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I grew up in a rural setting in Michigan in very conservative surroundings. I didn't understand my feelings about other guys but I knew they were "wrong." There was little opportunity to experiment and I was very shy and self-concious.

When I was 8 or 9 I had seen some older boys jacking off so I knew what that was all about, but of course I couldn't come. It felt so good to reach a point where it felt like an overpowering buzz, though. The first time I came was such a surprise that I wasn't sure if something was wrong. I was lying on my back and must have shot four feet in the air. After that I couldn't get enough of that. I showed my younger brother who couldn't come yet and we would sometimes jack off together but never touched each other. After he was able to come, I asked him to jack off on me so I could use his come for lube. He did that once, but he didn't like it and the older he got the less he wanted to share experience with me.

We used to shower together with our next door neighbor after we had been working on the farm and were all hot and sweaty. One day the three of us were showering together and our buddy poked his dick in my ass without warning and it hurt so bad I never wanted anything like that again. Fast forward several years.

I was on my way home from just having been discharged after three years in the Marine Corps. I was twenty years old, 6' 3", 195 lbs of buff marine and still very shy and socially awkward. I got stuck in the main Greyhound terminal in Chicago because of weather and decided to have a drink while I waited for a call for the next bus. I was wearing snug jeans and cowboy boots and a hat which made me look even taller than I was. A couple of men bought me a drink and started up conversations but I was scared to death to go any further and mostly they were not attractive guys anyway. One young man, however started talking to me and in a few minutes he knew all about me. He said there is no telling when the weather will break and you may as well stay over tonight at my place. I was so damn inexperienced and naive that all I thought was "what a nice guy". But when he said, "No strings attached", I knew there were strings attached. Even so, I came so close to accepting his invitation. He was almost as tall as I and clean cut and even though I wouldn't have used that term at the time, he was hot! I have wished a million times that I had gone with him.

Fast forward many years.

I have been married a long time. Have grandchildren. Still haven't had a m2m. But boy, have I thought about it. I talked on the internet to a guy now and then but never found any one I felt ready to share my first experience with. Hooray! Help me celebrate. I found Him. We both have to travel a fair distance, but we are getting together this Saturday. If it comes anywhere close to my fantasies it will be well worth the wait.


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