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"The Sauna"

OK! OK! I know that stories about Saunas are old hat but I always promise to tell the truth about what is a fantasy and what is a true story. This is a TRUE one and I can't help that it took place in a sauna.

It is the legacy of being Bi that you take advantage of opportunities where they arise! Unfortunately that does not always involve a uniform or an Adonis that erupts into your life with no warning.

This experience took place in the Executive Gym at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane Australia (my home town). I was a member there as it was a block from my office when I still lived in Australia. It catered to the business community and I have always enjoyed seeing some young spunk peel his way out of an expensive suit and taking off a tie can be a very sensual act.

To be frank, it has always been my bug bear at gyms, when they are crowded, that you can't access the equipment that you need, so in all truth, I use to go at 11.00 before the lunchtime rush and it permitted me to be showering and changing just as all the guys were arriving.

This gym had a large open work-out area and you had to walk down a passage into another area where the cold plunge pool and jacuzzi were. Off that room was a Dry Sauna and a Steam Sauna. I always used the Steam sauna.

I had completed 2 circuits and had the place entirely to myself so I had one of those workouts that left you feeling tingly and tight muscled. I felt brilliant and just needed some steam to loosen up my muscles before I went back to the office.

This was a conservative gym and it was a rule that you had to wear swimming trunks in the sauna. I wandered down to the plunge pool and jumped into the frigid water which took my breath away but it was great to cool down before hitting the steam. the place was unusually quiet and probably because it was a Friday, many of the guys had probably decided not to come.

I walked into the steam room that was filled with rolling clouds of steam and a great energy sapping temperature. I lay down on the tiled bench just inside the door so that I could check out anyone that came in. Obviously I couldn't wear my glasses in there so I needed to be near the light at the door to get a good look at the loads in the swimming trunks. I lay there glorying in the feel of it all and luxuriating in that horny feeling that a workout gives you. I was rubbing my cock through the thin material - not too jerk off but just to enjoy that sensation of having a cock and there is no greater feeling. The heat was cleansing my mind as much as my pores and my cock had thickened by about a third so I left it alone. Just at that point I heard this voice from behind me say "You look as though you're enjoying the heat!"

I jumped as I had not even seen anyone else in here when I came in - as much because I had not expected anyone and he was sitting in the gloomiest part of the rear corner.

I sat upright and said, lamely "I thought that I had the place to myself".

He answered "I could tell".

As I peered into the steam I saw a figure rise from the highest bench at the back and walk across into the light. He wasn't tall - maybe 5'7" but as I was sitting he still rose above me. He was olive skinned and had a totally shaven head except for a black goatee beard. His body was hairless and slim but muscled in that functional rather than exhibitionist sort of way. I was to find out later that he was a dancer with the State Ballet company. His body glistened from his sweat and drops ran down his hard chest and across his flat stomach as I watched him approach with his hand outstretched. He had a firm handshake and I could tell by his voice that he was probably gay.

Normally I only go with Bi - preferably married men - but I was immensely aroused by this sight in the swirling mist. My taste runs to chest hair and I have never much liked shaven heads. This guy broke all my rules but as I sat there I was level with an awesome crotch lump in black tight swimmers.

He said "I'm not a member here but got in on visitor's privileges. It's a good gym but it sure has a lot of rules".

I mumbled something lame about making it fair for all as it wasn't a big place - and I racked my brain to find something sexy or suggestive to say.

He asked "Would it worry you if I took my swimmers off as I feel like I'm showering fully dressed."

I responded "It's no problem for me but the Manager won't like it".

"That's my problem" he answered. He peeled them down over his hips with his back to me and I watched these firm orbs of buttock appear at eye level. They were white and showed his tan line and moved like to firm balls rubbing against each other as he lifted first one leg and then the other.

"That feels better" he said as he turned to face me. The cock was everything that I had hoped for. Even slack it must have been 7" and uncut with a long luscious wrapping of skin encasing a head of formidable thickness. I couldn't see his balls inside the thick bush of black hair but the extent to which his cock was pushed forward was enough to tell me how large they must be.

"Why don't you join me and take your trunks off?" I didn't have the nerve as my cock had jumped into an immediate erections and I would have dies a thousand deaths to have another member walk in with me sporting a massive hard on while this heavily endowed - and clearly gay - guy walked around in front of me.

He stood there about two feet from me and talked about the heat and how it made him feel. He ran his hand across his naked scalp and down across his chest, lower stomach and down the length of his cock until a stream of sweat ran off the end of that skin and onto the tiles. I was speechless but my stare clearly told him that I was mesmerized and my hand was squeezing my cock and balls and aching to liberate them as he had.

He said to me "Are you cut? I find that I even sweat under my skin and it makes my knob really wet." At which point he slipped his foreskin back to reveal a swollen pink knob which he wiped with one hand while he gripped the stalk with the other.

This was too much for me. I stood up from the bench and my own cock tented the front of my swimmers and left no doubt to my interest.

"You are just too HOT and need to cool off. Come out for a plunge". I jumped into that cold water which removed the worst of my hard-on. I couldn't work out what to do without taking too much risk. This guy was only here as a visitor but I had clients and friends that belonged to the club.

He passed the plunge pool and said "The hot water in the jacuzzi is more to my taste."

I joined him in the warm bubbling water and we sat side by side under the froth. I felt his hand on my crotch under the water and I reciprocated only to find that he had removed his swimmers again. His cock was massive and I moved my hand back and forth along the shaft under I could grip it behind the ridge of his knob. His hand was inside my trunks and had returned me to full staff. My cock came out of the leg and he was pulling at it furiously. My hand nestled his balls between his legs and I was crazy and reckless with horniness.

"Let's go back to the steam room I said". He was back in there only seconds behind me and hadn't even bothered to put his swimmers back on. His cock was pink and brown and pushed out from his bush of black hair with an angry arrogance. I sat on the bench and immediately pulled him toward me with a hand on each hip.

Now I am good at oral and pride myself that I have given good head to a lot of guys but I couldn't get any more than half his length and thickness into my mouth. I gripped his cock with my fist and sucked on that big knob for all I was worth while my other hand pumped his balls and squeezed them tightly until I thought that it would have to hurt him. He was holding my head and pivoting his hips in a swift pumping motion that pistoned his cock in-and-out of my lips. He was thrusting so hard against me that my fist kept hitting against my face and I didn't dare to try to take his full length and thickness. He was making continuous guttural, grunting noises with his head back and his spine arched.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled me to my feet. My own cock was jutting from the waistband of my swimming trunks and my breath was coming in gasps. He lead me quickly toward the rear corner of the sauna where he had been originally sitting and quickly drew my swimmers down around my feet and three them to the side. He grasped my cock and pushed it between his thighs while he kissed me deeply and wrapped an arm tightly around my shoulders. My cock slid back and forth between his balls and his thigh and his tongue fucked my mouth while my cock fucked his sweat slick groin. He laid me back on the tiled bench in the semi-dark - still kissing me and his hands roamed mu hairy chest and linched my nipples. He lay full length on top of me. Our bodies were so sweaty that he slipped across my hairy body - his own hairless one moving back and forth. I could feel the hardness of his erection pushing at me as he slipped and moved.

There was a raging instinct for me to lift my legs and wrap them around his waist but I knew that I could never take him up my ass even though the temptation to try was overpowering.

Our two cocks were rubbing their full length against each other and I could feel the rim of his cock head as it moved across my stomach. Still kissing him - one part of my mind screaming "Are you fucking crazy! Someone will catch you!" another part seducing me with "Can I try to let him fuck me??" "Will he let me fuck HIM?"

He reared up vertically above me with one knee each side of my hips on the bench. He held my cock under him and lowered his sweaty slick butthole down until he was flat against my lower belly. I had entered him easily and felt his ass muscle tightly gripping my cock. He was gripping his shaft with both hands as he moved up and down and I saw the shiny skin of my cock enter and leave his bodu between his outstretched legs. He was lost into the sensation and I ran my hands up and down his body and craddled his balls hanging between his thighs.

He started pumping faster and more hungrily. One hand linching his nipple while the other pumped at his cock. Long sliding motions from base to head and back. His eyes closed and soft shuddering noises from his throat. I watched him and marvelled at the rapport that he displayed while I felt my own loss of control take over and the gripping of his butt made me shoot a load that must have flooded his stomach and filled his chest with warmth. He blew at that same moment and I felt his hot juice splash my face and chest. He continued to drain both my own and his cock as he slowed both hand and hips.

We could not afford any lingering embrace and quickly stood and wiped sweat and cum from our bodies on to the tiled floor. All that I could think is "What time is it? Will the luch crowd have arrived?". We pulled our trunks over flaccid cocks and moved quickly to the showers.

As we entered the dressing room there were about 5 guys - one of which I knew - changing into their gym clothes.

"Have you been in the sauna Mark?"

"Uhh! Yeah, why?"

"Well you've obviously had it too hot. I have never seen you look so flushed. Your whole body is red as a beet. You should take it easy, man."

We talked about meaningless business things while I tried to catch the eye of the guy from the sauna who was on his way to the shower. He was in and out of the shower before I could disengage from my friend and changed quickly into loose sweats. He came up to me and shook hands - pressing a small piece of paper into my hand.

"It was nice to talk to you, and I hope to catch up with you again."

My friend looked at me quizzically and when the guy had left he said "Better watch that one Mark, he sounded like a total faggot."

I simply replied "Just a visitor that I made brief contact with, I don't even know his name."

I read the hastily written note after the guys had gone out into the gym and saw that his nbame was Benjamin and the phone number for the Ballet School at the Performing Arts.

I never phoned him - can you believe it - and I never saw him again. In the hornier moments I sometimes regret that it had not been more but I have always had a private rule that I only ever have repeated contacts - a relationship if you like - with married guys.

It is unfair to a gay guy to try and understand the conflicts and priorities that we have and I didn't need complications. I was never able to use that sauna again without visualising what we must have looked like - rutting in the semi-dark and swirling mist like a couple of animals. The noises that we made and the sweat and other juices that slicked our bodies when we were finished.

Man, that was one fuck that goes down in my list of the immortals. I miss the raging lust and intense mind numbing surrender to your physical sensations that this sort of sex gives you. It has been so long since I have been equally overpowered and lost control to the extent that I abandoned all caution - but sometimes it is worth it and I wish any of you who read this an equal opportunity one day.

If it happens take it and drink like a man dying of thirst cause it is a memory - like mine - that will never leave you.


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