me to pick up Lisa at the bar, and let the chips fall where they might. Over the next several years (we roomed together until I met my future wife Karen), we still experimented together when we weren't lucky in the clubs. And we still stay in touch and get together every couple of years to relive old times...!!!


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